One Letter
by Queen Bulma 

"So you're leaving..."
Said Bulma a bit disapointed.

"Yes, but it's only 2 weeks"
Said Vegeta.

"But I'll miss you..."
Bulma looked at him sadly.

He knew she she was waiting for him to say he wold miss her too.
But he didn't.

"Quit being so sentimental!"
He said in his usual cold tone.

"You're not going to miss me one bit?"
She expedted him to said no... after all he was Vegeta.


Bulma was suprise to hear it.

"Just... maybe..."

"Will you send me a letter?"
She said.

"Why? I'm only going to the other side of the planet for 2 weeks whit Kakarot so we can train... I'll be back after that..."
He didn't like the idea of writting Bulma a letter, specially in front of Goku.

"But it's fun to get letters!"


Bulma was clearly disapointed.

"Not one! not just one! You've never send me a letter! Yamcha has send me a lot of them and I still have them!"
She was angry and sad at the same time.

"One letter... but just one"

She smiled and hugged him when she heard this.
Finally one letter from Vegeta.
He didn't know why he even said he would write her...
She kised him... maybe that was why...

The next day Goku and Vegeta leaft.
They flew far from civilization.
finally they landed after a long fligth.
They where far from Capsule Corp., as far as they could get whitout leaving the planet... they where in the other side!

"So you wanna start training now?"
Asked Goku whit a big smile.

"Yes, let's do it"
Vegeta hoped that after this trip he could transform Super Saiyan.

Goku and Vegeta spared.
They kept at it for hours until they ran out of energy.

Every day it was like that, they sapared untill they where too hungry or tired to go on.
At nigth Goku camped out and Vegeta just disapeared.
On nigth Goku decided to find out where Vegeta was going...

Vegeta walked in the darkness of nigth.
That place was sure a big jungle!
Everyday it seamed to him like there where more and more trees, no matter how many Goku and him blew up while figthing... and that wasn't too many...

He remembered the first day they got there, 8 days ago...
Vegeta shot a ki blast at Goku while sparing whit him.
He missed and the ki blast hit a tree destroying it.

Yelled Goku.

Said Vegeta in anger.

"You shouldn't hurt the trees like that!"
Said Goku in a very upset tone.

"What's the big deal whit the trees?"
Asked Vegeta.

"They give you air and there very important for nature and they do lot's of other good things too!"
Said Goku while he looked at the trees that where all over.

Vegeta just stared at him.

"Gohan did a science proyect about that"
Said Goku.

Vegeta thougth about what Goku had said.
Bulma used to say something like that.
She used to scream at him a big speach about taking care of nature everytime he steped on one of her flowers.
She yelled so loud he made sure he never steps on another flower ever again.

Vegeta continued his walk.
Something was following him.
He could feel Goku's ki.

Vegeta didn't want him to find out his little secret so he stoped and sat down.
Vegeta could feel Goku staring at him.
But from where?
It was hard to tell where Goku was hiding in the darkness of the night.
But he was looking right now.

"Come out Kakarot, I know you're there"
Said Vegeta looking at the sky.

"Here I am!"
Said Goku jumping out of the bushes.

"Why are you folloing me?"
Said Vegeta still looking at the sky.

"I wanted to know where you run off to every night... but what are you looking at?"
Said Goku very curious to know.

"What do you think?"
Vegeta was getting a bit enoyed.

"The stars?"
Asked Goku.

"Got guessed it now leave me alone"
Said a very enoyed Vegeta.

"Ok, I'm going"
Goku walked away.

He wasn't going in the same direcction in wich he came.
Maybe Goku wanted to look around.
But why was he going in the same direction as Vegeta whent before?
Maybe he knew Vegeta was hiding something there...

"Kakarot, where are you going?"
Asked Vegeta.

Goku stoped and answered.
"To see what you're hiding, bye!"

Goku ran off.
Vegeta got up and chased after Goku.
It was too late.
They got there...

"A capsule house!"
Said an exited Goku.

"So what?"
Asked Vegeta hoping Goku would just go away.

"Where did it come from?"
Asked Goku.

"From a capsule"
Ansered Vegeta.

"Yeah but is it yours? Is this where you go every night? Where did you get it? Did Bulma give it to you? Did you ask her to give it to you? Did she..."

Vegeta interrupted Goku.
"Shut up!"

