*Pan is lying on her stomach on her bed, doing her homework. Bra walks in just as she moans and sets her head on the open book*

Bra: Hard?

Pan: To an extreme. Can you help me?

Bra: I am barely passing my classes. How can you expect me to help? (Pan is one year older than Bra)

Pan: Oh never-mind! Whoever created algebra was a sadist of the highest degree.

Bra: I’ll be right back. I know someone who can help..

*Bra leaves the room to use the phone. Pan sits on the bed, waiting. A few  minutes later and Bra came back, and she was smiling*

Pan: What did you do now?

Bra: Something you should have done a long time ago.

Pan: Something I… NO! You didn’t.. You promised I could handle this my  own  way!

Bra: *shrug* You took too long. ‘Sides, he’s only coming over to help  with  homework… how bad can it be?

Pan: Idiot *hid her face in her hands and groaned, not noticing Trunks  is  walking into the room.*

Trunks: Just because you can’t do simple algebra doesn’t mean you are  stupid!

Pan: Trunks! What are you doing here?

Trunks: A certain person informed me you needed some help with math  problems, and of course I am always at your service.

Pan: Well then, I might as well use you. Sit. *Pan patted the part of  the  bed next to her to indicate where he should sit, then pulled the heavy  book  onto her lap so that he could see. Bra leaves to go find Goten,  satisfied  that her work was complete.*

Trunks: So therefore zero equals…

Pan: {Kami! This stuff is actually starting to make sense!} Ok, I get  it  now. When the hell am I ever going to use this?

Trunks: Whenever you do budgets etc. I’m sure you’ll know when you’ll  need  it.

Pan: Cool.

Trunks: Do you have anymore homework?

Pan: No, thank Dende. *Pan stands up and stretches arms above her head. *

Trunks: Since its too late for me to go back to work do you want to go  to  the movies with me and the guys?

Pan: Sure.

Chap. 2

Pan: What time are we leaving?

Trunks: * Looking down at his watch. * Right now… if we fly now… WAIT!  PAN!

*Pan was already flying out the window towards the movie theater.  Trunks  hopped in the air and started flying at an even faster pace than Pan  until  he caught up with her. Then he just turned over and floated beneath  her. *

Trunks: That wasn’t very nice.

Pan: Wasn’t meant to be. I want to get there.

Trunks: In a hurry to meet the guys?

Pan: Should I be?

Trunks: I dunno. Are you looking for a boyfriend? *He said this very  casually, although his heart was doing a slight dance inside his chest rom  his nervousness and position. They had flown like this tons of times,  switched even. It had never really affected him until she had turned 16  two  years ago.. but that was another story.  She looked at him, surprised  at the
direction of his thoughts. *

Pan: Of course not. I am too busy. Why?

Trunks: Cuz each and every one of us is single. They will flirt  mercilessly.

Pan: *shrugs * Whoop-di-do. Lots of boys flirt with me. I will set them  straight. What are we watching?

Trunks: Anything that is either a horror or an action. The guys never  really  seem to care. I think I would like to see “Ten guys dropping”.

Pan: What is that about?

Trunks: I haven’t got a clue. It is supposed to be an action movie with  a  good actress in it.. plus I liked the title.

Pan: You aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover… I am sure that  goes  for movie titles as well.

Trunks: *shrugs * It is fun to guess about. I don’t really care all  that  much about what we see.

Pan: I don’t either… although it might be nice to actually stop at the  theatre! * She pointed to the earth behind them, where the theatre was. *

Trunks: *coming to an abrupt halt in the middle of the air along with  Pan,  then they darted down to the theatre.. right when the guys were next in  line  to buy the tickets.*

Alex: Trunks! Who’s the woman?

Trunks: Guys, this is Pan. She’s Gotens niece.

Carl: You are going out with Goten’s niece?

Trunks: No, man. She’s single.

Gordon: I thought she was younger then you?

Trunks: *looking from Gordon to Pan in  Confusion *She is!

*He had never thought she looked older then her 18 years, but she  understood  instantly. *

Pan: I am 18… I just look older. This is how I am going to look until I am  at least 60.

Alex: How do you know what you are going to look like?

Trunks: It’s a family thing.

All the guys: Oh…

Gordon: What are we waiting for? The lady is waiting to sell us our  tickets!

? So everyone bought their tickets to the movie, bought their snacks,  and sat in the theatre. Alex and Trunks both sat on one side of Pan,  then  Gordon beside Trunks and Carl beside Alex. During the entire movie,  Alex  held Pan’s hand, even when she pulled it away. Trunks just watched, his  ki  rising higher and higher. After the movie, everyone went upstairs to  the  arcade. Pan convinced Trunks to play a game of air hockey with her (and  pay  for it). Alex just leaned against the game table and waited. When their  game  started coming to an end, he yelled. *

Alex: I play winner! *Pan was ahead by three points, the game went to  12,  and it was 9 to 6. Suddenly, she started slacking, and Trunks won the  game.
Pan just smiled and walked to the jukebox. Alex watched as she fed it a  dollar, and chose her favorite songs. *

Alex: Damn.

