by Queen Bulma 
Author's notes: This fanfic is the sequel to ~The Ring~

Bulma wokeup and found herself in Vegeta's arms.

"Vegeta" She whispered.


Bulma saw the ring in her finger.


"Bulma" Said Vegeta.

"Where..." She started but didn't finish.

"Where what?" He asked.

"You..." She was confused and surprised at the same time.

"What is it?" Asked Vegeta wondering what she wanted to say.

"A ring" Said Bulma pointing to the ring on her finger.

"Yes, I think that's what it is too" Said Vegeta whit a little smile.

"You put it on my finger while I was asleep didn't you?" Asked Bulma smiling.


"It's so pretty thank you!"

Bulma hugged Vegeta.

Last week it was Bulma's birthday and all her friends came. But like allways Vegeta was gone. He allways disapeared when there was a celebration like that. Chrismas, Aniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations.
Vegeta was no where to be found. Not even Goku could find him.

*Could this ring be for my birthday?* Thougth Bulma while she looked at the ring again and saw some simbols.

"Vegeta what are those simbols?" Asked Bulma.

"It's saiyan" Answered Vegeta and he got up.

"I'm going to spar whit Kakarotto"


Vegeta kissed her.

"I'll be back by lunch time" Said Vegeta as he whent out of the room.

*What do this simbols mean? Saiyan? Is that what it means or is it saiyan writing?* Thougth Bulma as she whent to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Bulma made breakfast and soon Trunks woke up and ate it.

"Good morning, okasan"

"Good morning Trunks, but you were supposed to say that before eating" Said Bulma joking.

"Hai, that's rigth" Trunks laugh.

A few minutes later Goten got to Capsule Corp. and went to play with Trunks.


It was lunch time, Trunks and Goten whent inside to eat. Vegeta got to Capsule Corp. with Goku. Vegeta was there like he said and as long as Bulma could remember it was the first time he was on time.

They all had lunch and in the afternoon Goku and Goten returned to the Son House. Trunks went with them to spend the night over with Goten.

Bulma was very surprised that Vegeta didn't complain that Trunks spend the nigth there. Well... he did say that Prince Trunks shouldn't spend the night in the same house whit low class Goten. But after that he didn't conplain anymore.

"Vegeta" Said Bulma.


"You haven't told me about the ring"

Bulma wanted to know the meaning of those simbols and she wasn't going
to let Vegeta get away whitout telling her.

"If you really have to know..." He complained.

"Hai I do" She said.

"Ok, that is a ring" Vegeta said pointing at the ring.
He continued. "It's made of gold and you wear it on your finger"

Bulma laugth and said: "I know that but..."

"The simbols?" Asked Vegeta.

"Hai, that's what I want to know"

"I told you it's saiyan"

Bulma knew he didn't want to tell what it meant but she asked anyway: "But what does it spell?"

"I love you"

Bulma stared at him and blushed.

She finally said: "You mean it spells I love you?!"

"Hai..." He answered.

He continued: "You wanna fly?"

"Fly?" Asked Bulma a bit confused.

"I'll take that as a yes"

Vegeta picked up Bulma an flew away with her.

Bulma realy liked flying with Vegeta. They didn't do it so often but then again she never asks for it. But she likes it...

They kept flying until it was night. The stars shined brightly in the sky. Bulma was having a great time flying like that... and so was Vegeta. It was about midnigtht when they got back to Capsule Corp.

*I don't care if he's never here in my birthday... I know he loves me...* Thougth Bulma.

"Vegeta... just out of curiosity... when's your birthday?" Asked Bulma.

"Today Bulma-chan" Answered Vegeta.
"Today? Why didn't you say so? I could have given you a birthday present"

"You did..."


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