Bulma's Diary
by Queen Bulma

This happens after the Z team was wished to Earth but before the namecs leaft Capsule Corp.
Bulma was in her room by herself.
Outside she could hear the voices of the namec children playing in her backyard.

*Good thing I have a big backyard*
She thougth.

She couldn't belive she was back on Earth.
It has been so long.
She walked to her bed and liyed down.
It was a beautifull afternoon but she didn't feel like going out.
She was happy to be home.
She touched something under her pillow.
It was her diary.
She had forgoten to pack it when she whent to Namec.
But there it was right where she leaft it.

"I have a lot of catching up to do..."
Bulma said to herself.

She looked for the key under her jewlry box.
There it was like allways.
She opened her diary.
She started to read from the last page she had written.
She was very behind...
Sudently the door opened.

"Where's the food?"
Asked Vegeta standing at the door.

"Don't you know how to knock?!"
Yelled Bulma in anger.

"I said... where's the food?!"
Vegeta asked again.

"In the refrigerator!"
Bulma screamed.

"The Namecs finished that food you'll have to get me more"

"1 Namecs don't eat they just drink water, 2 I know you were the one who finished all the food and 3 I don't have to get you anything!"
Yelled Bulma in anger.

"Oh relly?"
Said Vegeta in a calm voice.

"Don't you want to change your mind about that?"
He asked.

Vegeta started to make a small ki blast.

"If you're trying to scare me it's not working!"

Bulma got up from her bed.
She had learned that there was something Vegeta hated more than anything.
Or like he would say more than Kakarot.
Bulma was doing that now.
She was standing on her tiptoes and looking down at Vegeta.
Vegeta knew that even in he standed in likr that too she would still be taller.
Bulma could see Vegeta's angry look.
She smiled.

"So you want to go higher?"
Vegeta smiled back.

Bulma knew he was up to something.
Vegeta picked up Bulma and flew out the window.

"Let me go!"
Yelled Bulma.

She was triying not to sound scared.

"Do you relly want me to let you go?"
Asked Vegeta as if it was just a game.

"No! Put me on the ground first!"

"You're yelling is going to give me a headache if I don't"
He said as he whent down.

He placed Bulma on the ground.

She yelled.

Bulma walked to the other side of the Capsule Corp. garden where the namec children where.
Maybe that would help her forget that Vegeta was even there.
Once Bulma was gone Vegeta flew back to her room.
He picked up her diary.

*I wonder what is this thing she was reading?*
He thougth.

He didn't know why he cared to find out.
He didn't know what stoped him from just droping Bulma.
It wasn't the Namecs.
Some where healers and some figthers.
But none had enogth power to defeat him.
He could blast them all and not give them time to figth back or heal each other.
Piccolo was strong but he was a namec too.
To Vegeta all the namecs where weak.
Besides Vegeta had trained in the gravity room in Capsule Corp. and became a lot stronger than him.
Gohan the son of kakarot was saiyan.
Half saiyan anyway.
He was strong but still not enougth to bother Vegeta.
After all by the looks of it Gohan hasn't trained in a while.
About the other members of the Z team.
Vegeta didn't even think of them.
Now that he was training in the gravity room he would get even stronger.
Maybe that was it...
He wanted to train and get stronger and Bulma was good at making and reparing gravity rooms.
Vegeta remembered why he first decided to stay.
To wait for Kakarot and learn how he transformed Super Saiyan.
Back then he decided he was going to stay on Earth untill he learned how to transform.
But still he had no idea he would end up staying in Capsule Corp.
He remembered when Bulma first asked him to stay.

*She likes me*
He thougth.

Even  if he didn't want to he found himself smiling.
He looked at the book he was holding.
The cover said ~Bulma's Diary~.
It was written in golden leatters.
Vegeta opened it and started going truth the pages.
The first few pages looked as if a little girl had written them.
He read and it sounded like a little girl relly had writting them.
He looked at the date in the top of the page and he concluded that a little girl did write them.
A little girl called Bulma...
Bulma didn't write in her diary everyday.
She only wrote the important things.
But most the important things happened while she was on adventures.
At that time she didn't have time to write so when she got home she wrote what she remembered the most.
Vegeta passed a few pages.

