Mission to Mars
By: Casio


The U.S Government.............

"I don't see why we always have to send exeperimental monkeys to space
all the time."  The Nasa representative, Jonathan Ward said.

" Because they can become intellegent, Humans cannot." The U.N
representative said.

Jonathan stood up.

" Mr. President if I may, I like to suggest my idea."

" You have 5 minutes" the president said.

" Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. I was wondering what would happen if
we sent an average human being to space. What will they do up there."
Because you see that is what we need to know."

" why is that?"

" Because this planet is full of average individuals. What would happen
if an average person had landed on a different planet? What would they
need. Because ladies and Gentlemen, We could have people living up
there on the moon or Mars or Jupiter."

" So are you suggesting that we should send a untrained people to

" Oh we will train them."

" Jonathan you might have something there...... Alrigth! I hereby
declare that this experiment will happen. But who will go up there?"

" Oh don't worry sir. We're picking out for individuals out randomly.
Right now."


"Goten! you have a mail!"

Goten managed to get his face off the food and wipe his face. He took
the mail and went upstairs to his room. He read the envelope.

" Nasa?" He wondered surprised.

Then He opened the envelope and piece of paper fell and a plane ticket
out. Goten picked it up and started reading it.

" Dear recipent,

You have been randomly selected to lead out an experiment for NASA.
This experiment will decide if an average man can live on a different
planet. We will pick you up at july 13. Please Do not expose this secret
experiment to anyone except your family members. There will be 3 other
randomly selected people to also carry out this experiment.

Sincerely NASA"

" WOOHOO!!!!! I'm going to space!!!!!!!"

Then Goten picked up his cell phone. He quickly punched in Trunks

" Hello?"

" Trunks?"

" Goten"

" Yeah I have something important to tell you! no time to explain. Call
Pan. "

" Okay."

Then Goten hung up and punched in Marron's number. He told her the
samething and ran downstairs.

Chapter one : Randomly selected?

Everyone met at the Coffee shop. All looking excited.

" Guess what guys!!" They all said at the same time.

" Okay somebody goes first." Goten suggested.

" Okay I will!" Marron exclaimed.

" Okay a mail came from NASA today and they said I was randomly
selected to go to space.!!!!"

" That's funny because they said I was going too" Goten said as he
showed them the letter.

Then everyone pulled out their letters.

" Wait a minute! So the three other randomly selected people were you
guys? What a coincidence!!!!" Trunks exclaimed.

" Yeah I'm so excited.!!!!!" Pan jumped up and down.

" You guys shhhhhhhhhhh..." Goten whispered.

" The letter said It was a secrete experiment."

" Oh yeah."

" I can't wait till tommorow when we go."

" Did you guys tell your parents about this yet?" Goten asked.

" Are you kidding? they've doing backflips ever since I did."

" So did my mom"

" So did my parents."

" I didn't get a chance to tell my parents yet."

" Maybe you should Goten." Marron suggested.

" I will"

That night Goten told them. They've started doing backflips.


The next day everyone was at the airport.

" Mom! Stop kissing me! my cheeks hurt!" Goten complained.

" Word of advise in space Goten. Never put your gravity up to hundred
times gravity." Goku told him.

" Dad. There is no gravity machine on the ship" Goten said.

"Mom! I'll be alright! Get off me! Your Hurting me!" Marron exclaimed.

Her mother held on to her daughter even more tighter. Marron barely
breathed. she tried to pry her off but did not work.

" I never thought my little girl would be going to space." Krillan said

" Good bye mom, dad. See you next year." Pan said

" I'll write everyday."

Videl hugged Pan tightly.

" Take care of your self."

" I will"

Gohan walked up to Pan.

" Pan one thing you should know."

" What is that dad?"

" No matter what happens I'll always be proud of you"

Pan hugged him"

"Now misten Bra. While I'm gone you in charge of capsule corp."

" Really!?!?"

" Yes."

" Now if anything bothers you call me okay?"

" okay."

Then Trunks hugged Bra. He turned to Bulma.

" Mom it's gonna be a long time before we see each other again."

Bulma nodded.

" But don't worry because I'll call everyday."

