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When the future, falls for the past.
by MarronchanI


        Marron stool in front of the Capsule Crosp doors, waiting for someone to answer her annoying knocking. A yell and a grumble came from the other side of the door as it was swung open by the one and only Bejiita. " Err..Marron. What do you want? " Marron tried to form a smile, but was impossible around him. He just made her feel uneasy. " Uhh..Hiya Bejiita-San, Bura asked me to come over and help her with something.." Bejiita just grumbled a bit more and held the door open, " She`s in her mothers laboratory. " He said as he closed the door behind Marron. " Thanks! " Marron chipped as she helded down a few halls to Bururmas laboratory.

        Marron opened the door, stepping into the large office like Laboratory. Bururma greeted her with a warm smile and a wave as she pointed to the doors not far from her desk. Bura was becoming more like her mother. Getting into creating things, which marron liked herself. Bururma had build the girls a smaller laboratory similar to hers in a room off to the side. Marron headed for the door which was already wide open. Bura had been working on something her mother gave up on and had asked for Marrons help.

        " M-Chan! " Bura dropped the control like thing on the desk and ran over to Marron, talking at a really fast past. Marrons couldn`t even understand what was coming from the young Saiya`jins mouth. " B-Chan! slow down! " Marron  yelled as she grabbed Bura by the shoulder. " Now what was it you were saying a minute ago? " " Marron!! The Time Machine my mother was working on works! What you told me yesterday about how you thought the wires her mixed up was right! I switched them around and now it works! " Bura couldn`t help up but raise her voice in excitement. " Really!! Wow! I can`t believe it! I really worked! thats awesome! " " Yeah I know! " B-Chan exclaimed. " Bura! come in here for a moment please. " Called Bururma from outside the door.

        As Bura walked out off the small laboratory, Marron picked up the control thing pushing a few bottons. For she thought you had to turn it on before it worked, but she was wrong. Within minutes a huge portal appeared, sucking in everything that wasn`t attached to the floor. Marron screamed many times but it seems as if she wasn`t heard. Marron, who couldn`t find anything else to hold onto because everything close to her had been sucked into the portal like thing.

        Moments later Marron felt as if she was falling, and then all of a sudden a light appeared and as if she fell out of the sky she landed upon the ground. " Ow. " She said as she set up rubbing her arm, that she had fell on. " Er..were am I? " Marron blinked a few times as she climbed back up onto her feet. " How did I get here? " She was in a clearing, which seemed to be in the middle of the forest. She sighed a bit as she walked into the forest, looking for a way out, and a way to get back home.

        Coming to a small town, that looked as if was in the middle of no where. People looking at her as if she was someone they fear, someone there were scared of. Some lady screamed " Android 18!! she has returned! " The lady grabed ahold of a little girls hand running away from Marron. Marron had heard she looked somewhat like her mother when she had her hair down but she didn`t think she looked that much alike. People were running in all directions. Marron was starting to get annoyed. Everytimne she tried to speak someone screamed and ran off. " Err! Whats wrong with these people! " People pointing a screaming! it was driving her insane. She ran out, the way she came, back into the forest.

--------------------------------------------Mirai Capsule Corps--------------------------------------------

Mirai Bururma was working on a new gadget as all of a sudden the radio came blasting on " In coming news! Android 18 has returned! Where is are great yellow hair teenage to protect us! " Bururma Ran to the Training room, pulling the door up. " Torankusu! " She yelled a she watch her son stop mid air look at her, tilting his head a bit. " Yes mother? " " She`s back my son! she`s back! " She ran over to her son, throwing her arms around him. " Wont they aver leave us alone! " Torankusu held his mother in his arms blinked many times. " Mother..hows back? " " haven`t heard! Jinzouningen Juuhachi-Gou has returned! " " What!?! " Torankusu was shooked. " This can`t be! I killed her! I know I killed her! " Torankusu let go of his mother, running over to the door, and up into the sky.


        Marron set there under a tree, so confused. Why did people think she was going to distroy them? Where was she? How did she get here? Some many queations ran through her head at one time. She had worried herself tired. Leaning back againt a tresses, she closed her eyes, not meaning to fall asleep.

