(It was one fine morning and Trunks walked out of school happy that the day was over and that he could carry on with Spring Break for the next two weeks.He was just having a great day when suddenly he looked right.He suddenly got jealous seeing Yoko getting all the attention from her peers by doing great yoyo tricks.)

Trunks:Wish I could get that much attention.......weird how she gets it with just a yoyo.

(Trunks walked into the nearest toy shop and looked around.Of course,knowing Trunks' type,he went to the action figures section looking at his favorite "Outlaw Star","Gundam Wing" and "Dr.Slump" action figure model kits(I got A LOTTA those).He walked off and spotted a yoyo.It had great colors and he grabbed it and bought it.When he got home he tried it out following the instructions.)

Trunks:DAMMIT!I can't even do a gravity pull!I can't even get it go come back up!I suck!
Bra: ::walks into the room:: ::snatches the yoyo and does a gravity pull:: Oh my gosh!You can't even do a gravity pull!Trunks,your such a loser!
Trunks:SHUT THE HELL UP BRA!(oh my god!She truely and royally dissed me for once!)
Bra: NYAH NYAH NYAH! ::pulls down her eye lid and sticks out her tongue.Then makes an "L" for loser with her fingers::LOOOSER!LOOOSER!
Trunks:MOM!Get this freakin brat outta my face!
Bulma:Honey!I got butterscotch flavored ice cream!
Bra:MMM!!Gimme the honey mommy!See you later loser!
Trunks: $*** face brat.....she's so mean......nyah nyah nyah

(The next day Trunks practiced with his regular yoyo in the backyard and he still could'nt do a gravity pull(sad,ain't it?).Suddenly,Yoko popped out.)

Yoko:Hello Trunks Briefs....I see you've got a yoyo there......a normal yoyo but that's cool...
Bra:He can't even do a gravity pull!
Marron:What is that I just heard?
Bra:He can't even do a gravity pull and any idiot can do that!
Marron:My goodness!What a looooser!
Trunks:(Damn.....and now to top it all off they brought bratface here)
Yoko:Umm.....it's okay Trunks(oh my god!He can't even do a gravity pull!That IS sad!).
Yoko:QUIET!!Now,go back inside.....and besides Bulma might have a treat for you.
Bra&Marron:OH BOY! ::runs inside the house::
Yoko:Hey Trunks,why don't I help you out with yoyoing.What do you say?Come to my house tommarrow?
Yoko:Then it's settled.My house tommarrow at 2:00.


Yoko:Greeting and good morning Trunks!Now let's start.Now first,you got to learn the mental part of yoyoing.Sit in this chair and look at the chalk board.
Trunks:Um.....okay. ::sits down with a waterdrop::
Yoko: ::whaps the pointer at the board::Number one.......clear your mind....believe in yourself...don't think about the audience and the people around you.Don't think about what'll happen if you do bad.Think that you can do it and do it great.

(After a half an hour of explaining she finally gave Trunks a yoyo)

Yoko:Start of with this one to make things easier.It does a gravity pull automatically.
Trunks: ::takes the yoyo and does a gravity pull::Geez,yoko......thanks.

(So for half of spring break Yoko explained and trained Trunks as hard as ever.Then it was five days  before the big yoyo contest that both were going to attend.That day both decided to go to the mall.)

Girl#1:Look it's our great friend Yoko! ::her and her friends run up to her::
Trunks: ::thinks then pulls out his yoyo and starts to do tricks::
Girl#1:Wow!Your good!
Yoko:Oh,I'm pretty sure you all know Trunks.I trained him in the art of YOYO-ken.
Trunks:Yeah,this is a brain twister....
Crowd: Ooooooo......ahhhh.......

(Yoko suddenly began to feel weird knowing that no one had listened to her.The next day Yoko went to the park when she encountered Trunks again showing off his yoyo tricks.For the next two days Trunks got his attention.But something sparked Yoko one day....)

Boy#1:Hey,where'd you learn all those cool moves?
Trunks:Umm......let's just say I've been born with this talent.
Yoko: ::face turns red and angry::Grrrrrrr! ::stomps over to Trunks and grabs his shoulder:: Hey Trunks!Why don't we show them some real fun with yoyo's!
Yoko:How about we do a yoyo fight!

(The scene suddenly became like an old western.Both were eyeing each other and grinning)

Yoko: ::draws out her yoyo::
Trunks: ::draws out his yoyo::

(blades came out of both their yoyo's)

Yoko: ::her yoyo scraps Trunks' legs making blood falling down.
Trunks: ::intercepts with his yoyo and it cuts yoko's arm::
Yoko: ::yoyo grabs on the Trunks' leg tripping him::
Trunks: ::falls and doesn't get back up::
Trunks: ::yoyo scrapes her legs and whirls around her making her get all tangled up::
Yoko: ::falls and can't get up::
Girl#1:WWWWWHOOOOOO!!Go trunks!
Trunks:I won?COOL!
Girl#2:Trunks won!Yeah!!!!!

