The Entire Sayia-jin Race
by Barrie Ann


    Bulma turned the knob of Capsule corps. living area door and let ChiChi walk inside first. The Living room was pitch black and she could only see dark figures all over the floor. ChiChi flipped on the ight and they both screamed with horror from the site of their husbands and children.

4 hours ago....

Bulma answered the door to see Goten,Goku,Pan,Gohan and ChiChi with smiles on their faces.
"Hey guys, come in. Everyone is in the living room." ChiChi stopped to talk to Bulma as the sayia-jin circus walked into the living room.
"You think everything will be ok leaving them all alone?"
"Ofcorse Chichi, they wont get into to much trouble.I threatened Vegeta a few times before you showed up and Trunks will be home soon anyway so he'll watch over things, everything will be fine." ChiChi shrugged and walked out the door with Bulma for their day out.

In the living room...

Vegeta was sitting down watching a cooking show and Bra was grumbling about how bored she was.Bra snatched up the controler from the coffe table and changed it to a modeling show. Vegeta grumbled took up his controler and turned it back.Bra got an evil look and turned it back to HER show.Vegeta growled loudly and turned it back to the old woman cooking lamb. Bra turned it back and vegeta was about to when....."Hey vegeta, how goes it?!" Vegeta threw the controler behind him and it hit Goku in the head. Vegeta smirked as he heared the "Ow.." behind him. Pan jumped down beside Bra and they stared at the tv like it was god. Goten stared at bra like she was god. Gohan and Goku stared at the fridge like it was god. Vegeta just said
"Oh god.." as he thought about the next few hours with the Sons.
The next half hour went ok, boring, but ok. Goku and Gohan were munching on what used to be the Brief's Family contents of the refridgerator.Vegeta had crossed his arms and closed his eyes, finally dozing
off.Bra got up and yawned looking around. "Can we do something? im bored."
"Lets play a game!" Goku piped up.
"I want to play truth or dare. Thats always fun." Pan
said with an evil grin on her face, Gohan eyed her
 would be dared to kiss bra.Everyone but the snoring vegeta eyed him suspiciously.
"Alright then, i go first. Bra truth or dare?" Pan watched hoping for dare.
"Hmm...ok pan, dare." Pan gleamed.
"I dare you to do vegeta's face up in your best make-up."Bra pondered the dare nervously for a moment then ran back to her room. A few minutes later she came back with her make-up box. Goku was snickering the whole time bra violated her fathers face, but when she was done everyone stared at the sleeping vegeta in shock.
"He looks like an alright looking girl!" Pan looked at vegeta with a wrinkled nose.
"Good job Bra." goku chimmed, and bra took a bow.
"OK, my turn. Gohan, truth or dare?" Gohan had good dares for everyone else, but what if they had the same ideas for him?"Truth." Everyone let out a sigh of disapointment except....make up wearing snoring vegeta.
"Ok, when was the first time you had sex?"Everyone coughed and choked on the air and gohan turned beet red staring his father then his brother, then to his daughter with a discusted look on her face. Goten was laughing his ass off." was...erm...." still beet red he rubs the back of his head in thought.
"Ok, let me refraise it. who was your first and how old were you?"Bra hoping to get it out of him.
"I think 20 and it was Videl." He blushed redder as an awwwwwwwwww..... was heared from everyone in the room except......the make-up wearing snoring vegeta.Gohan looked at Goku that had a goofy grin on his face and got an evil idea. "Yo,pop, Truth or dare?" Goku even though was kind hearted and seriously strong doesnt have a lick of sense in him if he doesnt think its needed, so he did the dumb thing.
"I dare you to put a dress on Vegeta."
Everyone turned blue in fear except goku and.....make-up wearing soon to be dress wearing snoring vegeta. Goku got a big grin on his face and scampered back to bulma's closet.He came back with a pink frilly knee length dress and a white easter hat with a big gawdy bow on it. He had to get the dress bulma wore when she was pregnant with bra because any other wouldnt fit, and all women go through their pink stage while pregnant with girls so it would just be....better. after some time of everyone lifting him up and adjusting him so he didnt wake up they got the dress on Vegeta. Everyone stood back and looked at vegeta and all at once they started cracking up except.....the make-up and dress and frilly hat wearing vegeta.
"Yeah its funny now, just wait till he wakes up."
Everyone turned blue in fear,but started laughing again.Goten got up and picked up the phone. "Goten, what are you doing?"Pan asked. Im ordering pizza, im hungry."
"Well order some for everyone even vegeta, if he wakes up hungry and doesnt get food and looks in the mirror....well" Pan hugs gohan."I love you dad but i dont think will survive this one."
Goten starts dialing the number and a scratchy voiced teenage boy answers. "This is Dragon Slab pizza, home of the Dragon dropping, will you please hold?"
"uh....yeah....ill hold." Goten sat on the phone for 10 minutes while waiting for the guy to get back on the phone as he heared goku, pan and gohan whispering to eachother. He turned around and they sat there whistling innocently checking their watches and running their hands through their hair. Goku looked more suspicious then all of them seeing that he doesnt have a watch on and he cant whistle.
"This is Clint how may i help you?"
"Uh, yes i would like 52 pizzas all extra cheese with pepperoni please."
"What was that?"
"Oh, nothing, will that be all sir?"
"is this delivery?"
"What name is it sir?"
"Why do you keep saying that?!"
"Your pizza will be there when its ready sir."
The teenager hung up the phone quickly so not to be yelled at. Goten marched back over and sat down and goku decided go ahead and take his turn. "Pan, truth or dare?" Pan was a bit surprised, she was expecting goku to dare goten to do what they were whispering about but she went along with it."Dare." Goten got an evil grin and tugged goku over and whispered something in his ear. Goku got his normal goofy grin at goten's idea and looked back at pan who was now getting nervous. "As soon as Trunks shows up i dare you to kiss him on the lips for atleast 10 seconds." Gohan choked and stood up and yelled at goku. ""She is only 18 years old, i will not have here kissing at such a young age!!!"
Goten coughed and looked at gohan." Do i have to "Remind You" of all those times when you were 18?" Gohan sat down and shut up grumbling.Pan the whole time was day dreaming that she gets to kiss trunks and have an excuse to.Bra eyed Pan with a smirk, knowing she was going to enjoy it. Pan saw Bra with her evil look and she decided to dare goten what her dad and grandpa discussed."Goten, truth or dare?"
Everyone looked at goten for shouting it with out thinking except.....snoring dress,make-up, and frilly hat wearing vegeta.
"I dare you to kiss bra like you were totally inlove and mushy mushy and all that stuff." Goten gleamed with joy but blushed at the same time, Bra was redder then a beet doused in ketchup.