He read:
"Dear Diary Today I meat the strangest boy, his name was Goku"

*This must be of when she meat Kakarot...*
Thougth Vegeta.

He checked the date.
Bulma had known Goku for a very long time now.
He passed a few more pages.
He got to a page where everything written was about Yamcha.
That was making him sick so he whent straight to the end.
It looked like that last page had been writen before she whent to namec.
He closed the diary and put it down on Bulma's bed.
He heard someone knock on the door.

"Bulma are you there?"
Asked a woman's voice.

Vegeta flew out the window.

She asked again.

She had no answer so she whent inside her daugther's room.

"I relly thougth she was here..."
Mrs. Brifs said to herself.

She saw Bulma's diary on her bed.
She walked to it and picked it up.

She thougth.

*I can't read this*
She thougth as she put the diary back where it was.

She leaft the room and when back to looking for Bulma.
In the garden Bulma watched the namecs play.

*They're so cute*
She thougth.

She repeated in her mind.

She rembered the the first time she used that word after coming from Namec.

*I think you're kind of cute!*
She rembered her words.

*I must have been out of my mind back then to have called Vegeta cute! even if he is...*

She thougth for a minute.
Where did Vegeta go after he put her down?
She didn't know but she had a feeling...

*He couldn't...*
She thougth as she walked back to Capsule Crop.

*He wouldn't...*

Bulma opened the door.

*It's Vegeta, of couse he would!*
She corrected herself.

While walking across the leaving room Bulma found her mother.

"I was looking for you!"
Said Mrs. Brifs.

Asked Bulma.

"I needed to ask you something... if you don't mind..."

"Sure, what is it?"
Bulma wondered what her mother would ask her.

"It's about... Vegeta..."

"What about him?"

"Do you..."

Manwhile outside as Vegeta walked by all the namecs that where near by ran away.
For the namecs it wolud never be too soon to get a new home.
They had everything they needed in Capsule Corp. and they liked it there and they would miss they're frinds when they leave but Vegeta was there too and that worried them.
Bulma had told them not to worry because he wouln't hurt them.
But the namecs wheren't taking any chances...
Vegeta walked inside Capsule Corp. to see if there was more food yet.
That was when he saw Bulma talking to her mother in the leaving room.
He didn't pay much attention he just check the refrigerator.
It was empty.
Vegeta thougth he should ask Mrs. Brifs insted of Bulma for food.
After all Bulma would just yell and Mrs. Brifs would be happy to get him more and more food.
But somehow he still asked Bulma even if he didn't allways get what he wanted.

"Do you..."
Mrs. Brifs said.

Bulma was getting inpatient.
Her mother was trying to ask her something that she suspected she wouldn't want to answer.
She thougth that that's why her mother was having so much trobble trying to say it.

Vegeta was now listening to they're conversation.
He wondered why Mrs. Brifs didn't just ask watherver she wanted to ask.
Did she know he was listening?
Vegeta wasn't sure...

"Ask allredy!"
Said an inpatient Bulma.

Mrs. Brifs got closer and wisper something to Bulma.
Vegeta didn't hear it but whatever it was it made Bulma turn all red.
Mrs. Brifs had asked he if she liked Vegeta.

"No way!"
Bulma yelled.

"He's a creep! and all he does is eat! and he allways scares all the namecs! and he tryed to kill us before! and he's not nice! and... and... ok I admit it..."
Said Bulma.

"I knew it!"
Said a smiling Mrs. Brifs.

"It's ok Bulma you didn't have to hide it!"
Said Mrs. Brifs.

"I wasn't hiding it... I just didn't say it..."

"You know... I think he likes you too!"

Bulma thougth about it and she came to the conclution that her mother could be right!
Vegeta had no idea of what they where talking about but he knew how to find out.
Now he would be sure not to miss the next oportunety he gets to read Bulma's diary.


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