The Clock is Ticking
"Theres A what? Gohan yelled.
"There is a astroid heading for us"? some guy said. "We found out today, when there was a Metor shower, that hit New York. It took out half of the city, and when we heard about it, we starrted doing research about it, and now we have 18 days before this thing hits earth". the guy said.
"How much damage is there going to be"? Gohan asked .
" What kind of damage are we talking"?! the guy said, "Get a clue Gohan, there is an astriod heading right for us, and you ask what kind of damage are we talking"!!!! the guy yelled
"Well I just wanted to know? Gohan asked.
" God Gohan, are you as stupid as your father or something, If this thing hits earth, nothing will live" the guy yelled.
"So your saying we only have 18 days left to live, is that it" Gohan said.
"Thats exactly what I am saying". the guy with no name said. "Unless....."
"Unless what" Gohan asked.
"We send a team up to the astriod". nameless guy said.
Gohan looked up at him after he said that , and then the nameless guy starts to explain his plan to him.

Meanwhile at Capsule Corp...

Vegeta is running all around the house looking for something , he is making a real big mess. Just then Bumla walked in and sees what Vegeta is doing, and she gets real mad.

"Vegeta"!!!! Bulma yelled.
"What do you want woman"? Vegeta asked with an auttide
"What are you doing"?!!! Bulma yelled
"I am looking for my armor woman". Vegeta said.
"Why"?!! "and don't call me woman"!!!! Bulma yelled.
" So I can show it of to Kakarot" Vegeta said
"Why"? Bulma asked.
"Because Kakarot is a brainless idiot ,and needs to know that I am better then him in every way". Vegeta said.
"I don't understand why you always want to fight with him Vegeta". Bulma said
After she said the doorbell rang and Bulma went over to answer the door she opened the door and Goten was there.
"Hi Goten" Bulma said.
"Hi Bulma-San, is Bra here"? Goten asked
"You don't want to see Trunks".? Bulma said
"No, I want to see Bra". Goten said
"Ok, if you want". Bulma said and let him in."I'll go get her for you" she said and then went upstaris to get Bra. Goten just stood there looking around for a minute and then Vegeta came out and looked up at him.

"What do you what "? Vegeta asked in a mean voice. "Trunks is here, but he is busy, so he could not talk the time out to see you. So why don't you just go on him". Vegeta said in a real mean voice.
"I'm not here to see Trunks, I'm here to see Bra". Goten said
"Why"Vegeta asked.
"Uh...Urm..." Goten said.
"You wouldn't know where Bra has been sneaking of to for the past few months, would you" Vegeta asked.
"Uh..Um ...Urm" Goten said
"Goten" Vegeta said very slowly
Just then Trunks came walking in.
"Hi all, whats up" Trunks asked. "Why are you two looking at eachother like that"? he added.
"Well Goten came here looking for your sister, and not you, and she has been disapearing a lot lately and I just asked him if he knows where she has been". Vegeta said.
"You know that is weird... Goten Do you know where she has been"? Trunks asked.
Uh...Goten said
"Goten." Both Vegeta and Trunks said at the same time
"Uh alright I have been seeing her for a while and I am in love with her." He blurted out real fast.
"You what" Vegeta said in a very very mean way. "You stay right there, I'll be right back". Vegeta said and then went into the closet and got his gun out and then walked and pointing his gun at Goten, when he saw that he took off running Trunks followed him and when they got to another side of the house they could not see Vegeta anymore.

"Were's Vegeta?" Goten asked. After he said that he saw Vegeta with the gun.
"He's going to shoot you". Trunks said. Then Vegeta looked over at Goten and pointed the gun at him and then BOOM! Goten ducked just in time. Then Bra was standing up on the stares and saw it, But Goten got up and took of running and Vegeta followed him.