Then He hugged Bulma. He turned to Vegeta.

" Sorry I have to miss out on the trainig Dad."

" Oh ho ho don't you worry. When you get back I'm gonna give you 200
and 10 percent."

" I wouldn't have it anyother way."

Then they shook hands like proud saiyans. They both smirked at each

Then the the four took off to the entrance waving at their families.

Once they got in the plane. The stewardest directed them to their sits.
Goten sat beside Marron and Trunks sat beside Pan. Goten and Marron
fell asleep and Pan started writing. Trunks looked out the window. The
ride didn't take very long.

When they got to america, They saw couple of people holding up a sign.

' NASA '

They ran up to them.

" Hi My name is Goten, This is Trunks, Pan and Marron." Goten
introduced his friends.

" Wait! you guys already met?" One of the guys asked him.

" We've been life long friends."

" Oh well as long as your all here get in the limo. Don't answer any
questions." The man told them.

As soon as they got out, News reporters rushed at them. Goten and
Trunks made their ways for the girls. They all went in the limo.

" Wow this is huge!" Goten exclaimed.

" I've never been on a Limo before! Pan said.

Then the Limo reached the NASA Space center. As they got out, a man
came towards them.

" Good evening. My name is Jonathan Ward, I'm in charge of NASA." The
man introduced himself.

They all shook hands.

" follow me."

They all followed Ward.

" For the next one month you'll be trained and you'll learn about what
you are going to do. Then we'll lift off and for three month you'll be
on your way to Mars. Then you'll stay there for two month and come

" Excuse me sir but what is the point of this?" Pan asked

" The purpose is to find out if there is any possibilities for mankind
to live in other planets such as Mars. It's also to see if there is any
intellegent life forms out there." Ward answered.

Then two men appeared.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, I like you to meet the two people that will
escort you to space. Stuart Johnson and Leon Macintosh."

The gang was driven to their hotel. The room was enormous.

" Wow a suite." Trunks wondered.

" According to our schedule, we have conference at five. It is now 2
o'clock." Goten said.

" Let's do something until then." Pan said

" Let's go exploring."

" Good idea."

" what are we waiting for then, let's go!"

They all went out to the streets of New york.

" Ohh look a shopping mall!" Marron pointed.

" NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Trunks and Goten yelled.

So they kept going. It's all good until some nogood punk from the ally
grabs Marron's arm and says.

" Hey baby wanna ride?"

Marron tried to pry her arm off but the grip is too strong. Then Goten
punches the guy in the face.

" Hey lay off her!!"

Then the whole gang steped up.

" So it's a classic street fight you want is it?" Trunks said as he
stepped up beside Goten.

Some of the gang had metal bars.

" You guys. I don't think we want to get in a fight." Marron said kind
of scared.

" Sure we do. Just watch." Goten said as he warmed up his knuckles.

Then the fight broke. It only tooked Goten and Trunks two seconds to
take out all of the street punks.

" Their all weaklings." Trunks said in disappointment.

" Come on let's go." Marron grabed both of them and dragged them back
to the hotel.

Once they got to their room Trunk jumped on his bed and started reading
the papers. Goten was on the room service and Marron and Pan went to
their rooms to change.( Remember now, this is a suite.)
As soon as Goten got off the phone, He started arguing with Marron.

" You didn't have to order that much food! We don't have enough money!"

" The NASA will take of it! It's only a few thousand dollars."

" What if they don't pay for it!?. And what do you mean few thousand

 Then they heard Pan on the phone.

" Hi dad! Oh yeah nothing so far. Yeah and guess what? Goten saved
Marron from a street punk today and they broke into a fight and Trunks and
Goten kicked all of their asses in two seconds. What? No. Okay bye!
Goten, it's your grandmother on the phone."

Goten sighed and picked up the phone.

" Hello?"

Then Goten held the phone far away from his ears.

" Mom will you stop yelling! No those guys started it. What? Yes she's
fine. No wait! mom mom don't......... Hi krillian! Why yes she's here.
No she did not brake anything, No I didn't either................ WHAT?
what are you talking about?!! No way we are not going to get married!!
It's not like we're going to die in space!! You want to talk to her?
okay. Marron it's your dad ont he phone."

