Underwear  Trouble 
(School ended and Trunks walked out of his classroom.Just then he stopped to notice the nerd girl pointing,snorting and laughing at him.)

Trunks: O.........kay.

(The girl continued to do it.)

Trunks:WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!!!

(The girl pointed to the top of the flag pole.Trunks turned around and was shocked.)

Trunks:AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!My undiese!!What're they doing up there!

(The underwear had Trunks' faces,making weird faces,all over the underwear.The entire high school was laughing at Trunks.)

Trunks/Alright!Who's the mastermind behind this whole plot!?
Yoko/Me of course.
Trunks/Yoyo Yoko.I should've known you'd have some devious plot.Your Ms.Perfect.
Yoko/Thankyou for your words of thanks.Your name gave me the inspiration.Hey everybody!Let's all solute Trunks' briefs!
(The entire high school soluted.)
Trunks/I might secretly like you but you tick me off!!
(He raced out of the school.)
Yoko/He's so cute when he's like that.

Trunks/That Yoko Kisomaki!She really ticks me off!I don't deserve to get my underwear stuck to the flagpole.I'm so embarrassed!
(He went home.)
Vegeta/Hello son!
(Vegeta was in a cooking apron and he had a spatula in his right hand.)
Vegeta/You mother decided to have a barbecue since it's Friday.She decided to invite Kakarott and all those guys.Right now I'm flipping hamburgers.
Trunks/Dad's acting strange today.
(Trunks walked over to Goku.)
Trunks/Hey Goku,were's Goten?
Goten/I'm here!Man,this pizza is good!
Chichi/GOTEN!!!Your supposed to be at the library working on your report I just heard about!
(Chichi pulled him by his ear and threw him all the way to the library.)
Goten/Man!She took my pizza too!
Trunks/Oh great.
(Trunks went behind the bushes in the far end of his backyard.)
Trunks/This is a bad day.
(Just then midget girl Marron jumped out from one of the bushes.)
Marron/Hello Trunks.
Trunks/UGH!Bratface!What're you doing here?!
Marron/I got invited with my mommy and daddy.
Trunks/No!Why are you near me!
Marron/Oh,just checking up on you.
Trunks/No!Your not gonna-
Marron/Yes I am.
Marron/I'm gonna pull down Trunks' trunks!EEEEEHE HEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!

(She went up and pulled down his pants.He had goku underwear.It had a Goku head saying"I can beat Vegeta anyday".And on the other side it had a knocked out Vegeta head saying"I lost.Kakarott is the true saiyan".)

Marron/Oh doggy!!
(A huge dog came and stole Trunks' pants.)
(Just then Yoko came.)
Yoko/Hey Trunks!
(She went toward him and Trunks hid behind a bush.)
Yoko/Your mom invited me to the party.I'm really sorry about what happened at school.But that was payback from what you did to me last April Fools day.Wanna go over there and dance?
Trunks/I forgive ya.I can't dance.Why?Look down.
(Yoko did and saw it.)
Yoko/Trunks!Isn't that the underwear your dad forbids you to wear?
Trunks/Yes.He'll kill me!
Yoko/Don't worry,I'll help you get to your room and hide them.
(Trunks was about to come out when Vegeta came.)
vegeta/Oh son!I bought you a hamburger!
Yoko/Oh no!My mother needs me to go over to the library to help Goten.
(Yoko's mother made her go.)
Vegeta/Trunks,come out of there,you look silly.
Trunks/ dad.
Vegeta/Why not?
Trunks/Cause I can't.
(Marron popped out again.)
Marron/Goku underwear!!!
Vegeta/WHAT?!If this is true that your wearing that underwear I will be furious!!!Come out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trunks/(Uh-oh.Why is this happening to me?!!)Sorry.
Vegeta/Fine then.I'll have to use the heavy metal!
(He pulled out a flame thrower and burned a bush.He aimed for the bush Trunks was behind.He burned it but Trunks raced off behind another bush.Then Vegeta burned all the bushes.)
(So Trunks got thrown in his room.)
Trunks/I like these.This Goku underwear in comfy.That's why I have my own secret stash dad doesn't know about.
(Trunks slipped on some long shorts.)
Trunks/ I feel good.

               THE END 
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