"DAD"!!!!!!!!!!! Bra yelled. Goten was still running  from Vegeta and was up on the stairs now.
"Allright put the gun down now, it was funny for a minute, but its not funny anymore"! Goten yelled, But Vegeta took another shoot at him. And Bra was standing by a table.
"DAD THIS IS NOT FUNNY"!!!!!! Bra yelled
Vegeta saw Goten run up the stairs , But then Bra ran up where she could see everybody.
"You go up to your room and let me handle this". Vegeta said still his gun pointed up to where Goten was.
"Fine, Room now" Vegeta yelled. Then took another shoot at Goten. Bra ran in the other direction. Vegeta ran up the the stairs and had Goten cornerd.
"All Right Vegeta, just cool down" Goten said, "Man to man, I'm serious I love her". Goten said
"Way wrong answer" Vegeta yelled and took a shot and it hit Goten in the leg, Goten starts to jump up and down and holding his leg.
"Whoa It' geting real" Trunks said. Bra was in the backround screaming at her dad to stop and Vegeta had his gun pointed up agian at Goten. Just then Bra came running up to all of them.
"You shot him" Bra said pointing the gun down which is still in her dad's hand and goes over and sees Goten's leg. Then Vegeta said...
"That bullet never got close" Vegeta said
"Oh It's all funny till somebody gets shot in leg" Goten yelled.
Then Bulma came up to see what was going on and was really mad again.
"What in the Hell happened here"!!!!!! Bulma yelled
"Dad Shot Goten in the leg" Bra said very mad.
"Thats it" Bulma yelled "Vegeta you say you're sorry to Goten right now" Bulma yelled.
"Why don't you make me woman" Vegeta yelled.
"Oh I'll make you, if you don't say your sorry you can never go near that gravity room again."
Then Vegeta mumbled something under his breath.
"What did you say, I could'nt here you". Bulma yelled
"I said I'm Sorry" Vegeta yelled
"Good" Bulma yelled. "As for the rest of you... Trunks you take Goten home and make sure his leg is allright, Bra you get upstairs and take that robe off and put some close on, And as for you Vegeta you can't go near your gravity room for 1 month and you better get outside and start weeding that gardern." Bulma yelled at everyone and after she was done they all did what they were told.

 Now Back at the space station...

"So you are suggesting that we send a team up to the astiord to dig a whole and then drop a bom down there and leave"? Gohan said
"Yep" nameless guy said
"How deep"? Gohan asked
"800 feet" nameless guy says
"Do you know anybody who can go up there"? Gohan asked
"No, got any suggestions"? nameless guy asked
"Yeah, I do" Gohan said

back at capesul corp...

Marron, Videl,and Pan have all come over,and Goten had come back over to see Trunks. Bra is outside she is outside with Vegeta. Bra is wearing her hair up in a bun and with a long black dress with white flowers on it, Bra is talking to Vegeta, everbody goes outside to see what she is talking to him about.
"Listen Dad, Goten is my choice, my choice and not yours". Bra said to Vegeta
He's the only one who live's around here who is not married or dating someone, he's not a choice, he's a lack of options." Vegeta said While Bra was walking away and he was follwing along with everybody.
"I don't know what in the world makes you think the right to tell me what to do anymore!!!" Bra yelled.
"Oh I suppose being your father does'nt count" Vegeta says
"Not Really" Bra yelled back
"Since When"?? Vegeta yelled
"I Don't know dad, Since I've reached the age 18 and became an adult, since my whole life I was always known as Trunks' kid sister, Why don't you take your pick". Bra said
"You little hypocrite what have I ever done to you"?? Vegeta said like he was mad.
"Well for one thing you shot Goten in the leg". Bra said and looked up at Vegeta
"That was him,not you, Did I shoot you in you leg"? Vegeta asked
"Thats not the point Dad". Bra says
"Oh , Well than what is the point"? Vegeta asked very mad
" The point is even though you don't want to admit it, Goku is your best friend, so my whole life I was raised around Goten on account he was always over here with Trunks or you were with his dad, and then you act all shocked and shaken when I fall in love with Goten, So who is the hypocrite here dad,huh.?" Bra said
"Listen to me Bra..." But Vegeta was cut off by Bra.
"No you listen to me, I grew up" Bra said.