        She woke up to a bird chirping in her ear. She yawned a bit placing a hand over her mouth, and rubbing her eyes with the other. She placed a hand upon her head, thinking her hair must looked terrible. She began to ran her finger through her hair was she notced someone in the distance..he looked farmilar yet she couldn`t make him out. She stool up, brushing herself off. She then started over to him, still trying to figure out how he was.

        She blinked as she stood only a few feet from him. Torankusu? she though to herself. The boy just stood there. As if he had already knew she was there. " Jinzouningen Juuhachi.. You`ve returned. " Marron Blinked. " Oh boy.." she thought aloud. " No I`m sorry I`m not Juuhachi-Gou. " That made Torankusu turn now to look att he girl infront of him. No she wasn`t Juuhachi. Yet something about her..something made him think of her. They looked alike in so many ways.

        Marron smiled a bit " Torankusu..? is that you? " Marron could help but ask. He looked so much like him. She didn`t know what timeline she was in, but she did knew Trunks when she saw him. " What? How did you know my name? " He blinked a few times as he looked at her. " I`m Marron..don`t you remember me? " She couldn`t believe her own best friend didn`t remember her. Even if he was all grown up shouldn`t he at least remember his childhood freinds? " No..I don`t remember you..I don`t know you..I have never seen you before. " Torankusu said, an emotionless look upon his face.

        The girl looked hurt. Torankusu couldn`t tell why, but she did. " Whats wrong? " he couldn`t keep himself from asking. " I can`t believe you don`t remember me..I was your best friend when we were growing up..Me you and Goten..don`t you remember? " I didn`t have any friends when I was going up..I only had a trainer. Gohan.." " Pan-Chans dad? " Torankusu know looked a bit comefuesd. " Huh? " Marron blinked now. Could it be!? was she in Mirai Torankusu Time? Could of that meachine have tooken her here? " Oh! your Mirai Torankusu! The one that saved the past! right!? " Torankusu blinked. How was this young girl and how did she know everything about him? " Yes..I gess you could say I did. " " I`m so sorry! So Sorry! I`m Marron-Chan! from the past! I wasn`t born in your timeline! " He blinked. " Huh? The past? " " Thats right that past! " She smiled that prize winning smile of Juuhachis.

        Wow he though to himself. She looked like Juuhachi in ways. Yet she reminded him of someone. Someone he cared about. But who? he couldn`t but his finger on it. " So your from the past.. Is something wrong? What are you going here? " " Oh..I didn`t mean to come here. I was messing around with one of Bura Gadgets and it sent me here. " " Bura..? whos Bura? " " Oh! she`s my best friend! your past selfs sister! " "What? My mother has another child? " " Yes! here and Bejiita do! " "What!? " Torankusu looked shooked. " Bejiita and my mother are still together!? " "Well yes of course..he loves her.." Marron began to tell him the whole storry about what had happened since he felt. About all the battles and how Gokou dissapeared one day and noones heard of him since. Then came the part about her family. How her father was Kururin and her mother was Juuhachi. Which seemed to take him a minute to understand. " Juuhachi!? Your the daughter of Jinzouningen Juuhachi-Gou!! " " make my mom out to be some killer or something.." " She is! I mean was! she killed so many people and ruined so many lifes! " "Well..I`m sorry about what the Juuhachi in this time did..but my mother isn`t like that. "

        Hours later the two had talking about almost everything which had happened over the years. They were now standing infront of Capsule Corps, ace to face with Mirai Bururma. Bururma threw her arms arounf Marron " Oh! I can`t believe it! Kuririn actually had  daughter! He actually settled down! Thats so great to hear! " She know began to clue Bururma in all the things which have happened over to years. It brought tears to her eyes everytime she talked about Bejiita or the little girl she never had.

        Marron sighed. " And thats how I ended up here.." Bururma smiled " Well I can have you back home in no time!

To be continued...

Authors note: This is my first ever fanfic! I hope you all enjoy it! And yes the rest of this will be out shortly! It will come little by little just have faith in me! I have to have free time ..o.o But I really hope you all enjoy it! I am a large mt/m Fan! I say let PanChan have GT Torankusu cause they go better together! and let Marron have Mirai Torankusu! because he is quiet and shy! just like Marron! I think they would make a cute couple! Cause every girl needs a strong guy to help her! mt/m Forever! :D

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