By the time now Marron was blushing. She picked up the phone.

" Hello? Hi daddy! No I'm fine. WHAT?!?!?! No not yet. No he hasn't
asked me. Where do you get all these mumbo jumbo? Okay bye."

Then she hung up.

Chapter Two: The training has begun.

Couple of hours later they all went back to the NASA for the press

One of the reporters asked a question.

" Question for Mr. Son, Do you think the NASA could put you in any

Goten stepped up.

" Well, cute reporter lady, The only danger would be........ if there
were no food."

" What about air supplies?"

" Who cares about air supplies? As long as there's food I'm okay."

Then another reporter raised her hand.

" Yes cute reporter number two."

" What would you be needing in a distant planet?"

" Well..... Cute girls, food, cute girls, Fast food , Cute girls,
Refridgerator and yes! Cute girls."

Everyone stared at him.

" What? oh did I mention Cute girls?.."

" Psst! Goten you said Cute girls four time and Marron's glaring at
you." Trunks whispered.

" Okay.......... I think it's my girlfriend Marron's turn now." Goten
pushed Marron up.


The Next day........

Everyone followed Ward around the facilitie area.

" During this one month, you'll be training physically and learning
about the controls of our ship. Now this is the training area......."

" Can we go on that?" Goten asked pointing to one of those spinning

" I'm afraid your too unskilled for it yet Mr.Son. Mr.son?"

Ward found Goten already on the thing.

" Common! Turn this thing on!"

" Very well," Ward said as he pressed the button on the control panel.

It started spinning.

" Faster!" Goten yelled.

Ward pressed another button.

It started spinning so fast that you couldn't even see Goten.

" Hey I wanna go on it too." Trunks said as he jumped in and leapt on
the pole.

" Trunks! give it a push!" Goten yelled at him.

Trunks got out and started pushing it. Then it broke down.

" Good Lord!!" Ward exclaimed.

Pan shook her head and sighed.

" Just like grandfather."

Then they were taken to the antigravity room. The door slamed shut
then in a couple of seconds the girl started flowing up in the air. The
guys just stood there.

" Antigravity my ass." Trunks complained.

" Pardon me but how much do you guys weigh?" A voice said through the

They both shrugged.

Then Marron bumped into Goten's head.

" Oww!!" they both said.

Then they were taken to the shuttle it self.

" You see ladies and Gentlemen, What you see is the space shuttle that
you will be riding on. It's a very big ship indeed. One of the most
largest shuttles we ever built."

Everybody stared at the ship in amazement. They went inside. There was
Leon macintosh in one of the seats.

" Good evenin crue."

" Who the hell are you?" Goten asked.

" I'm Leon Macintosh."


" From yesterday?"


" Ah never mind! Now these are the control panels of the ships. This

Goten lost his attention. all he thought about was.' I'm hungry when is
this boring thing going to end............."

" Mr.Son are you listening because this is very important."

" I'm listening alright."

Then Goten lost his attention again. He had no idea what in god's name
he was saying.


They were all back at the Hotel. Goten phoned the room service

" Yeah hi this is suite 4, Yeah. Samething as yesterday. Got it good

" Goten did you call the room service again?" Marron asked.

"Uhhhhh..... No."

" Good" Marron hugged him.

Just then the room service came in.

" Samething as last time" the guy said.

" Goten you lied to me!"

" No I didn't."

" Yes you did! you said you didn't call the room service!"

" Relax. the NASA will pay for it. I asked."

" But that's not the point!"

" Then what is?"

" You lied to me!"

" So?"

" SO?!?!"

" yeah."

" You LIED to me!!"

" C'mon Marron. Don't be so cheap!"

" CHEAP!!?!?!"

And it drove to the point of tears. Tears dripped down Marron's face.

" You know what? I don't need to take this!" Marron sobbed as she
grabbed her coat and ran out the door.

" Marron wait!"

Goten followed her out the door. It was raining outside. Goten caught
up to Marron. He grabbed her arm.

" Let go of me." Marron shrieked.

" Marron where are you going?!"

" I don't know and I don't care!!" Marron said as she jerked her arms
away and started walking again.

