Something's Change

It was a beautiful summer morning. Pan woke up thinking: Today mom and dad are going on a
trip, and Trunks is going to take care of me. Pan had a secret crush on Trunks but he had never
notice her. She put her most beautiful dress on, and it was surprising because she looked like a
girl. When she
entered the kitchen her mom was there and looked at her suspiciously.
V:Oh, darling, what's the special occasion.
P:There's no special occasion.
V:Then why do you look so beautiful?(in a suspicious voice)
P:I  just felt like looking beautiful today.
V:ok (in a very suspicious voice)
Then Gohan entered the room
G:Wow, who's that hot chick standing over there.
P:Daddy,it's only me(blushing)
She started to feel annoyed and left the room.She thought her parents were a too old
fashion.She was 16 and they were leaving her with a baby sitter.She wasn't a baby anymore. But
on the other hand she could spent a hole week with trunks.Trunks at the same time was thinking
that it would be fun to spent a week with Panny because she was his beast friend.He never
noticed her in another way than a little sister. He knew that Pan loved him but he couldn't care
When Trunks got there Pans parents had already left.Pan was very happy to see him but soon her
happiness turned to hatred.Trunks hadn't noticed how beautiful,after all the work she had done to
looked like this he didn't notice!
She went storming into her room.She said:Damn him!or...damn me.She was mad at him but even
madder at her self.Yes,mad at her self.Mad at her self for loving such a man.She secret mad at
her secret obsession with him.She loved everything about him.From the way he walks to the way
he looks at her to the way he walks. She decided to tell him. She was trying not to cry, but she
was going to tell him.
She went to him. There he was, looking at the sky. She couldn't hold back the tears; she started crying
and said "Do you love me?" ( moment of silence) "or are you waiting for her?" (Maron)
In that moment something changed in Trunks. He didn't see Pan as a little sister, he saw her as a grown
woman. He loved her. He said "I know."
Pan took his hand; a tear fell in it. Trunks wiped a tear off her face and he kissed her.
Trunks had never felt like this. His energy was getting hard to control, like it did before a battle. But he
didn't want to hurt her. Pan thought he would be cruel, but he was nice. His skin was very soft; she was
surprised. Then she looked at his usually cold, blue eyes, but they where warm. They passed a beautiful
night together.
Pan told Trunks "I thought you thought of me as a little sister."
He kissed her and then said "Something's change."


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