Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some
By Queen Bulma-san

It was dark, and rainy. A young girl, now at the age of twenty, stood alone in the rain. As the rain poured down on her, she felt nothing. No coldness, no warmth, only numbness ran through her delicate body. Everybody had someone to love, Pan despised love now. There was simply no reason to go through all the emotions, only to become a nervous wreck in the end.
What was the point? She asked herself, she fell in love only to be hurt in the end, Cinderella must really be a true fairy tail. Pan felt the bile rise in her mouth, just thinking about love and what it did to her, was making her sick. She continued to walk in the rain, not caring if a car ran off the road and hit her. But what was this hurt? Pan had never experienced this kind of heartache before, and why did it ache so bad?
She wanted to get out of town, she wanted to leave and never come back. She decided to do just that. Hawaii sounded good, or for a nice cruise. Nah the beach sounded more like a home to her. Pan flew for hours to find the beach deserted, the rain didn't let up over there either. She stood there on the beach and watched the waves wash up onto her feet, just hearing the rain beat on the ocean made her calm. The seawater smell intoxicated her nostrils, as she sat in the sand she closed her eyes.
The water was warm, a swim sounded good. Pan dove out into the sea, and swam out a few miles and floated on her back. The sky was still dark and it still rained, but Pan remained calm, a song played in her mind

What am I supposed to do
With all these blues
Haunting me, everywhere, no matter what I do
Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow
I can't let go
When will this night be over?

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love, it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

Seen a lot of broken hearts go sailing by
Phantom ships, lost at sea
And one of them is mine
Raising my glass, I sing a toast to the midnight sky
I wonder why
The stars don't seem to guide me

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love, it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

The ghost of you and me
When will it set me free
I hear the voices call
Following footsteps down the hall
Trying to save what's left of my heart and soul

Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow
I can't let go
When will this night be over

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love, it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love, it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

She was closer to shore now, and the water was becoming shallower. Pan didn't know it at the time, but the sun had come out and people were coming to enjoy the beach. She smiled as she felt the sun warm her face and body, she was going to stay here now. But she had to go get her things, before it was official.
Boxes were stacked in her room, her money was put in her purse, everything was set now all she had to do is tell Bra. So Pan picked up the phone in the kitchen and dialed her number "Capsule Corp, this is Bra." She answered. Pan snickered "You might as well answer as grand central station." Pan commented, "Oh hey Pan sup?" "Oh I just called to tell you goodbye, I'm moving away." Bra nearly dropped the phone, "Hello? Bra are you OK?"
"Of coarse I'm not OK! How can I be OK?!" she yelled, Pan put the phone away from her ear, "Damn girl just chill out, I will come back to see you. As a matter of fact, I was wondering if you might wanna help me get all my shit outta here?" Bra thought for a minute, "Where are you staying?" she asked wondering. Pan shifted ears and continued packing, "You know that beach we went to for summer vacation? I'm staying in a house, and it's right on the beach!!"
Bra sighed in envy, "You're lucky, yeah I'll help you move." She answered picking at her nails, Pan thanked her and hung up. Bra was about to go out of the door when Trunks and Goten were coming up the walkway. Bra made a nasty face at Trunks who failed to notice, and she ran out as soon as they got out of her way. Goten noticed her, and yelled out the door "Hey what's the hurry?" she turned and answered "I'm helping Pan move." Goten was confuse. Since when did Pan make plans to leave? He approached Bra "Move where?" "To the beach." She said hastily.
"Well gotta get goin'." She said getting ready to take off, Goten grabbed her hand "Whoa whoa whoa, hold it. Let me get this strait, Pan is moving away, and your helping her?" he questioned Bra pushed him away "Yeah, can I go now? She wants me there, like right now!" she said turning away. Goten grabbed her arm again "I'm going with you." Bra gave him a look that said 'let-me-go-if-you-wanna-see-tomorrow' he instantly let her go. "She may not want to see you, or hear what you have to say." Bra said.
Pan heard a knock at the door, "Must be Bra." She said smiling to herself. Pan opened the door, and next to Bra was Goten! She rolled her eyes "Come in." Bra walked up to Pan and whispered "He insisted that he come along." "Oh really?" Pan asked wickedly. Pan grabbed some huge boxes and stacked them in Pan's car, Goten was trying to find the right moment, to tell his niece what he had to say. Finally the right moment came when Bra went out for a snack, they sat in Pan's room packing the last of her things.
"Well uncle, fancy seeing you here, so lets hear the lecture." Pan said lamely, "I just want to know why you are doing this. And what in the hell gave you the motive to move so far away?" he said facing her. Pan laughed "Trunks didn't tell you? Oh my mistake why would he tell you anything?" she said sarcastically. Goten gave her an icy glare "He broke up with me for Marron, obviously I don't give him what he wants."