Then everybody looked up in the sky and there was a helocopter flying right for them and then it lands right in front of Capsule Corp and everybody walked up to the person geting out of it and the person walks up to Vegeta.

"Who's Vegeta?" the person asked. Vegeta walks up to him
"I'm Vegeta, now what do you want" Vegeta asked with attitude
"I'v been sent here from the goverment of the United States I need you to get on that Chopper right now, No quetions asked". The guy said
"I'm the prince of saiyan's I don't do what people tell me to do" Vegeta said
"Mr.Vegeta I need you to, this is serious and only you can help" The guy said
Vegeta looked back at eveybody and saw Bra standing right next to Goten and then he turns back to the guy in front of him.
"All Right I'll go with you, in 1 condition if I can take my daughter along". Vegeta said and looked back at Bra who was giving him a mean look and then the guards come around and get her.
"Me, What did I do?' Bra said
"Whoa where you guys taking her?" Goten asked and was pushed back by one of the guards. As they were walking for the helicopter Bra was looking back at everyone, and Vegeta was doing the same thing.

They are now in the USA and in one of those Nasa cars it pulls up to Nasa and Gohan is standing outside with nameless guy and were waiting outside for them to get out of the car and they were wearing those NASA jumpsuites and Bra has her hair down now. Vegeta and Bra go up to where Gohan and nameless guy was standing.

"OK, Kakarot's Brat Why did you bring us across the planet to see this crummy place." Vegeta said.
"Why did you bring her?" Gohan asked
"It's a long story that has to deal with her and your Brother, So why don't we get on with this!"Vegeta yelled low.
"Maybe we should talk alone" Gohan said.
"We're not talking alone, I draged Bra all the way out here to find out what was going on, so you tell both of us or we turn around and go home!!" Vegeta said

They are now in a dark room and Gohan was explaining to them what was going on.  Bra was siting there breathing real heavy and she lightly takes Vegeta's hand, and he looks down at it and then back up at Gohan.
"So when the astiord hits earth it will cause a title wave and whip out all the coast, for the next 15 days  earth will be in a shooting gallery Japan's gone ,America is whiped out, and that does'nt really leave alot left, but most would die from the heat blast, and the rest will freaze to death from Nuclear winter." After he said that he turned off the screen of and the lights come back on.

"Thats unbelievable." Bra says in a quite and scarred voice.
"Well this is as real as it gets." Gohan said "Well its out there,not a soul on earth can hide from it".
Vegeta walks over to where Gohan was standing and looks at him.
"6billon people on this planet why'd you guys call me?" Vegeta asked, looking over at Bra, she is hunched over on the table still breathing hard looking scarred to death,as she was looking at Vegeta.

They are now walking into some room that almost looks like a garage. "We need you to lead the shuttle that is going up." Gohan said
"Up?" Vegeta asked
"Yeah.We want you to lead the team that goes up to the astiord, to drill a whole, drop a bom and then leave." Gohan said looking at the nuclear warhead, then back up at Vegeta. "You might reconize the warhead.?" Gohan said
"I should reconize it, It's Bulma's design." Vegeta said, "Let me get this straight, I get pulled out of my home, get flown half way around the world, because you could'nt read the plans right, and did a Piss poor job puting it together!" Vegeta said
"Yeah ,and we need to know whats wrong with it pretty quick here." Gohan said, and then he and Vegeta were walking away from where Nameless Guy and Bra were standing.
"Whats your back up plan?" Vegeta asked
"Back up plan?" Gohan said
"Your back up plan, you gotat have a back up plan". Vegeta said mad
"No We don't have a back up plan." Gohan said
"And this is the best you can do, that the US goverment can do, You Nasa For crying out loud you put a man on the moon your geniuses, I mean you're the guys that think this shit up, I'm sure you got a group of men siting some were just thinking shit up, and having someone backing them up!!!" Vegeta yelled
"Well Vegeta we're running out of time so we need an answer from you." Gohan said
"All we got to do is drill and drop a bom?" Vegeta said looking back at Bra, and she had a worried face, "If I do this , I'm going to want to take my own men.?" Vegeta said
"You got it" Gohan said
 Vegeta looked back at Bra again and she looked sad and worried.
"Ok." Vegeta said
"Thanks" Gohan said
Bra walked up to Vegeta and looked him right in the eye, with a Why look on her face.
"I just don't trust anybody else to do, thats all." Vegeta said to Bra

