The 3 Little Words 
Chapter 1 "Oh no!"

"I wonder where he is." Marron Mumbled to herself. She was sitting on her couch waiting for Trunks to come pick her up. She had been waiting there for 3 hours. "I'll just a little while longer." she didn't feel upset, she thought that maybe she just heard the wrong time, something she regularly did. She looked at her watch. "8:49. He never sets a date to pick me up later than 8:30." She picked up her phone and dialed her best friends number.

"Hello?" Bra's cheery voice answered.

"Bra. Hey, it's Marron. Is your brother there?"

"No. He left a little over 3 hours ago to pick you up. Why is he not there? Wait stupid question. Scratch that."

"In all of the 4 months we have been going out this is the first time he has stood me up for anything. And I
hate being stood up." Marron was raging.

"Marron?" Bra had never heard her friend go off like this and she was afraid that she might hurt herself. "Hold
on. I'll be right over." She hung up, ran out to her car, and took off as fast as she could to try and
settle her friend.

When she arrived at Marron's apartment, she knocked on the door a few times but nobody answered
so she let herself in. Marron's apartment was a mess. She had thrown papers and pillows all over the
place. Marron then screamed and fell to the ground in a pile of emotions. Bra took her arm and led her to the
couch and made her sit down. Marron had tears streaming down her flushed face and Bra couldn't tell
if they were from anger, sadness, or because she felt unloved.

"I just want to know why?" Marron muttered.

"You stay right here. I'm going to call dad. He'll find him so fast your head will spin." Bra said
as she picked up the phone and dialed home.

"What?" Vegeta's gruff voice answered.

"Daddy, did Trunks come home?"

"No. Isn't he with Krillin's brat?"

"Well, Marron has been waiting for him for the past 3 hours."


"He has not only made her upset but me too."

"And me. I'll be there with him in a few minutes." she slammed down the phone and raced out the

5 minutes later Vegeta arrived at Marron's apartment. Bra opened the door and was upset when only
her father was standing there.

"Where's Trunks?" she asked.

Vegeta pulled her outside to tell her what he had found out.

Bra ran back inside, crying as Vegeta left to tell his wife.

"What's wrong?" Marron asked, wanting to comfort her friend more than anything else.

"Trunks was in an accident. He was rushed to the hospital."

"Why didn't they call? Will he be alright?" Marron's face showed shear concern for her friend
and boyfriend.

"He is in the ER right now. They aren't sure. His wallet is missing so they didn't know for sure
who he was. I mean come on there is only person that looks like Trunks and that is Trunks."

Marron grabbed her purse and Bra's arm. "Come on. We're going there right now."

They raced out to the parking garage and jumped into Marron's car and drove straight to the hospital.


Marron ran right to the check in desk.

"Has Trunks Briefs left the ER?"she asked desperately.

"Yes but only family can visit him."

"Well I am his sister." Bra said.

The nurse nodded and then turned to Marron. "And you?"

"She's his fiancé." Bra blurted out when she saw that Marron was about to break down.

Marron nearly choked.

"Your are." the receptionist looked at her suspiciously.

Marron nodded.

"Let me see the ring."

Marron paled. "I....I....I don't have it."

"Then you aren't his fiancé." she smarted.

"He has it and I have seen it. He just hasn't proposed officially."

"I'm sorry Miss Briefs, but she can't go in."

Marron sighed and sat down in one of the chairs in the waiting room.

Bra shot the lady a deadly glare. "This won't be the last of it." Bra snorted as she walked into the
hospital halls.


                Chapter 2 "Finding out"

"Marron... what are you doing out here?"

Marron looked up startled.

"Bulma! Oh...uh Bra and I came down here when we found out what happened. Bra is in there but they
won't let me in. Bra even said that I was his fiancé and they won't let me in because
I'm not wearing a ring."

"I'll get you in." Bulma walked up to the front desk and started chewing the receptionist out.

Vegeta walked up to Marron and stood in front of her. "Are you?" he growled.


