by: Kanki-chan

    "What are those?" Bra asked pointing to a window display.
    "Oh! They are power beads!" Marron exclaimed leaning in for a better look.
    "Power beads?" Bra asked confused.
    "Each different color represents a certain aspect of green means wealth and pink means love!" Marron said.
    "That sounds kinda stupid..." Bra said doubtful.
    "And when your bracelet breaks, you have accomplish your wish in that aspect." Marron finished, ignoring Bra's comment.  "I want one!"
    "That sounds kinda superstitious...its just a buncha beads with different colors."
    "Your too logical...I'm gonna go get one." Marron said and ran into the store.
    "Marron!....Wait up!" Bra said and ran after her friend.
    "See? I knew you wanted one!" Marron said when Bra finally caught up with her.
    "I don't!" Bra exclaimed.
    "Just get one!  What harm can it do?" Marron asked.
    "Fine...I'll get this one." Bra sighed and took a bracelet off the shelf.
    "Oh...this one is Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve." Marron said reading the sign on the display.  "Awwwwwwwww! Bra's in love!"
    "No I'm not! I just picked one okay?" Bra said angered.
    "Fine...whatever...I'll get a love one we can match...I think I'll get a happiness one too!" Marron picked her beads off the rack.
    " we can 'match'..." Bra said looking at Marron with a I-know-who-you-want look.
    "Stop looking at me!" Marron said and started to blush.
    "You didn't deny it!  Marron likes Tr-" Bra said.
    "Shut up! quiet!" Marron said.
    "Okay...lets just buy these things and go." Bra said and walked up to the counter in the store.
    "Someone special?" The clerk asked as he rang up Bra's purchase.
    "Oh...iie!" Bra said embarassed.
    "Sure..."  The clerk answered with a knowing smile.
    "Kami..." Bra sighed.
A couple days later.....
    "Moshi moshi?" Bra asked when she picked up the phone.
    "Hey Bra! It's Marron!"
    "Oh, hey...what's up?"
    "The ceiling!" Marron responded.
    "You are too funny Marron!"
    " wanted to ask you something."
    "Sure, what is it?" Bra asked.
    "You see...I have this friend..."
    "That can't be good.." Bra said knowing this type of converstation.
    "He..he's been having a hard time..he's girlfriend just dumped him and I think he could use a night out on the town with a nice girl!  That would be you!" Marron said quickly.
    "I dunno....I hate blind dates...last time, Kaasan hooked me up with a guy that was scared of women!" Bra said.  (Remind you of anyone??? Tee-hee!)
    "Please????  He really needs it...your he's type! You guys are perfect for each other."
    " haveta do this!" Marron said and Bra could just see her using her puppy-dog eyes.
    "Fine...but he better be kawaii and nice!" Bra said hestiantly.
    "He is! Just your type!" Marron said, "Arigatou!"
    "So...he is gonna come over here?" Bra asked.
    "IIE! Umm..hehe...he wants to meet you at La Vache de Verte."
    "He is rich or something?" Bra asked.
    "Not like it matters or anything Bra!...Just dress nice, he wants to meet you at 7:30 tomorrow night."
    "That soon? Wow...I guess I better start going through my wardrobe."
    " will want to look nice!" Marron said laughing to herself evilly.
    "How will I know who he is?" Bra asked
    "You'll know!" Marron said."What's his name?"
    "Who's name?" Marron asked nervously.
    "You know who."
    "Oh, look at the time, I gotta go...umm..hahaha...Kaasan needs the phone! Ja ne!" Marron said quickly.
    "Ja ne Marron!" Bra said and hung up the phone.  Bra looked around her room and sighed.  She fell back on her bed and went to sleep as soon as she hit the pillow.