Now they are all in a room getting out files about everything they can, Bra is now had her hair pulled back in a bun ,and she's wearing a green shirt and a black pair of pants. Vegeta was on the phone with Bulma...
"Bulma there is a helicopter coming for you and Trunks, I need both of your help." then he gets of of the phone.

Back at Capsule Corp Trunks and Bulma are siting on the couch thinking of why a helicopter is coming, all of a sudden they here it landed, and got outside and get in it.

Back at Nasa....

"How about Krillen and #18?"Bra asked.
"You know they're going to bring thier brat, that goes out with Trunks!" Vegeta said
"Trunks and Marron Are going out now!!??" Gohan asked confussed."No one tells me anything."

A helicopter landed in front of Krillen's house. Krillen, #18, and Marron walked up to it, and a man gets out of it.
"Krillen, FBI, we need you and your family to get on that chopper" the man says. Krillen looked over at #18 and Marron in confused.

Back at Nasa

"I want to take Yamucha" Vegeta said.
"He loves to get into Bar fights, so you might want to start looking in every Bar." Bra said
Yamucha is sitting in a bar wateing for a fight to brack out and is flirting with some girl, the FBI comes up to him
"Sir FBI" the guy says to Yamucha
"Good for you" Yamucha says
"Lets go now" the guy says
"Your not a 12 year old are?" Yamucha asks the girl
"How about Tien" Bra says
"Start looking in all of the restaurants" Vegeta says
Tien is walking out of a restrunt when a helcopter lands right in front of him. and he looks up at it.

Then a helicopter lands right in front of where Piccolo was sitting and floating and an FBI man gets out of it
"Are you Piccolo" the man asks him.
"So what if I am?"
"I need you to get into that Helicopter" the man says

Then Videl and Pan are siting in thier house waching T.V. and not paying attention to anything, not even when the helicopter landed and then the doorbell rang and Videl and Pan get up to answer it, when they open it up an FBI man is standing in front of them and they look at eachother weird.

Back at Nasa

"I guess I can take Kakkorot and his other Brat" Vegeta said in a mad vioce. Bra was her hands down on a tabel and her chin on them.
"I thought you said you couldn't trust him?" Bra said.
"I thought you said I could.?" Vegeta said after he said that Bra moved her eyes up and then closed them.

Gohan, Nameless Guy, Vegeta and Bra were standing outside. Bra's now wearing her hair down and a blue dress with little white flowers on it, just then a whole bunch of cars pull up out of the first one Bulma and Trunks get and looked around on where they are, in the second car Krillen,#18,and Marron got out and saw Trunks and Bulma and went over to them , in the third car Yamucha got out and went over with eveyone else, in the forth car Tien gets out and goes over with everybody,Piccolo gets out of the fifth car and walks over, and in the sixth car Videl and Pan get out and do the same, and in the last car is Goku, Chi-Chi,and Goten get out and everybody is greeting each othe.r Gohan is smilling a little and Vegeta does'nt care,and Nameless Guy guy looked at them weird and then looked back at Bra who had a big smile on her face, and then Nameless guy looks back at them.

They are all now in a dark room and Vegeta was explaining to them what was going on and they were all  looked terrified.
"None of you have to go , But the only ones who are asked to stay behind is Bulma,Bra,Marron,and Chi-Chi the rest of you I want to know if you are going or not?"

