By Jumbo Paul-chan


 The "Paul", are very ugly race of hairy, violent, stinky men with a sixth sense in which they have the ability to detect food and other goodies.  Their planet was named Foodland, but all it's natural resources were on the virge to cease existance.  Their leader, King Paul, a very big man who only wears his soiled underwear and a hat, went out to search for a new planet to live in.  However, many were not suitable due to their harsh conditions, but soon they started to go to earth.


Meanwhile, back at earth.....

Trunks: Goten, wait up for me!!!

Goten stopped, sat down, and waited for his friend.

Trunks: Let's go get some ice cream at the mall.

Goten: Ok

As the two were walking, they stumbled upon the rest of the Z-Crew.

Trunks: DUCK!!!

The two jumped behing two garbage cans.

Goten: What's wrong?

Tunks: Uhh... nothing... just hide.

However, Kuririn managed to see Goten's feet sticking out.  So he walked over to see who it was.

Kuririn: What are you two up to.

Trunks bopped Goten on the head and a big lump appeared.

Goten: Oww......

Bulma walked over and picked Trunks on the ear and dragged him.

Bulma: Oh no, you're not getting out of your work today, you have to do overtime to do.

The briefs family went home and Goten walked back by himself.  He stumbled upon a big crash and went to see what happened.  He saw a broken down ship and many large ugly foul smelling creatures named Paul came out.  They saw Goten and engaged into battle.  They charged at an incredible 5 mph and Goten flew into the air and went Super Saiya-jin.  Trunks felt his ki and rushed to the scene.

Trunks: What the hell are these things?

Paul #021: We are an advanced race of super human fighters.

All the Pauls jumped over Trunks and stuck their butts on his face.

Trunks: Ugh, can't take the smell.

Trunks jumped out and started to kick their asses.  He and Goten mutilated them easily, but there was one left.

Trunks: I'll take care of him.

He grabbed the last Paul and stuck him in the dumpster.  Soon, Paul was confronted by Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar: You made my home smell like SH*T.

Paul, being the fat loser he was, started to rob all the food stores.  His reign of terror was halted when he was confronted by the Great Saiyaman Team.

Gohan: Eww..... what is that thing??

Videl: It looks like an oozaru (weremonkey).
Gohan kicked him in the nutz and that was all it took to defeat him.

That night, Gohan and Videl were doing homework and Gohan asked Videl a question.

Gohan:  If Paul went through a mile long tunnel, how long would it take for him to get through?

Videl: I dunno.

Gohan: FOREVER!!!

They both laughed and went to sleep.


The end

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