(Trunks got "his" yoyo back the crowd lifted him up and went away.As for Yoko she got up and went straight home and she wasn't very jolly.)


Bra:Trunks Trunks!
Trunks:Already heard it Bra...
Bra:NOO!We heard you beat Yoko in a yoyo thingy...
Trunks:Yep.....just me.....(feels weird)
Bra:Your sooo cool!
Trunks:You forgot goodlooking too. ::runs his fingers through his hair::
Bra:Bah!Forget that!Just show me some more yoyo!Plus,you got that yoyo contest your gonna be in tommarrow!
Bulma:Trunks!Bra!Come and eat dinner!

(They went downstairs and sat at the table eating wasabi,noodles,and tea for dinner)

Trunks: ::pigging out:: This is great stuff mom!
Bulma:Well you gotta be strong for that yoyo contest your gonna win tommarrow.

(Just then the doorbell rang.Trunks got up and volunteered to answer the door.He opened the door and saw Yoko there smiling.)

Trunks:Hey Yoko.What's up?
Yoko:Oh yeah.Trunks I want my yoyo back that i gave you.
Trunks: ::pulls out the one from his pocket:: This one?
Yoko:Yeah.I need it back.And besides.....they don't permit those kind of yoyo's in competition.They even check them.
Trunks: ::starts to sweat:: B-but I need this!
Yoko:Trunks,use that other one you bought for yourself.
Trunks: ::pulls out the other one:: But this one is all screwed up?See? ::gives it to Yoko::
Yoko: ::does a perfect gravity pull with that yoyo:: Hmm....it's fine to me. ::gives it back to Trunks and snatches her yoyo back from him:: Good luck at the tornmanet tommarrow.Bai bai! ::grins a little as she leaves::
Trunks: Oh man.......I am so screwed.......


Bulma: ::barges into Trunks' room that morning:: Oh TRUNK-Trunks!What happened?
Trunks: ::his face is wet and he "coughs":: Mom......urgh.....I don't feel s-so good.
Bulma:Oh no.....are you okay,honey?
Trunks: ::"sneezes"::I d-don't think so......urgh...mom?
Trunks:Can you get me a tissue over there?
Bulma:Sure. ::walks over and gets a tissue really fast.When she turns around she sees Trunks spraying his face with water:: TRUNKS!!
Trunks: EEP! ::looks nervous:: Um.....I think we should head to the yoyo contest.....heh heh...


Trunks: ::sweating:: I can't believe this......I am SOOO screwed man...
Bra:I know you'll win Trunks..
Trunks: And the worst part is......is that Bra is on my side....
Bulma:Trunks,why don't you go with the other competitors and beat the crap outta them!

(Trunks walked over to the stage with the others and he was relieved to see Yoko.He ran up to her)

Yoko:Why hello,yoyo master..
Trunks:Yoko!I stink!I can't do this!I'll make a fool of myself infront of the whole town!
Yoko:Sorry,but I can't help you.You got yourself into this and you'll have to get yourself outta this. ::walks off::
Trunks: .......she's right.I've been a jerk lately ever since I got that other yoyo. ::looks right and jumps to see that Yoko has come back:: Yoko!
Yoko: You know Trunks.....I should'nt have been jealous of you.....
Trunks: ..........what?You....jealous of me?...........AHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!Your kidding right?
Yoko:Trunks.....I was jealous cause i saw how everyone liked you better than me.I guess I was afraid that you'd beat me and take away my name as the #1 yoyo master.But since your one of my best friends I'm willing to help you out. ::hands the yoyo back to Trunks:: This one is disguised so they won't know.I have a regular one so I think I'll be able to make some magic with this.
Trunks: You really deserve to be champion.I'll do the moves that I most suck at.

(With their secret handshake Yoko and Trunks went off to the start.Trunks and Yoko had to wait for the others to finish.Trunks was second last.....)

Trunks: ::does a gravity pull,shotgun,around the world and brain twister::

(As the audience gasped with his score of 90/100 Trunks walked off smiling.Last but not least, Yoko came out in a white gi.Everyone was wondering with amazement what she was going to do.She first did a bunch of gravity pulls when she came out with four yoyos.While she was doing fast kicks and punches the yoyos flew off her hands and she did summersaults above them.They went high up into the air and the openings to hold the yoyo flew back onto her fingers.She did a whole colage of brain twister,around the worlds and every move you could think of.Last but not least she did a sky rocket.When they flew down Yoko did superfast punches and when she grabbed them again they had a glassy and shiny texture.The audience was quiet but suddenly there was a huge applause.Yoko blushed feeling good about herself.As for Trunks.......lets just say he was blown away by her and Bra).

Bra:HMPH!I thought you were really good!You STINK!!LOOOOSER!LOOOSER!
Trunks: Say what you want d|ckface......So I am a loser.....let's just say I deserve being called that for Yoko...
Bulma:Watch that language,Trunks

(So it all ends there with the fanale.....and they'll be continuing with that for.....I dunno?)


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