Eveyone agreed to go, so now it is the next day and they can begin trainning. All of them were sitting in a row at a table, and then a guy walks in. "Good Morning , I'm Col. Eric Stamper, I'm the one who is going to train you so you don't freak out on the Astiord,and I will be flying up there with you, Do you have any smart questions before we get started?" Trunks raises his hand and Col.Eric Stamper answers it.
"Whats an X-71?" Trunks askes
You're the first civilions to ever see it." Gohan says
Eveybody is looking at it and saying wow,and smiling at it, so they go back and you can see all of them training with heavy objects, they have been trainnig for 3 days now, everyone is off doing ther own thing, Yamacha is in the control room playing with the spearkers, and Vegeta comes in and see's him
"Yamacha" Vegeta shouts out at him.
Yamacha looks over at him.
"Hi Vegeta , How's it going?'' Yamachua asked
"Have you seen Bra?" Vegeta asked
"Yeah, She's over in the Hannger with Goten."Yamcha said, and then Vegeta took of.f
"Wait a minute did you say Bra..? Ok I thought you said Piccolo" Yamachua yelled.

Vegeta was walking over to where Goten and Bra were and saw Goten kissing Bra and then he looked over and saw Trunks with Marron were standing there quietly waching too. Vegeta walked over to them and then just stared up at Goten and Bra, then Vegeta looked at Trunks.

" So what are you doing here?" Vegeta asked in a real low voice
"Just makeing sure he doesn't do more than that." Trunks said in a low voice
They looked back at them for a minute, and Vegeta looked right at Bra face and saw her smilling, and he looked at her realizing for the first time that she is not a little girl anymore, then he ,Trunks and Marron walked away, Goten's mouth is like 2inchs from her ear and he is holding something Bra has her eyes shut.

"Will You Marry Me?"Goten asked, While putting a ring on her finger, She opened her eyes and has a surprised look on her face, then she looked over at Goten and  smiles and then he kisses her on the lips.
Vegeta is walking with Marron ,Trunks, Gohan, Col.Eric Stamper,and Nameless Guy
"I want my team to have Tomorrow off.?" Vegeta said
"Thers no way we can do that!" Gohan said
"No , they need tomorrow, they did'nt ask to be here, they got pulled off the street, for all we Know Tomorrow could be the last time they ever see earth, I don't think it's too much to ask to let them speand it out of here!!!" Vegeta said
"Theres just no way..." Gohan says and gets cut of by Vegeta.
"I'm not asking you, I'm Telling you, make this happen" Vegeta says.

It is they next day and there are a whole bunch of cars leaving. Trunks and Marron are walking on a beach alone.
"Hey Marron?" Trunks asked
"What?" Marron said.
"Ever wonder what it is like to have some one pick you up and throw you in an ocean?" Trunks asked
"No" Marron said with a smile
"Well start to wonder, because its going to happen" Trunks said and picked Marron up and throw her in the water and started to laugh real hard , but when she did not come back up got worried.
"Marron?" Trunks yelled
no answer
"Marron?" Trunks yelled again
still no answer

He flew up to where he had droped her and looked down, all of a sudden she came up and pulled him down under, then they both came up and Trunks was coughing and they both walked to the shore and both fell on the ground.
"Serves you right Trunks ,You shouldn't have thrown me in" Marron said
"Yeah I Know I deserved that." Trunks said, Then Marron leaned over and kissed him on the lips, and then pulled away.
"What was that For?" Trunks asked
"Lets just say you Deserved it." Marron said And then laid her head  on Trunk's Chest.
"Trunks?" Marron Asked
"Yes?" Trunks answerd
"I'm scared to death" Marron said
"I know Marron" Trunks said
"What if you don't come back?" Marron Asked
"I'm coming back Marron , don't worry" Trunks said. After that Marron got up on her feet and took off running and laughing, Trunks then got up and went after her.