The next day...
    Bra yawned and rolled over on her side.  "Woah..I don't even remember going to sleep!" She said to herself.  She looked over at the clock by her bed.
    "3:54?  I slept in late...worse then Trunks..." Then she remembered her plans for the day. "Oh my kami! I haveta get ready  I have only...3 and a half hours!!" Bra jumped out of her bed and ran to her closet.  She picked up an article of clothing, glanced at it and through it behind her.  The pile on the floor of her room grew bigger...and bigger...and bigger. Soon...assorted skirts, dresses, and shirt lined the floor to Bra's room.  Bra sighed as she threw each article over her shoulder.  After about a half an hour she stood up holding a pale silver dress that fell just above her knees
    "This is perfect." Bra said fingering the dress.  "Well...know all I have to do is my hair, get some shoes, do my nails, do my make-up, and get dressed!" She glanced at the clock...its was know 4:25.  "I better hurry."

2 and a half hours later....

Bra poised  in the mirror.  She had curled the front parts of her hair, so it framed her face.  She had on silver eye shadow with lip gloss on her lips.  Her silver dress perfectly fit her figure and she had put on matching silver heels.
    "Not bad!" Bra said smiling at herself in the mirror. "I have just enough time to get there!" Just as she was about to leave her house she saw her new bracelet laying on the table.  "It can't hurt I guess." She said and slipped them on.Then she ran down the stairs and opened the door.  "I'm leaving now!"
She yelled into the house and heard a faint 'okay' from her mother.  She ran out to her car and hopped in.  Bra checked her hair and the mirror and drove off to La Vache de Verte.
    I wonder who this guy I'm meeting is. Bra thought as she drove to the restaurant.  Marron barely told me anything about him.  I know like all of her friends...why didn't she introduce him to me???  What if I already know him??? Iie...I doubt that...this IS a blind date!
    Bra almost drove right past the restuarant since she was so deep in thought.  "Woah..."  She said and slowly pulled into the parking lot and parked in the front row.  She checked and fixed her hair up before stepping out of her car.  "Why am I so nervous? I've never felt like this before!"
Then she felt her bracelet.  She looked down at it and smiled.  She fingered the bracelet as she walked to the entrance of the store.
    "Where is he?" Bra asked looking around.  "I must be early."  She looked at the clock inside the store, the time was 7:26.  "He should be here anytime now." Bra said.  She leaned against the rail, anxiously awaiting the arrival of her date.
    "B-chan?" A familiar voice asked and Bra turned around to see Goten. He  was dressed up, like he was meeting someone special.
    "Goten-kun? What are you doing here?" Bra asked, "Meeting Parisu?"
    "Iie...we broke up yesturday." Goten said sadly.
    "I'm so sorry...then what are you doing here?"  Bra asked."I'm meeting someone." Goten said, "What about you?"
    "I'm meeting someone also." Bra said, "And he's not here yet!"
    "Oh...well..Marron wanted me to get out, so she set me up with one of her friends." Goten said.
    "Honto, that was nice!  That's why I'm here...she set me up with one of her friends too." Bra said and then it hit her.
    "Did she..?" Goten began.
    "Set us up...?"   Bra added
    "With each other?" Goten finished.
    "So your the guy who was having a hard time." Bra said.
    "And your the girl who never gets out with anyone." Goten said.
    "Hai...wait a sec..."
    "So what do we do now?" Goten asked.
    "I don't know...why did Marron do this?" Bra asked.
    "She surely doesn't" Goten said pointing to her and himself.
    "Your like my good niichan." Bra said
    "And you are like an neechan." Goten said and then noticed something. I can't believe Marron would do this...but...look at her...the night...the stars...she looks like an angel...a true angel...I can't let her get away...
    "What should do know?" Bra asked and then looked up at Goten.  He was staring at her.  "Goten..." She said softly.  Their eyes locked...(it is said that when you look into someone's eyes, you can see into their souls...when Bra looked into Goten's eyes, she saw herself...and the same with Goten...soulmates)and they slowly moved closer...soon, their lips meant in a that they both realized that they wanted badly.  In a few moments..they pulled apart.  Goten stared at angel.
    "Goten..." Bra said and Goten smiled at her, she returned the smile.  She wrapped her arms around his neck in an embrace.  She felt her wrist.  Her bracelet was gone.  Bra glanced at her feet and all around the sidewalk were the beads from her bracelet.  She smiled.
    "Bra...your bracelet..." Goten said noticing what had happened.
    "Don't worry...I don't need it anymore."


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