Goten nodded for her to continue, "I went to the beach a few nights ago, I had to get out of this place, I decided to make it permanent. And nothing you can say or do change my mind. I don't believe that I should have to suffer. Oh sure love can be great at times, but in the end you end up getting hurt, I don't want to do that for the rest of my life." She explained. "Pan I'm sorry about you and Trunks." Goten said sympathetically,
Pan snorted "I don't need your pity, I don't want it either." She growled back at him. Goten continued packing for her, "You don't always end up getting hurt the end Pan." He said, she chucked a knife at him and watched him catch it with ease. Pan was not impressed "Some people don't get hurt like me, you have that right, but I did. To that lavender hared bastard you call your friend, I was and am nothing but a toy. I was his little plaything, and he found something else for pleasure." Pan sneered.
Goten chucked the knife back at her, the point was at her chest, but it stopped in midair, Pan snickered "I love playing these little games of ours, and I'd love to stay and chat. But as you know I have some moving to do. Excuse me please, I don't mean to be rude, but you can deliver a message from to Trunks. Tell him that I will come back, I will make him hurt, and suffer as I have." She grinned evilly Goten stood stiff and silently like he was scared.
Pan shook him gently "Uncle I was only kidding! Jeez mellow out a little will ya?" she said giggling. Goten shook off her earlier comment, "You really had me for a minute." He said breathing a sigh of relief. They were still packing when Bra came back, "Well this is the last of it, everything else is stacked in our cars." Bra said entering. Pan smiled "Great" she said. Pan stood up and straightened her jeans "Thanks you guys." She said smiling.
They loaded Pan's things into Bra's car, and drove to the beach. When they arrived at her new home they both gawked at the house. It looked cozy; inside the rooms were painted a light blue, except for the master bedroom. A short knock filled the empty room, "Oh hey Jason, come on in, you can help us unpack my stuff." Goten looked at the boy in confusion.
Jason smiled, he was tall, but muscular, a firm face, and short blonde hair along with icy blue eyes. Pan saw her uncle and elbowed him in the side "Jason this is my Uncle Goten, and this is my friend Bra." Pan glanced at Bra who was drooling over this hottie. "Nice to meet you Jason." Bra said holding out her hand and blushing. Jason shook it gently, he was a gentlemen, he believed that girls should be treated with respect. (We all want that in a guy!) "The pleasure is all mine Bra." Goten rolled his eyes, honestly this girl needs to stop gawking, she has a man, it was him. "Hey Pan, where can we find a spot to eat me and Bra are starved!" he interrupted.
Pan pointed at the food stand a few blocks away; it was still within visual view. Bra and Goten took off leaving Jason and Pan alone. Pan was unloading the car and Jason was helping, when they got back inside Bra and Goten came back "Hey Pan we gotta split, can you two unpack by yourselves OK?" Bra asked Pan nodded, and Bra and Goten left. "Hey where do you want me to put this?" Jason asked holding up a painting, "Over on the wall next to the couch would be fine, I'll hang the rest of 'em up later." Pan plopped herself down on the floor.
She wiped the sweat off her forehead gently; Jason tossed her some bottled water. She caught it with ease, "Thanks." She said smiling; it felt good to smile out of happiness. "Hey are you hungry?" Pan asked tossing him his water back Jason shrugged, "A little. There are some great food stands at the fairgrounds. Lets go out for a bit, and have some fun, my treat." I'll pay for the food, since you helped me move my stuff. I owe ya one." She said standing up. She felt disgusting, she was all sweaty from moving all day.
"My water isn't hooked up yet, you know a place where I can take a shower?" she begged.
Jason nodded, as he helped her up he looked gently into her eyes. Pan blushed; they took off to the fairgrounds. They had a great time, they ate and road the roller coaster three times in a row, and when all the fun had ended, they took a nice walk along the beach. Pan walked with her hands at her side, breathing in the sweet air of the ocean. "Did ya have fun?" Jason asked casually "Tons, but I think I had a little too much to eat." She groaned. He smiled and looked out towards the horizon, "I always loved taking walks on this beach, it just calms me down." He said. Pan nodded "Yeah I came here last summer, I loved it so much. And then when I almost had a nervous break down, I came here again." She answered.