Trunks: *smiling evilly * She isn’t looking for a boyfriend Alex.

Alex: *putting the money in, starting the game. *  Doesn’t matter. She’ll come around.

Trunks: You don’t know her. She doesn’t come around. You don’t have a  chance. She holds grudges until the end of time… and if you don’t stop now  she is not even going to be your friend, much less your girlfriend.

Alex: I know her plenty enough. She’s just playing hard to get. But  I’ll get  her.

Trunks: You don’t know her at all. She will hit you before she will  even  think about kissing you.

Alex: So she is a little temperamental… I like that in a woman.

Trunks: Little is not the word. You don’t want her, really… she is an  awful  girlfriend.

Alex: How would you know?

Trunks: I met each and every one of her boyfriends… they all had a  bruise  for making her mad at one time or another. *He was exaggerating of  course,  but this doesn’t seem to frighten Alex in the least. Pan can hear the  entire  conversation, and she is starting to get really pissed off at them  both. She  walks over to them during “King of Wishful Thinking” and hits Alex on  the  back with a soft “Hey buddy”.. sending him flying across the room. *

Pan: Oops. Sorry Alex.

Alex: *Lifting his battered face off the broken wall * Whoa.. Whatta  woman!
*Pan just looked at Trunks then Alex, then back to Trunks with a look  that
clearly said she was disgusted with them both. Trunks just silently  cheered

Chap. 3

Pan is walking to school, cursing Alex and Trunks to the Japanese  equivalent  to the underworld. She was so busy doing this that she didn’t notice  Alex  walking up to her, even though he called her name a few times. He was  dressed in a business suit and was carrying a briefcase. *

Alex: Yo Pan! Wait up!

Pan: *Finally notices him * Alex? What are you doing here?

Alex: I noticed you were walking along, and since you are going right past Capsule Corp. I thought I would walk you to school.

Pan: Thanks but no thanks. I would rather you wouldn’t.

Alex: I am going to anyway. What do you do for fun?

Pan: What’s it to you?

Alex: Hey, I just wanna know. Nothing to it…

Pan: Yeah sure. You know what, just leave me alone, okay? * Pan runs  and  disappears behind a tree. Alex runs after her, but he never thinks to  look  up. He walks away without finding her, and Pan swings down so she is  hanging  on the branch by her knees.* He never gives up!

*Trunks walks up behind her and taps her on her upside down shoulder. *

Trunks: Talking to yourself?

Pan: Trunks! What are you doing here? (Is anyone else getting a sense  of déjà vu?)

Trunks: Saw you hanging like a giant spider monkey and decided to come  and see what you were doing.

Pan: Stupid human was bothering me again. I hid from him. That is what  I am  doing.

*Pan grabbed the branch above her and swings down from her hiding  place*

Trunks: So you are hiding from Alex?

Pan: Yeah.. and now I am late for school! Later Trunks! *Pan flies off,  eaving Trunks standing by the tree in shock. *

Chap. 4

*Pan has just spent the entire day with some very angry teachers (She  got  NONE of her homework done, screwing up everyone’s schedule) So she was  extremely moody. Definitely not in the mood for idiot humans. But idiot  saiy-jins were another matter. *

Pan: Goten! What are you doing here? [Is it just me or am I saying  those  five words a lot?]

Goten: I was flying over to check on you. Trunks said some guy was  bugging  you. And your orange bandanna was a dead giveaway.

Pan: Ah, well.. yeah, I been having some problems with this one guy I  met  when I went to the movies with Trunks.

Goten: When did you guys start dating?

Pan: *blushing * We never were dating Goten. Trunks just invited me to  go to the movies with him and his friends.

*Goten looked at her, kind of surprised. Then he got this knowing look  in  his eyes (VERY unusual for him) and nodded his head to himself *

Goten: You really do love him don’t you?

Pan: Goten?! How can you tell?

Goten: I dunno. Just can.

Pan: Okay. Well, I don’t need you anymore. Why don’t you go on home?

Goten: Yeah, sure. Behave yourself.

Pan: *giving him and innocent grin as he flew off and calling after him
Don’t I always?

Goten* calling back* Yeah.. sure.

*Pan just grinned and kept walking. She instantly regretted not flying.  Alex  was walking up behind her. Her smile faded. Alex walked beside her. *

Alex: Were you planning on going to the prom?

Pan: Of course not. I don’t go to dances.

Alex: Well, that is too bad. Cuz you are going. *He pulled out a  bouquet of  Tiger Lilies from behind his back, causing Pan to gasp *

Pan: Alex! You are such a baka. I am not accepting either the invite or  the  flowers. *Pan starts walking away, leaving Alex standing there holding  the  flowers. He just stands there in shock for a minute, then runs to catch  up  to her. *

Alex: You have to go with me. You have to go to the dance.

