Lonely love
By: Ronniesha

Marron is 16 and Trunks is 18 Goten is 17

  Marron was walking home from school in the rain. She was upset because Trunks had a new girlfriend and she wasn't her. She had a little crush on him. When she got home there was a letter on the refrigerator it reads:

"Marron sweetie, your dad and we went out, you can order a pizza the money is on the table. -Mom"

"Great now who am I going to talk to?" Marron thought to her self. She wasn't hungry so she just watch someTV till she got tired of it. It wasn't her day.


   Marron was in the lunch room waiting for her friends when:
"Hey Marron."   Trunks said.
"Hi." She said angrily.
"What's wrong Marron?" He asked her.
"Nothing that you should worry about." She told him.
"Marron!!" Tim yelled with 3 other guys with him.
"Hey where are Amanda, Jessica and Hannah?" Marron asked the guys.
"There in line." Johnny said.
"Oh okay." Marron said as Johnny sat by her.

"So who's this?" Johnny asked Marron.
"Oh this is Trunks, Trunks this is my boyfriend Johnny and his friends Auggie, Tim and ray-j." Marron said
"Nice to met you." They allsaid.
"Well I better get going, see you later Marron." Trunks said walking over to Goten and the others.
"So Marron baby are you hungry?" Johnny asked her.
"No I'm okay." Marron told him.

Later that afternoon.

"Marron come on where going to be late!" Krillin yelled they were going to Capsule Corp. for a get together.

When they got there Marron sat on a balcony staring at the stars thinking about when she was little and how Trunks and Goten treated her. At the thought she started giggling.
"So Marron what's up?" Trunks asked her.
"Nothing." She answered him coldly.
"Marron what's wrong?" he asked again
"Would you just leave me alone?" Marron was now starting to cry. She stood up and tried to walk passed Trunks but he blocked her.
"Marron please." Trunks whispered.
"Trunks can't you get it, I don't won't to see you, hear you, because I,I,I HATE YOU!!!!!!" Marron yelled at him. She was crying.
Trunks was shocked he was getting yelled at by one of his best friends and he did't know why. "Trunks Iâ€m sorry I didn't me--- Marron was cut off by apassionate kiss by Trunks.

A few minutes later

"Trunks I'm really really really sorry I yelled at you like that" Marron said as she hugged Trunks.
''That's alright I knew you didn't mean it " Trunks said asthey both looked at the stars.

And they held each other like that all night.

Author's notes: That's my fic more to come. That one was so sweet to me at least.^_^

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