There is a car Driving and leaving a big dirt stooarm after it. And it is in some kind of Valley.  Bra was laying on a blanket and a pillow while Goten is siting next to her
"You know what I was thinking.?" Goten asked
"What?" Bra said
"I really don't understand the whole point in these Goku and Vegeta action Figuers." Goten said
"Why?" Bra said
"I don't know, I just don't see the point in them, I mean they made are dads little plastic dolls." Goten said
"Yeah I don't understand them either." Bra said
"Watch Goku, as he goes on his guest for the dragonballs*Bra Startes laughing* Now look heres Vegeta, Watch as her follwos Goku , Now Goku saw this and he could head North to look for the dragon balls, He could go south, *Bra was smilliing and she looked up at him* Goku Now faces Mans most toughest question, North or South, Why down under, * Bra has a smile on her face* Tune in next week" Goten says and reaches down and kisses her.

"Goten?" Bra says, he looks up at her"Do you think its possible that anyone elses is doing this very same thing at this very same moment?" Bra asked, smilling.
"I hope so,  Or what the Hell are we Trying to Save" he said and then Bra pulled him and kissed him, then he gets up and pulls her up and picked her up right below her knees and starts to spin.

It is the next day and the day for lift off.  Bra was outside looking down, Vegeta saw her.
"Bra?" Vegeta asked, She looked over at him.
"What are you doing out there?" Vegeta asked.
"Um just thinking, I just want to say I'm sorry..." But she was cut of by Vegeta
"You don't need to say you're sorry, I should'nt have shot Goten in the leg, But I should have been a better father... he was cut off
"You're Wrong I love my life , I love everything about My life, and I Love You, and don't talk like you're not coming back, Promise me that you'll come back." Bra said
"Ok" He  said
"Say I promise" She says
"I promise" he said , and then Bra  hugged him not want to let go.
"If it's not to much of a trouble, Could you please Bring my fiance home with you?" She asked But still was hugging him

Now eveyone is geting ready and walking out to see eveyone Vegeta hugged Bra and then goes over to Bulma and hugged her. Trunks came out and hugged Bra and then goes to Marron. Goten goes over to bra and takes her in his arms and statrs to sing
"All My bags are Packed, I'm Ready to go, I'm standing here outside you door, I hate to walk you up to say goodbye,*everyone is starring at Goten* So Kiss me*Bra reaches up and kisses him* and smile for me , let me know you'll waite for me, hlod me like you'll never let me go*Goten pikes her up now* Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane don't know when I'll be back agian.." Goten was cut of by Goku and starred to sing.
"Leaving on a jet plane I don't know when I'll be back*Bra looks up at him and starts to laugh*Then Yamachu,and Tein start to sing *Bra and Gotrn are both laughing, and then Bra leaned down and kissed him.
"That boy doesn't take anything seriously" Vegeta said.
"Yeah, reminds me of a guy I used to Know" Trunks said.

Goten puts her down and kisses her agian, and then lets off.
"I'm Marrying you" Goten said.
"Bet your Ass you are" Bra said and they both laughed and Goten starts to walk away looking back at her, And She is smilling
All of them walk to the spaceship and board it , and then it took off. and like 1 day later lands on the astiored.

*Ok just to let you know ther is alot that I am skipping over because it is so long and It's 6:00 and I have been up all night writing this story so we are now up to the part were they have to draw string to see Who is going to stay behind and Goten Draw's the String, # people have died Yamachu,Piccolo, and Tien. Vegeta and Trunks takes goten down.

"Just do me a favor, Tell Bra that I'll always be with her ,can you do that Vegeta?" Goten asked
"Yeah"Vegita said and then pulled Goten's air  and pulled Goten back in giving him his arm patch.
"Give this to Gohan make sure Gohan Gets this",he handed it to him and pushes him in and then  the Air is locked. Goten and Trunks took off ther helmets.

