Two Different Worlds

                        Bra woke up to a loud beeping sound and turned over, putting the pillow over her head to block out the noise. Finally she sat up and threw the alarm clock across the room, rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom.
     She stepped over it and opened the door, " a nice cold shower should wake me up " she mumbled to herself. Bra turned the shower on full blast, stripped down, and stepped in.
* * * *
    " GOTEN NO!!! " Chichi screamed " you have to get a proper education."
     " Mom I get straight A's in school."
     " But you have to study to get those grades Goten, and I haven't seen you study all day!"
     " Mom, its ten in the morning " Goten said rudely.
     " Exactly my point Goten " Chichi commented, pointing her finger at him. " Besides you might get hurt or kidnapped or Kame knows what happen to you Goten! "
      " I'm nineteen mother I can take care of myself! "
      " Just wait till a danger comes that you can't handle by yourself Goten! "
      " Trunk'll be there " Goten pointed out.
      " Well if you can't handle it that I doubt you can! " Chichi said irritatedly.
      " And you think you could? "
      " No but I could keep you out of harms way! " She screeched.
      " Well I don't think any aliens bent on the sole purpose of killing me are going to pop up today so I'm going to hang out with Trunks okay! " Goten spit out with sarcasm.
       " No it's not okay Goten you need to do your homework!"
       " Mooommm, it's the weekend, I don't have any home work!"
       " Well I'm giving it to you! " Chichi said.
       " Fine I'll do it when I get home!"
       " Oh and when will that be Goten " Chichi said accusingly. " When your done with every girl in town, well I won't have it you could end up with aids, why can't you be more like your brother Gohan?!"
    " Maybe because I don't want to live a dream that you beat into me, I might just want a life! " He yelled back. (Even though Goten deeply respects his brother, he wouldn't live his life for the world)
    " Well he's got a better life than you'll have if you keep this up!'' Chichi yelled back, mad that he had insulted her little scholar.
    " Keep what up?" Goten said annoyed.
    " Sleeping with a new girl every night Goten, Gohan found himself a lovely young girl, settled down, and now has a beautiful little girl who's as lovely as her mother " Chichi said proudly.
      Is she talking about the same Pan? Goten thought before retorting. " I haven't been with a girl since Paris broke up with me, and if I do remember correctly you didn't think Videl was such a lovely young girl when Gohan first brought her home to teach her to fly, I remember I was there!"
      " Goten thatfs not the point! "
      " What is the point then?!"
      " The point is that if you keep doing what you're doing now, you'll end up with aids, or living like a bum on the street Goten. Spending what little money you have on drugs, or any thing else you can afford, is that what you want for your poor mother to worry herself sick over?"
       " I'm not gonna be a bum mother, or end up with aids, sheesh, I'm just going to hang out with Trunks and his date today " he said exasperated.
       " Oh so there is a girl involved in this? " Chichi said as if she'd expected it.
        Goten slapped his forehead and cursed under his breath
Before answering " she's not my date. "
        " Goten if you're going to keep hanging around with girls, marry one! "
        " I'm too young, I don't want to ruin my life with a girl I met one night because my mother wants me to get married! "
        " You were ready to waste your life with Paris! " Chichi pointed out.
        " Ya, but I went out with Paris for two years before I proposed, and now that I think of it, I'm glad she said no, I never really liked our relationship much anyway. I don't really want to spend the rest of my life, waiting for a supermodel to walk in to a small caf? so I can drive her to the airport in silence, and the most I get is a wave good bye and a bag of luggage to carry!"
        " Well than why were you going out with her in the first place?" Chichi demanded.
        " Because, if it weren't for me she'd still be that little immigrant from Texas trying to figure out how to eat an ice cream cone! " Goten spat. (I'm not sure if the information is right or not, I got it from Parisu's shrine so basically I'm just adding facts from there)
        " I know why you stayed with her Goten, I'm not stupid and if your just going to spend the rest of your life sleeping with girls that your not married to, fighting all the time, and not studying you should go and come back!!!" Chichi screamed in Goten's face.
        " Well then I guess I'll be leaving, good bye mother " he said before walking out the door.
      " Goten noooo, I didn't mean it that way, " Chichi said as she watched the door close behind him, then sank to the ground crying uncontrollably.
                     * * * *
      She happily ran down the stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast, her brother Trunks was sitting at the table with one of his new girlfriends. They were looking at the entertainment section of the newspaper.
      " Hey Trunks " Bra greeted.
      " Morning Bra. "
      " Who's your friend? " she said pointing to the girl at the table.
      " Are you writing a book? "
      " Maybe I am " she answered smartly.
      " Okay " he said, " this is Joe. "
      " Hello "she said in an annoyingly squeaky voice that seemed to come with every gold digger her brother brought home.
      " Hi " Bra answered.
      " So Bra what were you so happy a bout?" Trunks asked, looking up from his paper for the first time.
      " Daddy's gonna drive Pan and me to the mall " she said proudly.
      " You go to the mall every weekend what's so special about this one? " He asked raising an eyebrow.
     " Mom gave me my own credit card, finally."
     " Wow " Trunks said, " mom didn't give me my one credit card until I was eighteen. (Note, Trunks is now twenty)
     " Dad talked mom in to it." Bra chimed triumphantly.
     " How? " Trunks asked.
     " Wellc." Bra was cut off by a sentence of profanity that echoed from down the hall. Swear words that Bra didn't even know existed graced her ears. Mom sure knows how to cuss, Bra thought.
      " Can we just take the paper with us? " the Joe chick pleaded, looking up at Trunks.
      He laughed " sure, Bra, good luck."
      " Kay seeya Trunks" Bra said.
      '' Bye Bra."
      " Bra watched as Trunks and his girlfriend walked out the door, then turned to sit down at the table and wait for her father to come stomping in.
                                       * * * *


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