Goten caught up to her and grabbed her wrist. She turned around and
slapped him( Ouch!!). Then realized what she had done and covered her
mouth. Goten held on to his numb face.


Marron started to cry.

" Marron please don't cry."

Goten put his arm around her and pulled her close.

" I'm so sorry" Marron sobbed.

By the time now they were soaking wet.


" You know it's been a while since Goten and Marron went out and it's
raining." Trunks said as he looked out the window.

" I wonder where they are." Pan said as he joined him.

Just then Goten came in with Marron in his arms. She was asleep.
Goten layed her softly on the bed so she wouldn't wake up. Then he got
a towel to dry her hair and her face. Pan helped. Then Goten changed
his clothes and dryed off.

" Oh by the way Goten, Your food, It was getting cold so I ate it all."
Trunks said.

" I don't care."

" What happened outside?"

" Don't ask."

Then they were silent.


The Next day Marron woke up fom the bed. Still tired from what happened
yeterday. She looked at her clock. She jumped out of bed. Then ran out
the room. She ran to the kitchen. Nobody was there. There was a note on
the fridge. she read it.

Listen Marron I'm sorry about what happened yesterday.
You don't have to come today, I got you the day off
so take a rest okay?


Marron smiled. She went back to her bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 3: The Launch

The training went for another month. Goten was settled with Marron and
everything went fine. He still called room service but Marron was okay
with it.

" I'm so excited!" Pan said as she came in to the hotel room.

" Pan you've said those three words for four thousand times. We get the
message." Trunks complained.

" But I can't help it! Going to space was my most important ambitions!"

" What?" Goten said as he wandered.

" It means that she always wanted to go to space Goten." Marron

" Hey since we don't have anything to do for the rest of the day, let's
do something fun before we die." Trunks joked.

Everyone laughed.

" But what should we do?" Goten asked.

It was silent,

" How bout of we go see a movie?"

" What about bowling?"

" We can go to an amusement park. There's lot's of great ones here."

" I got an idea! Why don't we do all those things! it's going to be our
last day on earth for a quite a while." Marron suggested.

" Well then what are we waiting for?"

" Let's go!"

They ran out the hotel.

" We need a car." Goten said.

" What am I? A computer programmer?" Trunks joked as he threw a capsule
on the ground and a black corvet appeared.

" Naaiice." They all said as they got on the car. Trunks was in the
seat and Pan sat beside him. Goten and Marron sat in the back. They
zoomed across. When they got to a stop. They saw another corvet.

" Wanna race?" Trunks asked the other driver.

" No way yours is better than mine!"

" Then how bout this." Marron said as he looked at Goten who smirked

" My boyfriend will push our car and you guys can drive. If we win we
get all your clothes and if you win you get our clothes."

" Deal."

" Here to end of that street."

" At the green light."

" Go!"

Goten got out up the car and started to push. They zoomed off.

" I'm going to win this thing."

" I don't think so buddy."

He stared in shock as he saw Goten zoom off beside him.

" What the hell?!?!"

The driver got to the finish line.

" Guess we get your clothes than." Marron said to the guy.

The guy took off his clothes and gave it to them. He took off.
The gang started laughing! They stopped when they saw a police car park
behind them.

" I'll handle this" Trunks said as he got out of the Car.

" What seems to be the preblem officer?"

" You were speeding, I'm going to give you a ticket."

" You can do that or you can forget about us and get something nice to
drink." Trunks said as he put a hundred in to the cop's pocket.

" I guess I can do that."

" Oh by the way, I saw some guy driving off naked in a corvet. He went
that away."

The cop ran to his car and took off. Trunks jumped back in his car.

" Real smooth." Goten said.

Than they zoomed off. Goten saw a bum on the street.

" Trunks stop the car."

" Why?"

" Stop the Car!"

They came to a stop. He grabbed the clothes and got out of the car. He
walked over to the bum and gave him the clothes.

" Here's something nice you can wear. Here's some money, Get yourself a
nice meal and a job" Goten said as he gave him a hundred from his

" Why your a young man with a big heart. Thank you."

" Good luck sir." Goten jumped back in the car and signaled Trunks to
go. They zoomed off.

