Krilin - Endless Life

PROLOGUE: Life and Death

After nine months of pregnancy, Weeby, a grown woman, gave birth. Her husband, Nilirk, a monk, was very happy. He named the baby, Krilin. He was a cute, chubby and noseless baby (like his father J). One day, one year later, Nilirk decided to give Krilin to an old monk called Houston. That monk was known as a very good man, who always helped people from around the world. And when Nilirk told him his opinion, Houston just said 'Ok, if you want'. So he took Krilin away.

When Krilin was four years old, the old monk was sick, so he had to take care of him. Always scared of death. Houston told him that in the other side of the world, there was a convent of Buddhist monks. He had to go there when the time came, and ask if they would train him. Nine days after the conversation, Houston died. So Krilin packed his stuff, buried Houston, and started his trip.


CHAPTER ONE: New Friends

Krilin has been walking for three years, and he's really tired. He's now seven years old, and has short black hair. He couldn't eat enough and couldn't sleep enough. Even if he was just seven years old, he DID understand about life and death. 'Houston' He thought, he thought in him as a father, and he knew the old monk wasn't his father. 'I WILL find the convent!' He said aloud. And heard someone giggling. "Who is it?!" He yelled, embarrassed. "It looks like you're nuts!" A boy said, jumping out of some bushes. "I'm NOT nuts!!!" Krilin yelled. "Well, anyway, I'm Mike! Who are you?" Mike asked, he was as tall as Krilin, had black and long hair that reached to his shoulders, and blue icy eyes. "My name is Krilin, but you can call me Kril" He said. "Won't you introduce me, BROTHER!" A cool girl said, mimicking his brother. "Wow, you two look so... well... so... alike..." Krilin said. "Like duh! We're twins!!!" The girl said rolling her eyes. She had the same hair cut than her brother, but hers was corn-yellow (guessing who they are? J). "My name is Michelle" She said. Krilin stared at her kinda funny, and blushing. "Well... don't just stare at me like that!" She yelled, also blushing. He blinked and got out of his hypnosis. Mike just watched, and almost burst out. "Ok! Let's go to our home! Hey, Kril! Maybe you parents are looking for ya!" Said Mike. Krilin lowered his head, sadly. "What?" Asked Mike. Michelle glared at her brother, and turned to Krilin. "You don't have family, do ya?" She asked. Krilin shook his head. "Ok, come with us! Maybe our father can adopt you!!!" She squealed, grabbed Krilin's arm, and ran off. Mike followed them.

A few minutes later, they got to the twins' house. Written on the side of the house it said: 'Doctor Hengy Gero, the best in the village'. "Hey kids!" Said an old looking man. "Hey Uncle Maki!" Said the twins. "Uh... Hi, Mr...." Krilin said, but he was concerned in some other thing. Maki's eyes were specially on the twins, with an evil glare. Until he saw Krilin staring at him, then he said goodbye and left the house. "Who was that?" Krilin asked Mike. "That's dad's brother. His name is... Maki Gero, he's a doctor, but not the kind of doctor like dad. He's... um... what's the word?" Mike said. "Scientist?" Krilin asked. "Right! And dad is just a normal doctor!" Michelle said. "Um... is he... Hengy Gero?" Krilin asked. "Yes!" Both kids said. Then, a man, actually Hengy, came out from the kitchen. "Dad!" The twins squealed, and jumped on him. "Hey! Hi kids! Who is this young man?" Hengy said, as he saw Krilin. "I'm Krilin, I'm an orphan..." He explained. "Of course you're not! Now you're Krilin Gero!" Hengy said, as he embraced Krilin. "Ok" Krilin said, forcing a smile. "Come on! Let's play something!" Michelle said, and grabbed Krilin by his arm again.

