Sabine & Vegeta's Birthday Celebration
by Sabine

Chapter One

        It was the morning of Saturday, February 10.  Sabine awoke bright and early at six AM.  She was now teaching figure skating at the East City rink.  When Sabine got out of bed, Piccolo stirred as well.  He looked at the alarm clock next to the bed.
        "Sab, it's six in the morning!  Come on back to bed.  Your class doesn't start until nine!"  he groaned, rolling over to face his wife, who had crossed to the other side of the room and was dressing.  He raised a brow ridge.
        "No.  Not this morning.  I was late last week, remember?"  she reminded him, catching his look.
        "Fine then."  Piccolo yawned, rolled back over, and closed his eyes. "Good night."
        Sabine chuckled quietly and walked over to her "sleeping" mate's side.
        "Good night,"  she replied, lightly brushing his antennae back and kissing him on the forehead.
        A grin spread across Piccolo's face as he put his arms around Sab and pulled her into bed.
        He pulled her close to him and they kissed again.  "Happy birthday," he purred in her ear.  "You must be the one Atalia gets it from."
        "Her stubborn streak.  You're the only person I know that would teach a class on her birthday, much less on Saturday."
        "Speaking of Atalia, I'd better go make sure that she, Taviek, and Vegeta are up."
        "Vegeta and the girls wanted to enroll in the class.  Vegeta had said something about wanting to show me up."
        "Isn't Yamcha going?"
        "Of course, but I usually don't have to worry about him.  Now let me up!  I really need to check on the others."
        Piccolo sighed and slid his arms from around Sabine's waist.
        "I'll make a deal with you.  Wednesday is Valentine's Day, right?" Sab said, sitting on the bed.
        "Well, why don't we get Kami-sama and Popo to baby-sit?  Atalia hasn't seen her jitchan in a while, and then you and I can have time to ourselves."
        Piccolo smiled and closed his eyes once more.  "Deal.  Can I go back to sleep now?"
        "Oh, I guess so,"  Sab answered as she bent over and gently kissed the tip of Piccolo's slightly pointed nose.
        "I don't know why I bother staying in bed after you wake up,"  he sighed, sitting up.
        "Eh?  You're getting up before eleven?!  It's a miracle!"
        "Very funny.  I may as well just start getting up when you do."  He walked over to the chair at the foot of the bed and picked up the gi that was sitting there.
        Sabine rolled her eyes.  "This should prove interesting..."

Chapter Two

        Sab and Piccolo met up with Atalia, Taviek, Zer, and Vegeta in the kitchen.  Sabine and Vegeta sat side-by-side, as was normal, with their mates sitting across from them and the Chibi-Zs sitting on the ends, each between her parents.
        Zer and Piccolo sat staring dumbly at Vegeta and Sabine.  Even though they'd been apart most of their lives, they acted like most people would expect twins to act.  Their mannerisms were amazingly similar, and they even dressed alike on some days.  They were both left-handed, and they both were Super Saiyans and had around the same power level.
        "That is just so strange,"  Zer said  through a mouthful of Zerry-os (hee...cereal of inanely stupid fan fic writers!)
        "Nani?"  they both asked together.
        "Um...nothing,"  Zer answered.  Atalia and Taviek started to giggle,
but stopped at a sharp look from Piccolo.
        Just then, Yamcha came down the stairs.
        "Hit the snooze button one time too many?"  Sab grinned, checking her watch.  The time was 7:53.
        Yamcha yawned.  "More like five times too many,"  he replied, sitting in the vacant seat between Sabine and Atalia.
        Zer offered him the cereal box.  "Want some Zerry-os?  They turn the milk black!"
        " thanks.  I think I'll just have a glass of plain, white milk for breakfast,"  Yamcha replied, sweatdropping.
        Vegeta snickered at that remark, and Sabine just rolled her eyes at her twin's pervertedness.
        "I guess you're not inanely stupid enough to eat Zerry-os,"  Zeriara sniffed, ignoring her mate's perverted remark.
        From far away, seven voices, sounding amazingly like Zer-chan, Sab-chan, Scully-chan, Ebby-chan, Nando-kun, Coop-chan, and Helen-chan shouted, "WE ARE!!!"
        "Er...what was that?'  Yamcha asked.
        "What was what?  I didn't hear anything,"  Piccolo responded.
        Yamcha shrugged.  "I guess it was just a bird or something."  (Heh heh.  Yeah, right!)

