My Childhood Hero
by: Ashley

    Marron stormed out of the office. 'I can't believe he did that!' She walked angrily out of the Capsule Corp. office buildings. She didn't want to know the whole truth. All she knew was that he cheated on her and that was more than enough. She opened the door to her car and prepared to step in it when a voice called out her name.

    "Marron! Marron!"

    A low sigh escaped her lips. She was not in the mood to be questioned on her strange behavior. A fake, bright smile came over her features. She could hold up this act for one person. "Yes?" Her smile dropped off of her face quickly. A look of confusion replaced the fallen smile. "Yamucha?"

    Yamucha walked up to the young, blonde haired woman and gave her a hug. He stepped back and smiled childishly at her pretty pixie face. 'Damn! Who would have thought that Krillin's daughter would turn out to be a babe!' He shook his head to clear his mind. She was his friend's daughter; plus the fact that he was older than her father. His childlike smile turned into a
sexy smirk. "Hi, Marron."

    Marron smiled shakily at him. She wanted to seem polite, but why did he have to come at a time like this? "Um, hi Yamucha-san."

    He snorted at her. "Marron, call me Yamucha, we're both grown now." He gave her another winning smile when she smiled kindly at him. He looked over her again. She seemed tense about something. His eyes searched her face for some type of answer. "Marron, I'm sorry if I delayed you exit here. I just wanted to say hi."

    Marron shook her head no. "It's all right, Yamucha. I just came to give Trunks his Valentine's present early, but it seems like I won't get the chance," she said sadly.

    He looked at her sympathetically. He leaned on her car door with his eyes fixed on her face. "Marron, did something happen between you and Trunks? You want to talk about it or something?"

    She nodded her head slowly. "Yeah, I guess so." She looked at him and frowned. "I think Trunks had an affair. I can't say that I'm not mad beacuse I am. I can't believe he would do this to me. He said he really cared about me. He knows I didn't have many boyfriends and to do this..."

    Yamucha cut her off. "I would have never guessed that. A pretty girl like you? Marron, I've known you since you were born and I can't see why Trunks would cheat on someone as beautiful as you. I just don't get it."

    Marron looked at her feet. He hadn't said anything like this to her in a long time. She felt like she was thirteen again. She gave him a small grin. "Um, thank you Yamucha." She fidgeted nervously. "I'm sorry to cut our visit short but I missed lunch and I'm a little hungry." She moved away from him to enter her car. "Bye."

    He smiled as he waved at her. "Bye. Don't worry about things Marron. I promise it will get better."

    She smiled weakly. Why was Yamucha being this nice to her? What was going on? She shook her head to clear it up a bit. She needed to talk to Goten. He would know what to do about Trunks and explain something to her about Yamucha. She hesitated before opening the door again. "Yamucha!"

    He turned around and smiled at her. "Yeah?"

    She tilted her head to the side. "Um... would you like to have lunch? We haven't had lunch together since I was a teenager."

    He shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and looked around him before his eyes finally settled down on her face. "Sure. The usual?"

    She nodded. "The usual."

    Marron and Yamucha talked between mouthfuls of spaghetti. Yamucha smiled at her. She didn't seem as depressed about Trunks as she was earlier today, but he could still hear the hurt in her voice. He smiled fondly at her from time to time. He tried hard to think about something else instead of how pretty she looked. 'I should stop thinking like this. There's never going to be a chance she would fall for me,' he thought.



    "Was it serious between Trunks and you? I mean, was that your first serious relationship?"

    Marron chewed thoughtfully on her hamburger. "I don't know what to make of the thing Trunks and I had. My first serious relationship was with Goten if that's what yo mean." She was quiet for sometime before answering again. "But if you really want to know, I've never been serious with anyone. It seems like I'm myself when I'm around you."

    Yamucha smiled inwardly. 'Maybe there's a chance for us afterall,' he thought with a slight smile on his face. His mind concentrated on what she was saying again. "Excuse me?"

    "I asked why were you at Capsule Corp.?"

    "I just came from meeting with Bulma. She wants to invest in a baseball tadium and I just gave her some advice on which ones were god investment deals."

    She nodded. "Do you still manage that team?"

    "Yes." He talked more about his job before he listened to her talk about hers.

    When Marron finished she got up from the table. "We should do this agian. I've missed talking to you." Both walked out of the resturaunt after paying their bill. She looked at him with a slight smile on her face. "You remember what I said when I was younger?"

    He looked at her a bit confused. "Um, that I was you're hero?"

    She nodded. "It's true. You're still my hero," she said softly before kissing him lightly on his cheek. "Bye Yamucha."

    "Bye Marron."


    Goten listened intently as his friend tried to explain things to him. His face had that blank look on the outside. He was screaming in his mind. 'This is not even fair. This is the third girl that I liked and she's about to go for another person. What is it about me that Paris, Bra, and Marron find so brotherly? Well, Paris doesn't treat me like a brother as much as them, but still...' He tried to smile at Marron when she finished telling her tale.