He picked up a rock and skipped it across the calm seawater; Pan got a fun idea. She kicked of her shoes and walked around in the wet sand. Jason did the same, soon it began to get dark and it was time for Pan to head back to her new place. Pan smiled as she turned to her friend; "Hey thanks for showing me around here a bit." Jason shrugged "Anytime. Some of my friends and I are coming to hang out here tomorrow, wanna come?" he invited, Pan thought for a minute, and figured that her moving could be put off, she wanted to have some fun. "I'd love to join you. You guys can crash at my place, and we can have a bonfire outside on my beach." She commented, with that they parted. When Pan got back home she continued her moving, she turned the radio on and "SouthSide" was on

See myself in the pouring home
See the light come over now
See myself in the pouring rain
I watch hope come over me

Here we are now, going to the East Side
I pick up my friends and we start to ride
Ride all night, we ride all day
Some may come and some may stay

Here we are in the pouring home
I watch the light man fall the comb
I watch a light move across the screen
I watch the light come over me

Here we are now going to the West Side
Weapons in hand as we go for a ride
Some may come and some may stay
Watching out for a sunny day where there's

Love and darkness and my sidearm
Hey, elan

Here we are now going to the north side
I look at my friends as they start to ride
Ride at night we ride all day
Looking out for a sunny day

Here we are now going to the south side
I pick up my friends and we hope we won't die
Ride at night; ride through heaven and hell
Come back and feel so well.

She sang along the whole time, maybe she would go get the CD sometime. Was she actually go through with this? She had to, if she stayed in town she would feel like she was suffocating. And that was no way to live, not by her standards. Who knows she may find someone else, she was over Trunks now, and she was positive that she was not in denial.