In the Yard......

Trunks had just gotten back from Capsule Corps. main office, where he works,and was patting himself down for the key to the front door. When he found it and unlocked the door everything happened at once....

1.) Trunks saw vegeta and roared in laughter until he saw Goten kissing Bra, then he just roared, this woke vegeta up.
2)Goten turned blue at the site of trunks.
3.) Bra turned white at the site of Vegeta staring at her and Goten kissing.
4.) Trunks turned red at Pan who was latched onto him kissing him.
5.) Vegeta leaped up and pointed to Goten and through his anger the only thing he said was "YOU!!!"
6.) Gohan latched onto a mad womanly vegeta and they tumbled over into the coffee table breaking it.
7.) Goku looked at Vegeta and with a goofy grin said to him. "women and their mood swings, especially when they just woke up."
8.) Vegeta roared with anger and charged Goku who was running for the door. Goku opened the door to see a teenage boy holding 52 pizzas.
9.) Goku grabbed the boy and pulled him into the house and the kid tripped dropping pizza every where and the only thing he said and saw before being knocked out is "....weird..." at a flying mean looking blonde lady with a pink dress on and a easter hat.
10.) Vegeta plowed over the kid and grabbed Goku yanking him back into the house.
11.) Gohan threw pizza at Trunks who was still kissing pan but missed and it hit Goten who was kissing Bra.
12.) Goten threw pizza at Gohan but it hit Vegeta
13.)Vegeta threw Goku at Goten but he hit Trunks and Pan.
14.) Pan threw Trunks at Vegeta but he did a nose dive into the pizza splattering it everywhere and splattering everyone.

After that everyone threw pizza, people, scraps of clothing, peices of broken furniture and Ki blasts at anyone who was in their aim.Until they heared a car pull up in the drive way and they turned off the lights. They all flopped on the floor trying to keep still and play dead.

Back to where we came in at.....

Bulma looked at her living room, or what was left of it, trying to make out people out of the black smudges and pizza stains and all the rubble. Vegeta stood up and rubber his head looking around. ChiChi and Bulma stood there looking at Vegeta in shock as all the other sayia-jins stood up and looked at Bulma in fear.

"Well vegeta.....that blush doesnt do your cheek bones right."
Vegeta looked in the mirror next to him and relized he was wearing make-up then he looked down and relized he was in a dress and hat also.He turned to the culprits with an icy glare that had "Im going to kill you all slowly" written all over it.All the other sayia-jins ran for their lives out the door as Vegeta followed full speed. ChiChi and Bulma looked at eachother and broke out in a roar of laughter until they were interupted by....



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