"Vegeta, you can't do this to me, thats my job!!" Goten yelled
"Your job is to take care of my little girl now, I'll be damn proud to have you marry Bra." Vegeta said then he looked over at Trunks."I have always been proud of what you have done, and I am proud to have a son like you, I love you son." When he said that he pushed the button to go up
"Dad Don't ,I LOVE YOU" Trunks yelled
"Vegeta don't do this"Goten yelled

Good-bye my sons.

After he said that he got on the telecome
"Huston this is Vegeta" he said now Bra was walking up to the monitor and she sat down and looked back and saw Marron,Bulma,And Chi-Chi to see whats going on and then Vegetas face come onand Bra turns around
"Daddy.." Bra is happy to see him
"Hi Bra, Hi honey, Bra I know I promised you I was coming home...."Vegeta said
"I-I Don't Under-Understand" Bra said confussed
"Looks like i'm going have to break that promise" He said
"I um I lied to you two, when I said that I did'nt want to be like you,becaue I am like you , and everything good in me I have From you, and I love you so much daddy and I'm so proud of, I'm so scared, I'm so scared" She said
"I know, but there won't be anything to be scared of soon, I wish I could be ther to walk you down the ieal, But I'll be, I 'll look in on you from time to time ok honey, I love Bra"he said
"I love you too" She said
"Got to go now honey" He said
"Daddy no!" Bra said putting her hand up on the monitor,"No dad no" she said putting her head down.

 The Shuttel took off and right before Vegeta blows it he said this :
"We Win Trunks and Bra". and then he blows it and then there are flashes from Trunks and Bra as kids and it keeps on flashing until they were adults

Back at the station everyone is happy and Bra looked down she is weeping to herself, Gohan saw this and goes up too her, she looked over at him and then falls into his arms and started to cry.

The space shuttle has now landed and eveyone has gotten out and walking, then Bra is running throw the crowd there is her hair is put up in a bun and is wearing a black dress with flowers on it. Goten saw her running and started to run. She ran right into his arms and eveyone out there is claping

Trunks is walking by a big truck and Marron is on the side of it.
"Trunks over here" she says
"Marron" he goes over to her and she jumps into his arms and they both fall right on the ground.
"You're my hero" Marron says
"I want to get married" Trunks says and then they both kiss
Goten was looking into Bra's eyes, and then someone came over them.
"Miss B-chan" Bra looked over at the guy. Col.Eric Stamper united states Air Force ma'am, requetsting permission to shake the hand of the Daughter of the bravest man I've ever met" He said. She looked at him and then she shook his hand. then he leaves

Gohan comes over to see Bra and Goten
"Welcome back little Brother" Gohan said.
"Aw.. Vegeta wanted you to have this" He said handing Gohan the arm patch
"He did huh.."Gohan said
Then all three of them looked up in the sky and watched the plains, and then Gohan left
Bra and Goten Kiss

It is now at Bra and Goten's wedding, Bra looked over and smiled she saw Bulma insisting thier smiling , Goku is crying his eyes out Marron and Trunks are sitting together and Chi-Chi, Videl, and Pan are watching. Then she looked over at 4 big picturs one is of Tien, the next is Yamachu then Piccolo, and finally Vegeta and then Bra looked back at Goten, an then they kissed.

Now it is outside and the crowd is throwing rice at them. Goku took Bra in his arms and kissed her on her cheek for a long while, and she's smilling, and then he lets go. Than Trunks was hugging her, and let her go and shakes Goten's hand Bra is up above everyone , and was throwing her hand back for eveyone to move then she turned around and looked the other dirction, and then let go of her flowers and Marron catches them and she hugged Trunks and kissed him.

Goten is now feeding Bra a Cake, She than does the same thing.

Now eveyone is standing next to eachother,and then there is a close up on Bra, Trunks,Goten Marron. There is a picture of all four of them standing, and looking happier then they have ever been before.


HaRUko: Well, Gokou can always blast the astroid with Kame Hame Ha, neh? (O_O);;. OH WELL!!! Now, who will sing for the SoundTrack? ^_^ KAmesennin? LOL! Great story, Alicia! Sankyuu!!