    "It seems like Trunks was being an asshole. I don't know what to say about Yamucha." He looked seriously at her. 'Yes I do! Marron I can't believe you're that naiive! The old guy likes you! He liked you ever since I can remember.'

    Marron looked at her friend as he become lost in thought. "Goten, there's something you're not telling me, is there?"

    He put on his most innocent face. "Uhh... kinda." He began to get nervous under her gaze. "Marron, trust me. You don't wanna know."

    "Well, let me decide for myself then!"

    He shook his head sadly. There was no use changing this girl's mind. "Marron, to put things simply, you are dumb."

    Marron's jaw seemed to unhook her her mouth. "Huh?"

    He shrugged. "I had always thought you were smarter than that. He likes you. From the stories my mom and Bulma-san told me, he was kinda selfish when he was younger. He started thinking about others only when he was forced to. The way he acts around you makes me wonder if those stories are true." He held up his hand to finish talking. "Marron, hear me out. If he likes you go talk to him. Maybe you'll get more than what you expected. Plus, you've never been this bad about a guy since me!" He laughed at her blushing face. "Marron, you can't lie to me. I know you like him. Go tell him, the worst that could happen cannot be as bad as it was with Trunks and you."

    She shook her head at her him. "Goten..."

    "Go Marron! You two have always been close. When Krillin or Juuhachi-gou were busy, he kept you company. Didn't you call him your hero before? I've always known that he had a thing for you. You were as bad about Yamucha as Pan was about Juunana-gou. You two won't even let yourselves think you like the men you're after." He sighed. This conversation was going no where. "Now it's time for you to find out if I'm right. Tell him how you feel, it's not like you are going to do any harm. It's not like you're having an affair or something like that."

    "Yes it is!!"

    "No it isn't. Trunks cheated on you first. This is just an encounter. If he ends up in your bed or the other way around, then it's an affair."


    Marron walked up to his apartment. She thought about what Goten had said. Yamucha was the first person to her rescue whenever she felt left out or lonely. He was also her first crush. A slight blush crept to her cheeks. Her eyes were still transfixed on the door. She was really going to go through with this. A low sigh escaped her lips. 'I'm not ready for this. Dammit Trunks! Why the hell did you have go and cheat on me like that?' Her eyes hardened at the thought of her soon to be ex-boyfriend. She bit her lip and knocked on the door four times.

    Yamucha turned the television off when the knock at the door caught his attention.'Who could that be?' He got up off of the couch to answer the door. When his black eyes met a clear blue ones he was shocked. "Marron?!"

    Marron felt herself get sweaty. She wanted to hurt Trunks like he had hurt her. He cheated on her, why not get her revenge? Her eyes trailed up and down over Yamucha's frame. He was still in good condition. He didn't look slightly over sixty. He didn't have a lot of grey hair and his skin tone was just perfect. It almost exactly how he looked when she was younger. A seductive smile lightened her face. Getting back at Trunks could never be any sweeter. "Hello Yamucha."

    He raised an eyebrow at the woman's strange behavior. "Marron..."

    Marron's smile turned into a smirk. "Do you have any company?"

    He shook his head in confusion. "No, it's just you and me here." He looked at the weird gleam in her eyes. She had never looked at him that way before. "Marron is something wrong?"

    She dropped her smile and looked at him. "I was just going back home and I remembered what you said earlier." She looked away and waited a moment before speaking agian. "You remember, right?"

    He nodded slowly. 'She can't be like that! Marron's a good girl, she's the faithful type, she's--' His thoughts were changed when Marron leaned in and pressed her lips against his. 'She's kissing me!' When they parted she looked at him straight in the eyes. "I think things can get better. Can I stay with you tonight?"

    His jaw dropped. 'Wasn't she pissed off at my godson just a few hours ago?' "Marron, I can't. It isn't right. I'm too old for you. What about Trunks?"

    Her eyes changed from a clear blue to a dark colbat. "I'm thirty. I think I'm not a little girl anymore if that's what you were thinking." She traced circles on his chest. "I have always liked you Yamucha. What about Trunks? He's not here." She stopped her tracing on his chest but her hands were still there. "Yamucha..."

    He still shook his head. "You didn't act this way earlier today. I think you are just confused because of the way Trunks hurt you."

    She rolled her eyes. "Well sorry about that! I was feeling a little depressed because my boyfriend is messing around with someone else! I didn't know I was suppose to feel happy about that. And don't tell me about me getting my feelings mixed up. I have always liked you, I know that. I feel more for you than I ever could about Trunks. This has nothing to do with him. It's about you and me."

    A smile touched his face. They had more in common than he realized. He stood there looking at her and thinking if what was about to happen could be right in some way. Whatever they did could do no more harm than what was already going on. He finally told her his answer softly. "Come in Marron."

    She smiled at him. A blush crept up on her cheeks. This was really happening. She accepted his silent request and walked in the apartment. 'I'll kill Trunks later, right now I'll spend some time with my childhood hero.'

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