"I just aked..."
Said Goku in a childish voice.

"You ask too much"
Said Vegeta.

Goku keept stareing at him.
Vegeta knew he wouldn't go untill he got an answer.

"I didn't ask for it but Bulma said to take it anyway"
Said Vegeta, he hoped that this answer would be enougth and Goku would leave, but he didn't.

"Great! let's go inside!"
Said Goku and headed for the capsule house.

Vegeta stoped him.
"Wait a minute! you're not going in there!"

"Didn't Bulma told you to let me go in the capsule house too?"
Asked Goku.

Vegeta thougth about what Bulma told him bere he leaft.

"I packed a few capsules for you Vegeta, don't forget to let Goku use them too and theres a capsul house there for both of you"
Said Bulma while she handed Vegeta the capsule pack.

"No way is Kakarot going to stay in the same house as me!"
Said Vegeta.

She asked.

"Because I'm a price and he's a low class!"
He yelled.

"Oh, yeah!..."
Bulma then started yelling too many things too fast for Vegeta to understand.

He didn't undestand much of what Bulma said but it started whit something like 'arogant saiyan prince' and it ended whit 'don't forget my letter'.

Goku's voice interrupted Vegeta's thougths.

"No, she just said to give her a letter or something..."
Answered Vegeta.

"Don't lie I know Bulma must have told you to let me..."
Goku did finish.

"A letter? Bulma want's you to give her a letter?"
Asked Goku.

"Never mind..."
Said Vegeta.

That night Vegeta was in the capsule house waching TV.

The phone rang.

Bulma was calling from Capsule Corp.
Vegeta picked it up and waited.
He didn't hear anything so he hung up.

Bulma knew Vegeta was the one who picked up the phone if it would have been Goku she would have heard a loud 'Hello'.

She dial again.

The phone rang.

"Not again!"
Vegeta picked it up.

"Vegeta is that you?"
Said Blma over the phone.

"Who else would it be?"
He said enoyed.

"Did you just pick up the phone?"
She asked.


"So why didn't you say anything?"
Asked Bulma.

"You're the one who's calling"
He answered.

"But how do I know if you picked up if you don't say anything? Oh, forget it... Are you and Goku ok?"
Said Bulma.


"And what have you 2 been doing?"


"And did you write me a letter?"



"Why shoul I there are no mailbox in the jngle anyway and you did call..."
Said Vegeta.

"Good point..."
She admited.

It started rainning.
Vegeta heard Goku knocking on the door.

"Let me in Vegeta!"
Goku yelled from outside.

Bulma heard him over the phone.
"Is that Goku yelling to get in? Why haven't you let him in?"

"Because I don't want to!"
He said.

"Vegeta you let him in right now!"
Said a very angry Bulma.

Vegeta hung up.

After 10 minutes of hearing Goku conplain to get in Vegeta finally opened the door.

"What took you so long?"
Asked Goku as he when insede leaving some wet foot prints.

Goku spended the night in the capsule house.
Vegeta's room was next door to Goku's.
Goku snored so laud Vegeta couldn't sleep so he got up.

*Bulma must be very angry, she didn't even call again...*
He thougth.

Vegeta got a paper and a pen and started writing a letter to Bulma.
When he finished he read it to himself.

*Why did I write this? DID I write this?*
He asked himself.

The letter relly didn't look like one that he would write.
It had too much of that... how Vegeta called it 'Human thing'.

In his room Goku woke up and headed to the kitchen for a midnight snack.
Vegeta decided to go to sleep while he could because it would be har to sleep if Goku started snooring again.
The next day was the same as allways.
Vegeta and Goku spared all day.

Goku speneded the rest of the nights in the capsule house.
When Goku started snooring Vegeta just when over and put a pillow in his mowth and that keept him quiet.
In the morning Goku mention something about having a dream that he was eating a relly big cake...

Fianlly the 2 week where over.
Goku whent back to the Son House and Vegeta to Capsule Corp.
When Vegeta got to Capsule Corp. Bulma was redy to starte yelling at him and keep at for for the next 5 hours but before she could say anything he gave her the lettler.

"Here, one letter"
Said Vegeta as he give Bulma the letter.

She was surprised he actually took time to write it.
Even more suprise of what it said.

"Oh, Vege I loved your letter!"

"Just the letter?"

"You too"


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