A/n:  Um, this is my first story, so, uh telll me what you think. My name is Jessie-chan and I know my screenname sucks, so don't bother telling me. This story is just a one shot. It is just a recollection on Mirai Trunks' thoughts after he destroyed the androids and the world is getting back up on its feet. I hope you people enjoy^_^.

~There Is Always Hope~
By: Jessie-chan

  I sighed as I looked around me. There was still destruction all around, but at least the androids were gone.
  'The world is finally safe.' I thought turning to face the horizon. The sun had begun to set and was casting the sky and orange-red color.
  'It was nice,' I decided, 'seeing my father and the Z gang.' The battle of the past was really hard, I still couldn't believe that I had died.
  'The only good thing about dieing is that you find out who really cares about you.' I mused. I sat down on a rock and looked up at the sky, seeing the stars that were appearing because of the fading sunlight.
  'Sometimes I wonder,' I thought, 'was it really worth it to go back?' I looked up at the stars, expecting them to give an anwer to me.
  'Of course it was,' my mind stated.
  "How is that?" I asked outloud.
  'Think of it like this, in another dimension, there is a Gohan who can grow up to be a scholar, not a fighter and a Bulma who won't have to be lonely. A dimension where all the Z fighters don't die gruesome deaths. A Chichi who still has a husband and a son, and most of all a Trunks, me, who grows up in a safe, beautiful world with an entire famliy.' I told myself.
  "That is a good reason." I said outloud.
  "Good reason for what?" A voice asked. I turned around to see my mother. She sat next to me. "What are you doing Trunks?" She asked. I looked at the sunset again. The sky was turning blue and purple now.
  "Just thinking." I replied. My mother smiled. Her smiles were sort of sad ones, they broke my heart. It hurt to know that she went through 20 of living hell. She looked up at the sky and then closed her eyes.
  "I'm proud of you." She said, opening her eyes and looking at me.
  "Oh, and why is that?" I asked raising one of my eyebrows at her.
  "There are so many reasons Trunks. You saved our world and saved another dimension. You also came back to me when you could have just stayed in the past and forgot me." My mother said softly.
  "How could I have forgotten you?" I asked. She smiled one of her sad smiles and rested her head on my shoulder.
  "I don't know, it was just a worry I had. Forget it, it is stupid to become worried over nothing." she said. She moved her head off my shoulder and foled her legs to her chest. It was almost completely black out now and it was chilly too. Mom shivered and wrapped her arms around her legs.  I took off my jacket and gave it too her. "Thank you Trunks." she whispered, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. She moved closer to me. "Was it fun?"  She asked.
  "What?" I asked. She looked at me with her sapphire eyes.
  "Going into the past and meeting everyone." She stated simply.
  "Yeah, it was nice, but I really missed you." I replied.
  "What was I like?" She asked curiously.
  "Very protective of me, thats for sure." I said. Mom laughed, something she didn't do too often. "You were really nice to me. Right before I left to return here, you told me that you were proud of me." I said. Mom smiled and stood up.
  "I'm glad that you had fun." She said. I stood up as well and stared at the sky. "C'mon lets go inside, I'll make some tea." Mom said. I looked back at her.
  "I'll be right there mom." I said. I watched as she shrugged and walked inside. I stared up into the dark depths of the sky.
  'One day, Earth will be beautiful. This is finally over, everyone can now live without fear. I'm just glad I never gave up hope.' I concluded. I walked inside, tea sounded pretty inviting right about now.


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