"Come on mom, hurry up!" Trunks yelled at Bulma. She was trying to bring some groceries into the beach house they rented for the summer. Bulma stumbled, "Well then come here and help me!" she yelled back, Trunks rolled his eyes and grabbed the bags from his mother. "Honestly I don't know how you can control dad, but you can't even handle groceries by yourself!" he exclaimed.
Bulma frowned, where is Vegeta anyway? He was probably training, or eating his favorite thing to do, aside from training that is. Maybe they could take a walk on the beach later that would be so romantic! They walked into the beach house and found Vegeta and Bra watching TV, "Dad gimme that remote, 90210 is on!" Bra cried reaching for the remote. Same old Bra still watching drama stuff. Vegeta hung the remote over his head, "It's my turn to watch something brat." Vegeta said.
Bulma rolled her eyes and had Trunks follow her into the kitchen; he set the groceries down on the counter. Then he picked up the phone, "Who are you calling?" Bulma asked, "Just Marron. There's a volleyball match going on and I want her to come, and watch it with me." He said not looking up from his phone. Bulma tried to hide her disappointment, whatever happened to the sensitive Trunks? Now he was always out with, Krillin's kid, doing god knows what! Marron just made Bulma sick sometimes.
Hmm I wonder how Pan is doing? Bulma thought, she heard from her parents that she moved to this same beach. Then there was a knock at the door, Vegeta opened it, and there stood a now twenty-one year old Pan. She hugged Vegeta gently; by this time he was used to it. Bra came over and gave Pan a big hug, "How have ya been down here?" she asked "Well I got a good tan, and found some cool friends." Bra gave a sad look. "But you still rank in first place, for my best friend." Pan said.
"Anyway I came to see if you wanted to help me and my pals win the volleyball match?" Pan asked, "Yeah!" Bra said jumping up and down. She ran upstairs to change, Pan sat down on the couch and smiled, life was treating her good; she had a job, a new boyfriend (it's Jason) and a nice house with cool friends to hang out with. Bra came downstairs in a bikini top, and Jean shorts, "Am I going to need sunscreen?" she asked opening a bottle.
Pan nodded and walked out the door; Bra followed carrying her beach bag. Pan looked at her funny "What do you need that for?" she asked. Bra shrugged "I plan to lay out and get a good tan afterwards." She said simply "Ah" Pan replied. When they got to the volleyball part of the beach, they looked around for Pan's friends. They were practicing at court B, when the girls found them, everybody she knew was there; Jason, Matt, Amy, Stacy, Jared, and Ashley. "Yo everybody, I'm here!" she said waving to her friends, everybody stopped and waved back, "Hey we were wondering when you'd get here."
Matt said politely, "So sorry." She said. Bra looked around, then she spotted Jared, and he was hot! His short blonde hair was cut at one length, his blue eyes sparkled with energy, and his bod what a six pack! Bra tried not to drool too much, "Bra this is Matt." Hey." Matt said, "This is Amy Stacy, and Ashley." "Hi there." They replied, and this is Jared." "How's it going?" he asked. Stacy punched his arm "Ow, hey!" he complained, he grabbed his girlfriend and threw her over his shoulder, "Excuse us for one moment please." He said. Jared ran with Stacy over to the water and threw her into the water.
Stacy got back up and walked past him "Your such a dick!" she screamed over her shoulder, "Don't worry," Pan whispered to Bra "she's not always like this." Bra nodded and set her bag down. Matt was tossing the ball up and down, "Are we gonna practice or not?" he asked. Everybody, then got into their positions on the opposite sides of the net. The game would start in and hour.

