By jumbo paul-chan

As Trunks was 13 years old, he started noticing some changes on his body that disturbed him and his friends. Here is how our story begins.....


Trunks, Goten, and Marron were out at the mall and buying something to eat.

Goten: What the hell is that smell???

Trunks: What Smell???

Trunks sniffed his ASS!

Trunks: Oh that smell.

Everyone went in and stuffed their face near Trunks' ass and took a big wiff!

Goten and Marron: EWWWW!!!

Trunks felt bad and they all went to his house. There Trunks took a shower, but fifteen minutes later his armpit started to emit a very unsatisfying odor.

Goten: Eww, now your arms smell like your butt.

Trunks was very fustrated and tried to stick a stick of deodorant up his butt, but had no success. This is the story of Trunks' BUTT!!!

Ai-chan: LoL! I think that's the first story I read about Trunks' butt!! Email Paul and send him your comments!