" That was a sweet thing you did." Marron said as he gave him a kiss on
the cheek."

" Hey they don't call me the guy who does sweet things for nothing."
Goten joked. They arrived at the bowling ally then the movies then the
park then they went home. They all got a good night sleep. Especially


The Next day.......

They were all getting in the space suits getting ready for lift off.

" Man this suit is hot." Marron complained.

" I feel like a real astronaut!" Pan exclaimed.

" Pan you are a astronaut." Trunks said.

" Common let's go!"

They all went outside. They followed Leon to the shuttle entrance. They
got in and sat down on their seats.

" Fuel?"

" Check."

" Engines?"

" Check."

" Childrens' letters to god?"

" Check. ( hee hee)"

" We are all set and ready to go."

" Are we there yet? I'm hungry" Goten complained.

" T- minus thirty seconds."

" T-minus 20 seconds."

" T-minus 10 seconds and counting. 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Lift

The shuttle started to fly into the air.


" I can't believe my little boy is going to space!" Chi Chi sobed as
she fell into Goku's arms.

They were watching in television. Goku was proud. He didn't say but you
could see the proudness in his eyes.


The Shuttle reached the orbit and continued. The crew took off there

goten fewed. He got off the seat and looked out the window. He could
see the whole planet.

" Wow." He whispered.

Pan went to her room and started to write in her log. Marron joined
wowing with Goten. Trunks looked at the several buttons on his chair.

" Hmm one of these buttons must blow up the shuttle. Better not touch

" It's so beautiful!" Marron exclaimed.

" But not as beautiful as you." Goten said as he put his arms around

Marron blushed.

" I'm hot I'm taking this suite off." Goten said as he took it off.
Marron took it off too.

" What do you think we should do for the next three month?" Marron

" I don't know Marron. What do you want to do?"

" I don't know either." Marron said as he leaned on Goten.


The Next day Goten woke out of bed and went into the wash room. There
was tons of things that looked like toothpastes.

" Hmmmm one of these things must be the toothpaste."

He grabbed one and looked at it.

' Shaving cream'

' lotion'

' Shampoo'

' Hair cream'

' Tooth paste.'

" Aha here it is!" Goten said feeling proud of himself.

Then he heard a scream. Marron. Goten ran over to Marron's room.

" Marron what happened?" Goten asked.

" T..There's a spider in there....." Marron whispered.

Goten laughed.

" What's so funny?" Marron asked.

" Nothing." Goten said as he pulled her close.

When they were off Goten still had his hands on her shoulder. Marron
realized she only had a night gown on and Goten only had a shorts on They
began blushing. They stayed there for a couple of minutes. Goten took
care of the spider and went back to his room to get a top. Then he went
to the kitchen. Everyone was already there.

" So what are we eating?"  Goten asked.

Trunks pointed to the tube of food.

" We're eating toothpaste?"

" No there's food in there."

Goten twisted off the cap and squeezed it out.

" What is this brown stuff?"

"That's weird, mine's black." Trunks said looking kind of grossed out.

" ahhh screw this!" Goten said as he went back to his room and got a
big sack of potatoe chips.

" Where d'you get that? Trunks said.

" I dunno. " Goten said as he opened the bag and started pouring the
chips into his mouth.


"So where are we headed?" Trunks asked Pan who was writing on her log.

" We are going to Mars! haven't you payed attention to what the guy was

" We are going to Mars? Why didn't anyone tell me?" Goten interrupted.

Pan sighed and shook her head.

" What the hell am I supposed to do for three month?" Trunks asked.

Goten was looking out the window.

"Uhh Guys?"

Trunks and Pan were arguing.

" GUYS?"

" What the hell is that?" Goten said pointing out the window.

They all looked out the window to see a giant comet heading strait for

Chapter 4: Course Change!!

They all panicked.

" Okay Okay don't Panic! Trunks said.

" We have to tell those two space guys."

they quickly ran over to Leon and Stuart.

"L..look out the window." Pan said panicking.

They both looked out the window.

