I Love You (continued)
By gabriela Acevedo
The time had comed the wedding was about to start. Pan was so nervous she looked around the room
and saw the happy couples of Vegita and Bulma, her mom and dad, and Goku and Chi-Chi. She
hoped to be happy just like them after she got married. She looked again around the room but Trunks
was nomhere in sight. damn him! Why couldn't he be here? I mean they were best friends or weren't

Trunks got there just has the ceremony started.He though he was late but then he realized she still was
an unmarried girl.

Just has the priest asked if someone thought this couple should not get married speak now or forever
be quiet; Trunks came in.
T: Pan I  forvite you to get married!
P; Why is that Trunks? You are not my father.
T: I know I have no right to tell you what to do...But Panny I love you. if you get married without
knowing this you and I will be miserable forever. I know deep inside you fell the same way. I am sure
we belong together. So I will ask you to think about  what I said and about you getting married today
and let me know. Because I love you with all my heart.
P: Oh, Trunks! Why today couldn;t you tell me before. Everything you say i believe so i will no get
married today.
Trunks heard those words but he couldn't believe it.

For the first time he looked at her not like a sister but like a beautiful young woman.
She looked like a fairy dressed in white everthing about her looked different. for some reason she didn't
look tombished like the Pan he knew, she looked ladylike and extremly prety.

everyone was quiet nobody expected this to happen. Pan and stared at each other for a looong time.
Finally Pan took a glass full of wwater, poured it over her hand and washed her face. she started crying
and all her makeup went away. She also puled her hair down. She was back the old Panny was back.
Trunks ran across the room and quiskly kissed her on the lips.

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The end its up to you. If you liked mi fanfic e-mail me at gabya22yahoo.com
P.S. This is my first time writting hope you like it.

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