Pan: I don’t have to do anything, much less go anywhere with you. How  do you  know I don’t have a boyfriend?

Alex: Trunks told me you didn’t. You don’t, do you?

Pan: *thinking for a few seconds, then decides to lie * Duh I do. Giru  would  kick your butt if he found out you were chasing me like this.

Alex: Giru? How old is he?

Pan: Old enough. He doesn’t go to school anymore.

*Giru is a robot who got hold of the dragonballs and wished him human.  He  was a living secreat around Trunks house, until they found out how to  get  him the necessary documents to go to school. He was the first thing to come to mind. *
Alex: Where does he live?

Pan: *gets suspicious * Why?

Alex: So I can beat him up. You are my girl, and nothing is getting in  the  way of that.

Pan [There aren’t any witness’. Wonder if anyone would miss him if I killed him?] You know what, just leave off. I AM NOT YOURS, AND I NEVER WILL BE!

Alex: *starting to whine * Sure you are. We were meant to be..

Pan: *looking thoroughly disgusted * As if, dude. Get away before I swat you like the annoyance you are.

*Pan disappears again, this time taking to the sky before Alex can catch her. She flew above the clouds, so she wouldn’t be seen from the ground. When she got home her father, Gohan, instantly knew something was wrong. *

Gohan: Pan? What is wrong?
Pan: *yelling downstairs at her dad and locking Th door behind her. * Nothing dad!

*Gohan called Bra, who called Trunks, who called Goten. And then all three of them came over and beat the hell out of Pan’s bedroom door. *

Bra: Pan! Could you please let me in? We are all really worried about you.

Goten: Yeah Pan, come on. At least let one of us in.

Trunks: Pan! I am going to break this door down if you don’t open it for me.

*As if worried about the threat, Pan opened the door, but only let Bra in, even though that meant slamming the door in Trunks and Goten’s face. *

Bra: What’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to any of us?

Pan: Stupid Alex is bothering me again, that’s why. He now has his mind set on taking me to the dance, AND he called me his woman! The nerve…

Bra: That is all he did? Asked you to the dance and saying you were his? Most people wouldn’t be all that peeved off about that…

Pan: Well, I am not most people! I hate him. He didn’t even ask my opinion! *Pan sits on the bed, and fingers her temple, feeling a migraine coming on. *

Bra: Ok… tell me the entire story.

Pan: Ok… this morning he tried to walk me to school… Then this afternoon, he caught me on the way home. He was carrying flowers for Dende’s sake!….

Bra: Ok. So this cute guy walks up, with flowers, and asks you to the
which you don’t happen to have a date to, and you are mad at him?

Pan: BRA!!! It’s the principle of the thing. I mean…. Dende, he is the most annoying guy I have ever met. He doesn’t even care what I think!

Bra: Girl, I think you are taking this the wrong way.

Chap. 5

Pan: Get out! I need a more sympathetic audience! TRUNKS! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!

*Pan yells, forcing Bra out and Trunks in. *

Pan: Stupid Alex just… *She tells Trunks the entire story, and finally gets her sympathy *

Trunks: Yeah, he is pretty stupid. What are you going to do?

Pan: I have considered wiping him off the planet, but someone might miss him.

Trunks: *looking amused * You couldn’t do that if your life depended on it.

Pan: Watch me. Vegeta taught me a lot this past week, and I almost killed him…

Trunks: You are kidding right? How the heck would you have done that?
Pan: Let me rephrase that. I got so mad I felt like killing him, and I tried. I failed, of course.

Trunks: That made more sense. Well, what are you going to do to Alex?

Pan: Lock him in a closet.

Trunks: And how do you plan to pull this one off?

Pan: I am not going to. I was thinking about getting a restraining order too.

Trunks: That doesn’t work either.

Pan: Then I am out of ideas. How about I just knock him into a coma?

Trunks: Could you get arrested for that?

Pan: Not if I say it was in self-defense.

Trunks: Ok… that would work, but how long would you want him in a coma?

Pan: Oh, a couple of years maybe?

Trunks: Awful long time..

Pan: I was kidding. I couldn’t knock him into a coma anyway. He is only human… I would probably kill him.

Trunks: Yeah, you are probably right. This is so annoying.

Pan: I am out of ideas. How about I just tell him I am just not interested?

Trunks: Wouldn’t work. He’d think you were playing hard to get. You could get married.

Pan: You are kidding right? I couldn’t get married. I don’t know anyone who would marry me anyways.

Trunks: I know someone.

Pan: Who?

Trunks: Well, me for one.
Pan: You wouldn’t marry me just to help me avoid Alex. And I wouldn’t marry you for that reason either.

Trunks: Well, how about I give you a different one?

Pan: And how do you plan on doing that?

Trunks: Like this. * He leans over and kisses her on the mouth. When he leans away, Pan puts her arms around his neck and pulls him into another kiss. When they both let up for air his arms are around her waist. *

Trunks: Does that mean yes?

Pan: Well, duh it does!

The END 

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