" Holy crap!!" Leon said.

they both looked at each other and nodded. They pushed Goten out of the
way and ran for the space pods. They got in it. The pods were ejected
to space but headed strait for the comet and both of them blew up. ^_^'

" Uhh I think we lost the astronauts!" Goten said looking out the

" We're gonna hit it!" Marron exclaimed.

Pan ran over to the control panel.

" One of these must reach the mission control." She pushed a random

" Huston here." The voice came from the speaker.

" Huston we have a problem, We're about to hit a comet and Leon and
Stuart escaped from the space pod but hit the comet and blew up!."

" Holy shit!"

" What are we supposed to do."

" Grab on to something and brace yourselves!"

" WHAT!!!???!!!"

" We'll do everything we can from here!!"

" Wait wait."The transmission was ended.


This just in! A huge Comet is about to come in contact with the
shuttle. The two astronauts were killed and the four people, Trunks, Marron,
Pan and Goten is about to become in contact. We are about to see inside
the shuttle. The camera showed inside the shuttle.

" What the hell are we supposed to do?!?" Trunks yelled.

" WHAT!?! what the hell are you asking me for? Did I build this damn
shuttle!!??" Pan exclamed.

" You don't have to yell!!"

" I wasn't yelling!"

" Yes you were!"

"Guys! Guys! break it up!" Goten said stepping up between them.

" Why don't we just blast it?"

" Goten. You must be dumber that you look."

" What? Me? Dumb!?!? That's it if I'm going to hell, I'm taking you to
hell with me!!"

Goten and Trunks got into a fight.


" Than do it your self you whore!" Trunks exclaimed.

" What!?! Me? whore?!?! Oh ho ho ho. you stupid pervert!!"

" Whore!"

" Pervert!"

" Whore!"

" Pervert!"

Marron slapped him.

" Oh so you want to play that way?! Fine!" Trunks said as he raised his

" Hey lay off!" Goten said as he rammed into Trunks. Then they started
punching each other swearing. Then the camera blanked out.

" Ladies and Gentlemen. We lost contact. what we have just seen was a
violent exeperience."

Chi Chi, Bulma, Videl and 18 fainted.

" What the hell are they doing up there? " Gohan asked.


Back in the ship............

" Boys! Just stop!!" Pan yelled.

They finally stopped. They were both bruised all over the face.

" What did the mission control ask us to do? " Marron asked

" They said to hold on to something."

" What?! what kind of stupid direction is that?" Goten asked.

" Let's just do it!"

Back in earth................

They were all looking through the crystal ball.

Everybody was grabbing on to something.

" Brace yourselves." Pan said.

Then the Crystal ball shook extremely. Marron flew  towards the other
side of the ship but Goten esily caught her. They all looked out the

" Did we bouce off or did the Comet bounce off."

" Probably the comet."

" Hey what do you know we're alive!!"

" Yes ! Woo Hoo!" Chi Chi exclamied.

" But we have no idea where we're going." Goten said.


Back at the ship..........

Marron was wiping off the blood on Goten's face.

" Oww!"

" Sorry."

Finally Marron put some bandages on him.

" Why did you get into a fight with Trunks?" She asked.

" Cause he said I was dumb."

" Marron do you think I'm Dumb?"

" ........"

" Well?"

" Well your not dumb but..."

" But what?"

" You aren't that smart either."

" So you think I'm dumb."

" No It's just..."

" What?" Goten stood up.

" I can't believe this! Does Pan and Bra think I'm dumb too? Does your
mom and Dad think I'm dumb too?"

" Goten your over reacting!"

" No I'm not." He said as he went out the room.

Marron found him in the kitchen facing away from her.

" Goten...."

" what?"

" I... I'm sorry."

" Sorry for what?"

" For calling you dumb." She said as she hugged him from the back.

" It's okay."

" No it's not okay."

They they stood their for another minute.


Three months later.........

" it's been three months how come we haven't reached Mars yet?" Trunks
asked Pan.

" Let me check." Pan pushed the button.

" Huston here."

" Huston, It's been three month yet we haven't reached a planet."

" Let me check................. Wait! You are not on our solar

" What?!?!"

" You left our solar system! Your not in our radar!"

" Then where are we?"

" We don't know."

Then transmission ended. Pan sighed.