Chapter Three

        At 8:34, Sab, Vegeta, Taviek, Atalia, and Yamcha entered the ice rink.
        "Yamcha, you can go and start setting up for your class.  Do you want the beginners or the advanced this time?"  Sabine asked.
        "Um...I'll take the advanced,"  he answered, glancing over at Vegeta, who scowled at him.
        "All right.  Go over to the far end.  I'll keep the beginners near this opening,"  Sabine replied.
        Yamcha headed off to the lockers to get his skated.
        "Okaasan, who's going to be our teacher?"  Atalia questioned.
        "I am,"  Sab responded simply.  "Come. We need to get you three some skates."
        It took about ten minutes to get Vegeta and the Chibi-Zs fitted for skates.
        "You stay here.  I'm going to go put on my skates,"  Sabine ordered, heading off in the same direction Yamcha went.
        A few minutes later, both Sabine and Yamcha came from the locker area. They both walked easily and gracefully on their skates.
        "Okay.  Spill, Sab.  What's the secret?"  Vegeta demanded.
        "What secret?"  Sabine returned. looking confused.
        "To walking on skates!  I can barely stand up!"  Vegeta exclaimed.
        Sabine smirked.  "Balance and a lot of practice."
        Vegeta, Atalia, and Taviek sweatdropped and fell over while Sabine and Yamcha grinned.
        Sab offered assistance, but Atalia was the only one that would accept.
        After helping Vegeta and the Chibi-Zs (Vegeta and Taviek finally accepted help to get to the ice after falling on their faces several times), Sabine and Yamcha started class.
        Near the end of the session, about eleven o'clock, Yamcha and his class skated over to discuss whether or not to move on to a more difficult jump.
        Atalia and Taviek took this time to gather their class together, making sure that Taviek's otousan did not hear.  Atalia gave Yamcha a small thumbs-up.
        "Class, time to show Sab-san what you've learned!  One...two...three!" Yamcha counted off.
        Sabine and Vegeta went red as the two classes, with Yamcha and their daughters, started to sing,  "Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday, Sabine and Vegeta-san!  Happy birthday to you!"
        Still blushing, Sabine dismissed the classes.  Yamcha drove Taviek and her very embarrassed otousan home, while Sabine and Atalia rode the KintoUn.  They all arrived back at the Z-complex about the same time.
        Sabine and Vegeta were the first to enter the door.
        "Why is it so dark in here?"  Sabine asked of no one.
        "I don't know.  Here, I'll get the light switch,"  Yamcha replied.
        "Hai,"  Sabine and Vegeta answered in unison.
        As soon as the lights came on, Kuririn, Goku, Gohan, Tien, Chiao-tzu, Dr. Briefs, Master Roshi, and Turtle popped up from their hiding places and yelled,  "Surprise!"
        The twins flushed yet again with embarrassment.  Then, Vegeta noticed something:  Zer and Piccolo were not there.  This puzzled him.
        "Our best friends--our mates--are not here?  Something is up..."  he mumbled to himself in the Saiyan language.
        His train of though was derailed when a very large birthday cake was wheeled into the front room by Mrs. Briefs.
        "Vegeta, you cake is back there,"  Mrs. Briefs said, pointing to the kitchen.
        "We'll accompany you, Vegeta!"  the guys chorused, dragging him into the kitchen.
        "Well, Sab.  It seems you need to blow out the candles!"  Mrs. Briefs said, as perky as ever.
        With those words, Zer popped out of the cake--nude.  "Soopwise!"  she shouted.
        "EGADS!"  Sabine cried.  Zer jumped back into the cake.
        From the back came a bloodcurdling scream.  Sabine recognized it immediately.  It was Vegeta.
        "Aw...crap!!  The cakes got mixed up!"  she heard Goku lament.

Chapter Four

        That night, as Zer lay awake, she heard strange sounds coming from next door--Sabine and Piccolo's bedroom.
        "Sab, get your tail out of there!"  Piccolo mumbled.
        Zer heard some kind of fluid splash the wall.  Something very disturbing popped into her mind.
        "Ow!  Piccolo, pull it out!"  Sab yelled.
        "I can't.  It's stuck."
        "That's it,"  Zer said, sitting up.  "I'm gonna stop this.  People have to sleep."  She walked to the next room and prepared herself for what she was about to see.  Instead, when she opened the door, she was Sabine and Piccolo putting up the wallpaper that they had bought only a few days before.
        "What's going on in here?!"  Zer demanded.
        "We're trying to put up the wallpaper, but I moved in the wrong direction and got stuck,"  Sabine answered, her Saiyan tail still stuck firmly between the wallpaper, glue, and wall.

Chapter Five

        The next morning, at breakfast, Sabine and Piccolo came downstairs, the Saiyan woman still nursing her tail, which was still sticky with glue.
        "I guess that's what I get for wallpapering a bedroom while my tail is uncurled,"  Sabine sighed, gingerly wrapping a warm, damp cloth around her furry brown tail and curling it back around her waist.
        "It's your fault.  You moved the wrong way,"  Piccolo replied.
        Sabine started cursing her breath in Saiyan, Namek, Japanese, Spanish, French, English, and many other languages Piccolo didn't even know she spoke.

The End

A/n: Hahaha!!  I've been around Zer-chan too long!  I'm starting to think like her!

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