The Elevator
by Queen Bulma 

As Bulma looked at the elevator in wich Bra and Goten where stuck for
the next 120 minutes...
Or was it 2 hours?
Oh Yeah it's the same thing...
I've been aroungd Goku too much...

She remembered that story her mother told her.
About Bulma's parents getting stuck on the levator and when they came
out they didn't even want to...
Something like that happened to Vegeta and Bulma.
Bulma insisted that Vegeta came and saw her invention and insted of
fliying they took the elevator...
Whit a power faliuor the elevator stoped and they got stuck.
Vegeta wanted to blast it but Bulma wouldn't let him and she insisted
that they'll be moving in a few minutes....
120 minutes...
Then they didn't even want to get out...
Maybe it was the thougth of never getting out of there and telling
people things...
Things that you felt...
Maybe it's because it was sure thing noone was listening...
Maybe it was the soft music that was allways playing in the main
elevator of Capsule Corp. that didn't work too well and got stuck often...
Maybe it was Vegeta's thougth  *She did it unpurpouse... and I ... like

Or maybe Bulma's...

*I hope he doesn't think I did it unporpouse... then again I've allways
know this elevator doesn't work well...*

Besides that elevator there was anotheone just like it... that one
worked... but sometimes you forget if the one that works is the ne on the
right or the one on the leaft...
Scince there's 2 of them you could just

'fix it later'

What is all this elevator talk coming to?
I don't know... but Vegeta and Bulma do...
And later Trunks and Marron also find out...

"Come on Marron this way"

Said Trunks heading to the elevator.
He was so distracted he didn't relize he was taking the one that didn't
On the top floor Goten and Bra where waiting for Trunks and Marron to
watch a video.
The elevator whent up whit  Trunks and Marron inside.
Sudetly it stoped...

"What's worng?"

Asked Marron a bit worried.

"It's... stuck..."

Said Trunks and tryed pushing all the bottons but nothing worked...
There was telephone instaled there.

"Try using the phone Trunks"
Suggested Marron.

"That's been out of service for years... ever scince they got the nnew
Capsule Corp. telephone sistem they disconected this line..."

Said Trunks.

"But Why?"

Asked Marron.

"This is... the wrong elevator... I'm sorry Marron this elevator is
just cursed"

Said Trunks.

"Why would you go into a cursed elevator?"

Asked Marron.

"I forgot... I was suposed to take the one beside it that's why it's
there because this one doesn't work..."

Said Trunks.

"Now what?"

Asked Marron.

"I can..."

Trunks started.

*No I can't just blast it besides mom tod me what happen to her in this
elevator... and then dad took her on a date well not exacly a date but
flying to the other side of the wrold and spendidng the day on a
beautiful I land is close to one...*

Thougth Trunks.

Was that elevator relly cursed?
THe "curse" said that if 2 people that wheren't family and where a man
and a woman where on the elevator alone for 2 hours they would fall in
love for the rest of they're lives.
That wasn't exacly a 'curse'...

Trunks Thougth about it...

*I'm beeing silly... I shoud just ge out of here and...*

Sudently the lights where off...

"Trunks! I don't like this! it's dark where are you?"
Asked Marron scared.

"I'm here"

He said.


She asked trying to find him.

"I'm right here..."

THey finally found each other.
They hugged and decided to wait just a little longger...

"Trunks let's wait 5 minutes and if this thing doesn't open blast it!"

Said Marron.

"Ok... 5 minutes... you tell me more or less when that is"

Said runks.


Answered Marron.

The minutes passed...
Maybe this wasn't so bad...
Was this the same thing that happened to Vegeta and Bulma?
It was...
Trunks  somehow hoped that those minutes lasted forever...
It was nice to hug Marron like that...

But Marron had no intencions of saying the 5 minutes where over...
Not now... not later...
If Trunks was going to blast out he'd had to let go first cause she
wasn't going to be the first to let go...
The minutes passed slowly but for Trunks and Marron they where like
When the 2 hours where over...

The levator opened at the top floor where Goten and Bra had already
finished the movie and where fast asleep.
Trunks and Marron knew the elevator had opened.
But they didn't move until Goten turned over while asleep and hit the
remote control making the TV turn ON very very loud...

THen they let go... :(

"What was that?"

Asked Goten.

"Where the remote?"
Asked Bra.

"Ouch! it's under me"

Said Goten and he gave the contlre remote to Bra who tuned OFF the TV.

"Look who's here! what happened to you?"
Asked Gotan.

"We whewre just riding the levtor..."

Said Trunks blushing a bit.

"Yeah... the elevator"

Said Marron blushing too...

"Later Trunks told Goten what happened...

And Goten  said...

"Can I ride the elevator whit your sister next!?"


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