"Are you his fiancé?"he snapped.


"Good."he mumbled then walked away.

Bulma walked up to her. "I'm sorry but they won't let you in but I did manage to get them to
move the visitor time an hour earlier."

"Thanks." she said.

Bulma grabbed Vegeta's arm and pulled him in.

Marron picked up a magazine and flipped through it, not paying attention to what was on the pages. She had
much more on her mind, is her boyfriend going to be ok and if Bra was serious about what she had said.

"Marron?" the nurse called into the waiting room.

"Yes?" Marron asked standing up.

"Follow me." she told her.

Marron gathered her purse and followed the red-headed nurse through a maze of halls before they reached
their destination. The nurse opened the door and Marron walked in. She saw Bra, Bulma, and Vegeta all
standing around a hospital bed and made a small spot for her. Vegeta decided that he would rather stand back
to watch. He walked toward the window and stood there, leaning against the wall.

"How did I get in here?" she asked, stunned.

Trunks smiled. "I asked for you to come."

"Actually he ordered and was threatening to blow the whole place to smitherings." Bra laughed.

"I wanted you in here with me. I am so sorry I never made it to your house."

Marron laughed. "I thought you stood me up to be with someone else."

"So I've been told, but I love you so much. I would never do that."

Bra, Bulma, and Marron stayed till midnight while Vegeta went home to sleep.

"Well, I have to get back home to feed my pets. I'll come back tomorrow." Marron said.

"Come here." Trunks said.

Marron walked over to his bed side and bent closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her
closer to kiss her, but Marron resisted.

"What?" he asked confused.

"Don't you feel the least bit strange with them watching?"


"Well then..."

Their lips finally touched. Once they were finished, Marron said good bye and walked out to her car.


"What happened?" 18 asked her daughter when she walked into her apartment.

"How'd you get in?" Marron asked her parents, startled.

"You really should start locking your windows." Krillin told Marron.

"Thanks, I will. Anyways, Trunks got in an accident. I was there with him when they finally let me in to see

"Is he all right?" Krillin asked.

Marron filled them in on all the details.

"So you'll be skipping work tomorrow to go see him?" Krillin asked almost unapprovingly.

Marron nodded.

"Well he may not like it but I do. If you really love him and he really loves you and you think that something is
going to happen then go on and spend time with him." her mother said, on the contrary to her husbands

Marron hugged her mom then her dad and they talked for a small while longer when they noticed Marron was
asleep on the couch. Krillin covered her up and they left the same way they came in.

Marron was waiting for her boyfriend to come pick her up. She had only been waiting for 30 minutes but she
was worried about him. It was 3 months since the accident where he had to have surgery on his lower left leg
for having a torn up muscle. She picked up her cell phone and dialed his number.

"Yes?" he asked picking it up.

"Where, may I ask, are you?"

"Why I am outside waiting for you to answer your door. Is your door bell broken?" he asked, "Or do you no
longer love me?"

Marron threw open the door. Standing there was Trunks with the largest bouquet of red roses and babies
breath she had ever seen. She gasped and welcomed him in. He went straight to the kitchen and found a vase
to place them in.

"So where are we going tonight?" she asked him.

"The Crystal Rose."

"Coincidence? I think not." Marron teased.

Trunks walked her out to his car and they drove off to the fancy restaurant. After they ate they drove out to
the park and walked slowly around the lake, talking about their hopes and dreams.

"So who do you hope to marry?" Marron asked.

"Someone who is smart, beautiful, funny, and cares about me, but I can live without the beautiful part. Looks
don't mean that much to me."

"Really? Is that why you spend so much time getting ready to go some place?"

"Hey, if a girl can do it, I think I should too. How about you?"

"I just want someone that will love me." she said.

They held each other till midnight, then Trunks drove her home. They kissed and said goodnight.

The End...?

Author's note: you can read "Marriage" after this. Now I have 2 stories that lead to that ending.