by Queen Bulma

Pan sat by herself watching the sun set.
Trunks came out of his room and whent down stair.


He called.

He relly thougth she was there.
But she wasn't...
He whent outside.
He looked around and finally saw her.


He said while he aproached her.

Then he remembered...

"So you're going to a party?"

Pan asked.


Answered Trunks.

"Can I be your date"

She sked.

Trunks was a bit surprised...
He didn't know what to say...
He wanted to invite Marron but he just couldn't...

"Sorry... you're too young..."

Trunks said hoping she'd take it well.

"It's ok"

She say smiling.

Trunks felt relifed.
Later he whent to prepare for the party.
Pan was in the living room but when he came back she was gone.

As he looked at he staring at the sunset he thougth she migth not had taken it so well afterall...


He repeated.

"I was thinking..."

She said.


He asked.

"Never mind... hope you have fun at your party"

She said smiling.

She looked so cute when she smiled.
And so did Marron.
If he couldn't just tell her...

"I will"

He said.

She just continue to smile.

"You better go inside now"

Said Trunks.

He start4ede walking back to Capsule Corp and Pan followed him.



Asked Bulma.


Said Pan.

"Are you ok?"

She sked.


said the little girl.

Bra was there too.
She kept Pan busy playing hoping she'd get tired... but she got tired first.
Bra was now fast asllep.
Bulma hoped Pan would be too.

Vegeta stood on the door way.

"I'll be right back"

Said Bulma.

She whent to Vegeta.

"Are you done babysiting the brat of Kakarot's brat?"

He asked.

"Sh's not a brat and no I'm not done"

Said Bulma.

Bulma's tone told Vegeta that she wasn't leaving that room untill pan was sleeping.
He didn't like it...
He walked away and looked back at the door hoping B8lma would come out.
She didn't.
He continued and decided to wait for he in they're room.

Finally Pan was asleep or at least that's what Bulma thougth...

Pan just wanted to be alone and think...

As she drifed off to sleep she started making a plan...

*So I'm too young...
But I know other people...
Trunks is so nice to me I have to be nice to him...
I think it's time to play matchmaker...
Bra told me Marron tol her she liked Trunks...
And I'm sure Trunks like's Marron!
So all I have to do is get them thouguether!*

The next day...

Pan had invited both Trunks and Maroon to the Son house.
That very day Goku and Chichi where Visiting Gohan and Videl anf ofcouurse Pan.

Trunks got there and he saw Marron coming.
He found a note saying:

^You 2 talk and have fun.
Tell me all about it later.

^P.S. (To Trunks)  Marron likes you!^

^P.S. (To Marron) Trunks likes you!^

Trunks got all red and didn't know what to do...
He didn't relise Marron was looking at the note over his shoulder.

"Is Pan telling the truth?"

She asked.

Trunks turned and saw Marron.
He looked into her eyes...

"Is the second P.S. true?"

She asked.

"Yes... Is the first?"

He asked.

"What do you think?"

She said smiling.

"I hope so!"

He said getting even more red... but he wasn't tthe only one...

"It's true too"

She finally said.

"You wnna turn this into a real date?"

He asked.

"I thougth you'd never ask"

She said.

So Trunks and Marron whent on they're first real date.
And it all whent great.
They made another date the day after and for the rest of thre week.
Pan found out what happen and confess her little Matchmaker Game.
Trunks and Marron... they where very happy that she'd done that.
Now it was they're little secreat.
The next weekend they decided to take Pan whit them to the amusement park.

They allhad lot's of fun.
Marron watched Pan play.

*She deserves to have fun... thanks to her I'm on this date...*

After they came from the amusement  park they where walking down the stree.
They where going back home.
Goten had wondered wha happened.

That nigth where he got to the Son house and found that note from Pan...

"Gotta go"

Said Trunks.


Asked Goten.

"I don't know Pan want's me to go to the Son house... I'll be back soon"

He said as he got out of Capsule Corp and on his way to the Son house.

Now Goten understood as he watched them walking.
Trunks in one side Marron in the other.
Pan was in the midd;le holdind both thy're hands.
*So Pan's the little match maker*

Thoguth Goten.

One more thougth came to him...
He would tease Trunks whit this for a long time...
Luckly he had a camara whit him.
He just came from picking up some film.
He took a picture of the 3 of them and framed it as soon as he got it...

In the bottom of the frame he wrote:

^Look at the Happy Little Family^

He gave it to Trunks expecting he'd be a bit angry but hoping he'd be cool about it.

"It's a nice pic"

Was all he said.

Then Goten knew that... Trunks and Marron... where really a happy little couple.


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