Back at the Briefs beach house…

Marron continued up the walkway, and knocked on the door. Trunks opened the door and smiled "Hey ready?" he asked, Marron nodded. They drove to the volleyball tournaments, "So what's been going on since you got here." Trunks asked getting comfortable in the passenger's seat. Marron shrugged "Not much, I'm just glad to get out of that tiny house." She answered. Trunks laid his head back, "This is nice though." He said shortly.
When they got to the tournament the players of each team were serving the balls to each other for a quick warm-up. Trunks noticed a girl with black hair, she looked so familiar. Uh oh, it's Pan he though nervously.
He cringed, remembering how close he was to a near-death-experience. When he dumped her she hit him with hundreds of ki blasts, then she took off. Trunks clapped nervously, "What's the matter with you?" she asked looking at him weird. Trunks gave a smooth look "N-nothing." He stuttered. The first team was up, and they challenged, Pan's team. Her team won. They won all the way up to the championship round.
Pan's mouth was dry, she needed water. Her whole body was sweaty, and she was gasping for air. "Pan you OK?" Matt asked, she was their key player, and they would lose the game if she quit now! She stared ahead at the challengers "Anybody have some water?" she asked hoarsely, Jared tossed her some water, she guzzled it down and drenched her head. Her shorts and bikini top were soaked, but it would keep her cool.
She looked at Jason dizzily, he approached her "Are you OK?" he asked gently. She nodded "I'm fine, just a little dizzy." She said. "Let's do this!" Pan yelled. The game started; round after round they gained more and so did the opposing team. Now came the final round, they needed one more point to beat them, the team served the ball high up, Pan jumped against the net and slammed the ball to the ground on the opposite side. They won the game!
Pan fell on her butt, and didn't get up. Jason came and picked her up gently, and set her on her feet, "Did we win?" she slurred. Jason laughed "Yeah we did, come on, let's go celebrate." He said kissing her on the cheek. She smiled and went to her teammates, she noticed Trunks was in the stands, and smirked evilly. Well well well pretty boy showed up after all. She thought.
That night there was a huge party, at Pan's house. Marron had to literally drag Trunks to the party. Now that Pan was alone she always found ways to have fun, a lot of it. Music was booming for miles, people were walking along the beach, sitting by fires cuddling or drinking beer. Pan was in the kitchen necking with Jason.
Marron and Trunks entered, to find hundreds of people making out, dancing to music, drinking and doing god knows what in the bedrooms. They both got drinks and found Pan and Jason in the middle of the kitchen. "Ladies and gentlemen!" Pan shouted killing the music, "It's time for the traditional strip poker!" she said. Everyone cheered, Pan silenced them, and "Now for the nominated opponents, Arron James, Michele Dillen, and Trunks Briefs" she said without looking, the opponents stepped forward.
As the host of the party, she was already entered to play the game. They were all going down (she gets to see him strip, lucky her!!) If someone lost the game they would have to strip naked and swim in the ocean. One by one they dropped like flies, and went for a warm swim in the ocean. Now Trunks and her were the only two left, (what a coincidence!) "Now we'll all get to see what your really made of, pretty boy." She said slyly. Trunks ignored her rude comment and watched his cards. (Ok I don't know how to play poker in the first place, so just bear with me here.) He laid down four kings "Now lets see what you got." He said smoothly. She only smirked and said, "I've always wanted to see your manhood and how small it is." She said
Before Trunks could even get a word out of his mouth, she laid down four aces. Pan leaned against the table, "I won." She said stretching. Trunks turned red (and boy do I mean red!!) Pan walked over to him and spoke as loud as she could "Now as you know, you have to strip off every piece of clothing off your scum body, and go take a swim in the beautiful ocean. May we have some music please?" she said pointing to a guy.
He cranked the music up and Trunks began to take off his clothes, until he got to his pants. Pan stood on the table, "What's the matter? Too shy?" she mocked. Trunks gulped, "Now Jason I have to do this please don't be offended." She said. The music was cranked way up, she began to do a strip dance, but she didn't strip, she helped Trunks. Pan went behind Trunks and moved her hands down his broad chest, she went down further until she reached his zipper. Without hesitation she unzipped his pants and pulled them down slowly.
People were hooting at them both, she then smirked and moved to the rim of his boxers. She went between his legs and pulled down his only underwear, and stood up in front him "Now time for your swim." She laughed. Trunks looked at her with wide eyes, he wanted to wipe that Smile right off her silly face. At least Marron wasn't seeing this, she would freak! All of the girls whistled, "Yeah baby!" one said, "I'll skinny dipping with you any day!" another shouted, Trunks ran out to the ocean, a whole bunch of girls followed him out there too. Pan was in front of them all. She had told her friends about him; now she had something really sneaky up her sleeve.
"Hey trunks!" Pan yelled, the girls behind her stopped their hoots and whistles to hear what she had to say, he looked right at her. He could tell that her eyes were dark and cold, Pan waved his clothes in the air, was she gonna…no way!! Pan threw Trunks' clothes right into the water with him, "You are not allowed in, so as a goodbye present I decided to let you jet dry!" she yelled.
All the girls behind her left, and followed her back into the house and Trunks was left bobbing in the waves. Unfortunately he couldn't just walk up to his car because it was parked near the house, and some people were standing by a bonfire having the time of their lives. Instead he swam over to the side, wait a second he could just fly over and land in his car. He found his clothes and wrung them out, "Stupid bitch." He mumbled.
Trunks landed in the seat of his car, "Great now I have to drive home naked." He put the top up to his convertible, and drove back to the beach house. He met some girls on the road, but he didn't wave or smile at them. He just kept his eyes on the road, trying his best not to break something "Why the hell would she do something like that?" he asked himself.


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