"I Love You"
by: Gabriela Acevedo
  Six months had past since Pan And Trunks had spoke. And they still haven't  revealed their
true feelings for each other.

It was a beautiful summer day. The perfect day for a wedding. Pan woke up that morning with
a funny feeling in her heart. Then she remember that today was the day when she would get
married. She hoped to be happy after she got married. She thought of all her family and
friends that would be there, she wished would come too. Once she had loved him, but Trunks
didn't seem to feel the same way so she grew out of her desire for Trunks.

Trunks woke up at about the same time he too had a funny feeling in his heart. Then he
remember Pan was getting married today, that funny feeling changed into sadness. He loved
her but he was always too shy and scared to tell her. He started to hate his life, he wished to
go back in time and tell her.  But then an idea came to him, he could tell her before the
wedding.  Sure it was risky but he just had to tell her. So without thinking it twice he got to his
car and went on his way to Goku's  house.

Pan felt so nervous only a few hours until she was a married woman. After a while Chi-Chi
(her grandmother), Videl (mother), and Bra came to help her get ready. She got desperate
and asked if Trunks was there, they just shook their heads. Maybe he wasn't coming she felt
so sad.

Trunks was desperate their was a traffic and he wouldn't make it on time. He knew that if he
didn't tell Panny he would de miserable forever. He had to hurry up.

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