Where Do I fit in the Picture
by Clay-- i mean Ree ^_~;
   Goten sighed and tossed his keys across the table. He looked at his hotel room critically. Not too shabby, actually. But then, he was so tired that all he wanted was a bed and he’d think he was in paradise. He absently hit the radio as he picked up the newspaper, half-heartedly listening to the song that wafted through the air as he grabbed a Coke from the fridge.
               Well it looks like you finally made the front page
                     You always did look good in white
                And I hope you like the ring of your new name
                       The one you'll be given tonight

   He stared at the engagement announcement in shock. Of course, he’d known Trunks and Marron were getting more serious. But engaged? They were engaged? He couldn’t believe it.

                         But all of this is news to me
                      I wondered why you never called
                  I guess that's the way that it's meant to be
                 If you're gonna ride you've gotta learn to fall

   Amazing. His two best friends getting so close, and he hadn’t really even noticed. He’d just assumed their relationship would end like his and Marron’s had. What a slap in the face.

                         Where do I fit in the picture
                           Or do I really fit at all
                         Or have I become a fixture
                          On an old forgotten wall

   They’d been quite a threesome growing up. Then he and Marron had started going out. Trunks had been so great, so supportive of them…so tolerant. So how had he gotten so out of touch with them? He hadn’t even known about the engagement!

                 Well it looks like I finally made the front page
                      You know you always said I would
                     And things are well here in room 28
                       God I hope you're doin' good

   He turned the page. And there was his interview. He was a “successful young businessman, destined for great things.” At least, according to the journalist. He remembered how great Marron had been when he decided he wanted to go back to college and actually get his degree. How patient she’d been when he’d forgotten anniversaries and called to cancel dates. She deserved her happiness with Trunks.

             There's a picture in my wallet that I look at sometimes
                      It sends chills through my bones
                For long lost love or whatever you wanna call it
                        Whoa, but it left me all alone

   Goten knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t resist. He pulled out his favorite picture of him and Marron. Christmas…was it two years ago? Had to be. He had told her to look up and there was mistletoe. So he had bent over and kissed her. Pan had taken the picture. She had fancied herself quite the photographer back then. He remembered when Pan had given him the picture, all clean and new and beautiful. Now it was old and wrinkled…but he could still see the picture, and he longed to go back to those happy days with her.

                         Where do I fit in the picture
                           Or do I really fit at all
                         Or have I become a fixture
                          On an old forgotten wall
                          On an old forgotten wall

   Goten sighed and took a sip of his drink. He was a firm part of her past. He’d had his chance, and he’d blown it. So let Trunks try. “To Trunks and Marron,” he said aloud, lifting the can slightly. “May they find the happiness I always wanted with her.”

                                ~THE END~

Where Do I Fit in the Picture? copyrighted by Clay Walker...the song does not belong to me. 
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