The Ring
by Queen Bulma


"____" talking
*____* thinking

Trunks was fast asleep and he should be after sparing whit Goten all day. Bulma was in her room waiting for Vegeta.

*Were is he?*

Thougth Bulma getting a bit inpatient.

Maenwhile in the mountains Vegeta was training.

*I have to train harder*

Vegeta shot a ki blast that hit a mountain and he saw something shiny.

"Nani? What's that?"

He went closer and notised it was a pice of gold.

"That must be that gold thing that earthlings like so much"

He piked up the gold and started to melt it whit his ki.

*What am I going to do whit this thing? I know I'll close my eyes and let my thougths control my ki and lets see what it turns into*

Vegeta didn't know why he was doing it but he closed his eyes and let his thogths control his ki and melt the gold. After a while he opened his eyes and saw a ring whit some saiyan simbols around it.

"Nani? What was I thinking? I spelled Aishiteru in saiyan! I guess that is what I get for not consentraiting"

Vegeta put the ring down on a rock. He continue his traning but he couldn't focus.

*What's wrong whit me? I can't stop thinking about what I just did, but why did I do it?*

Vegeta piked up the ring and looked at it.

*I don't belive it even my subcontion is thinking of her...*

"Well I don't think I'm goning to do much trainig now that I'm distracted so I better go back"

Vegeta flew in the direcction of Capsule Corp.

Meanwhile at Capsule Corp...

"That's it I'm not going to wait for him any more!"

Bulma said to her self in an angry voice. Bulma got into bed. Soon she fell asleep and started to dream.


"Vegeta the stars are so beautifull tonight"

Said Bulma.

"Hai but not as beautifull as you"

Answered Vegeta.

"Aishiteru Vegeta"

"Ashiteru too and to remind you of my love I made this for you"

Vegeta put a ring in Bulma's finger.

"Vegeta, it's beautifull Arigatou, but what are those simbols?"

"It spells aishiteru in saiyan"



They ware about to kiss when Bulma woke up.


"It was just a dream"

Bulma said in surprised as she looked around her bedroom. She was still the only one there. Bulma whent back to sleep and a while later Vegeta got to Capsule Corp. Vegeta saw Bulma sleeping.

*She's beautifull*

Vegeta remembered he still had the ring.

*What am I going to do whit this I don't even know why I brougth it whit me?*

Vegeta got closer to Bulma and put the ring in her finger. He into bed and huged her carefully not to wake her up. He finally fell asleep whit Bulma in his arms.


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