After some months in Hengy Gero's house, Krilin was really bored. The twins were alright, but he didn't like their uncle. He always stared at them evilly. So, more months passed and Krilin was then eleven years old. He got to go to school since he was eight, and was very smart. As the weeks passed, Maki also stared at him evilly. One night, Krilin packed his stuff, went outside, looked back at the house, and never went back there. He decided to go to the convent. But he left a note to the twins. And they never saw him again.


CHAPTER TWO: Monks and Monkeys

Krilin reached the convent, trained hard for two years, but the other kids didn't like him, so he ran out. Then, in an old newspaper, he saw a man, called Master Roshi. In the newspaper, it said that the guy was the strongest human in the world. So Krilin went to his house, Kame Island.

At the distance, on the island, he saw a man, and a kid. He tried to impress them, but got his head buried in the sand. The kid helped him to get out, but he didn't like it. So many years with those guys from the convent had taught him something: 'trust nobody'. "Say, who are ya?" The old man asked him. "I'm Krilin! Where's Master Roshi?" He asked. "I'M MASTER ROSHI!" The old guy said. "Are you gonna train me?" The other kid asked. "And me too" Krilin said. "First things first! You have to get me a girl!" Roshi said, drooling. "Ok!" Krilin and the kid said. "What's your name?" Roshi asked. "I'm Goku!" The kid said grinning. "Ok Goku, we'll need my boat!" Krilin said. "Wait! I know something better! Flying Cloud!" (I don't actually know the Japanese name). A few years later, after being beaten by an old man, in the Budokai, and that stuff, Krilin remembered his friends: the twins. Now Goku, Roshi, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Chaos, Oolong and Puar were his friends. Goku had beaten Piccolo the evil King, but Kami-sama told them that he had a son, so everybody went to train.
Yamcha, Tien, Chaos and Krilin went to Karin Tower, and then to the rest of the world as a training. Two years before the Budokai started, Krilin went to the village, to see the twins. He was 17 years old now. But a woman said that they were living in the city, so he went there.

He kept looking for them for one month, and finally gave up. Of course, he stopped shaving his head and face, and he didn't have money or anything.
One night, he was walking, and saw two teenagers walking in front of him. A blond one, who looked like a girl and the other one was a guy. Krilin tried it, he said 'Mike' and 'Michelle', and they turned around. "Oh... my..." Krilin said. "What? Who are you?" Michelle asked (she looks like Juuhachigou). "It's me! Krilin!" He yelled. "KRILIN?!" Both said. "He, he! W ow! You guys are big!" Krilin said, as he looked at Michelle. "You're still weird, Krilin. AND STOP STARING AT ME LIKE THAT!" Michelle said, blushing. Krilin smiled, and when he was going to talk to Mike, this one smiled at him weirdly. Krilin swallowed hard. "Well, ya know, my brother turned out to be gay!" Michelle told Krilin. "Ok! Then if I don't have a chance with you, I'll get a chance with your brother!" Krilin joked. The trio laughed their heads off. They all went to the twins' apartment. It was little, but at least it had two beds and a couch. "Can I stay here this night?" Krilin asked. "OK! But, tell us about you! Why did you run off our house?" Mike asked (gay-like). "Oh... I had to go to a convent... cause..." He trailed off. He did actually have nothing to do, Houston has been forgotten. His only reason to live were his friends, and the twins. "Krilin?" Michelle asked. Krilin blinked and continued. "Never mind. I just wanted to get away" Krilin finished. "Do you have a house, or a girlfriend, or kids, cats, dogs, anything?" Michelle asked. "Well, I have new friends. I actually have to fight against Piccolo Jr. Do you know him?" Krilin asked. "I heard something about him. Anyway, you're a fighter!" Mike squealed. Krilin smiled and nodded. They soon went to sleep Krilin on the couch and the twins in their beds. Krilin stayed there for two months.

*** I know the title it's a little drastic! But hey! I like it! I skeep some well known parts of DBZ, so no offense, I don't wanna talk about what really happened! Plus, it's MY fic!