" Shit." Trunks said under his breath.

" Guys we are headed for a planet!" Goten came yelling.

What is this planet?" Pan asked looking out the window.

" It's not Mars. That's for sure." trunks sighed.

" Uhh... Should this thing stop?" Marron asked.

" We're gonna crash into it!"

" Again??!"


"This just in, the shuttle left our solar system, after crashing into a
comet. Now it's about to crash into a planet. Here's the inside of the

" Okay, we have no idea how to fly this thing, we have no idea what
we're gonna crash into and we are going to crash something." Pan said
trying not to panic.

Then suddenly the ship started falling toward the planet.

" the planet must be magnetic!" Trunks said as he tried to keep his

" We're gonna come in contact in 5,4,3,2,1!"

Boom! kshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The ship skid on the surface. Then it
came to stop. Then the screen went off.

Chapter 5 : Intellegent life forms, Infested Marron?

They all looked out the window and saw nothing but endless desert.

" What a disappointment." Trunks said.

" C'mon let's go outside." Goten said.

They all went outside. Surprisingly, there was air. They all looked at
their messed up ship.

" It might take a day or two to fix this ship but I guess we can do
that." Trunks said kicking the ship.

" C'mon let's go exploring." Pan said.

Goten picked up Marron and they flew off.

" Looks like this place is only full of desserts."

" Hey look down their." Pan pointed.

There was a bunch of tiny dots moving around.

" Let's go get a closer look."

They all landed and walked over to the dots which now looked like a
gaint insects.

" I don't think they are dangerous."

The creatures noticed the four and started shrieking. Than another
bunch of insects came out of the ground. They formed a circle around the

" Do you think they are dangerous?" Marron said with a fear in her

" Don't worry, we will blast them." Goten said as he and Trunks raised
one hand and fired a ki-blast at one of them. It blew up. Then they
started blasting. in a seconds the creatures were gone.

" see? no problem."

Then the ground started to shake. Then a giant bug came out of the
dessert. About 4 stories high,

" Holy....." Trunks whispered.

Then the creature swung his claws at Trunks and Goten. They dodged and
leapt at the creature. Goten fired up a KameHame Ha but it didn't do
anything! The creature swung it's giant claw at him. Goten got directly
hit and violently with the ground. Trunks leapt at the creature and
tried to punch him but the creature caught him with his claw. Then it threw
him into the ground. Trunks actually went in few meters in to the sand.
The bug looked at the two girls. Then it blasted a giant ki-blast. Not
directly at them but just near them. They fell unconscious. Then
another insect appeared and picked up Marron.
Then the two creatures disappeared into the sand.

After they regained consciousness..............

" Hey where's Trunks?" Goten asked Pan who just woke up.

" I'm here." Trunks said as he climbed out of the sand.

" hey where's Marron?" Pan asked.

" I don't know. MARRON!!!!" Goten yelled with hands around his mouth.

Then they started calling her name. But there was no answer.

" Where did she go?"

" I don't know. I don't sense her ki." Trunks said.

" Let's go back to the ship. We'll find her later."

" No! I'm not going anywhere till I find her!"

" We'll find her later!"

" NO!" Goten exclaimed.

Trunks sneaked up behind him and hit his pressure point. Goten fell to
the ground. Trunks picked him up.

" C'mon let's go." Trunks said as he flew off. Pan followed.


This just in the space shuttle has landed on a planet but we still have
no contact.

" C'mon let's look through the crystal ball!" Gohan said. They were all
in the Kame house.

They got the crystal ball and an image appeared.

It showed the empty space ship. Then Goten, Trunks and Pan walked in.
Goten had woken up.

" Damn it!!" Goten exclaimed as he punched the wall several times.

" Hey. Just because Marron's lost, doesn't mean she's dead right?"


" right?"

" Trunks what color is the sky in your world?" Pan asked.

" She can't be gone! I just know!" Goten said as he punched the wall
one more time.

" Trunks I think we need to leave uncle Goten alone for a while." Pan
said as he pushed him out of the room.

Goten stood there for several minutes.

" M..Marron's gone?" 18 said as she started to cry.


Goten was on top of the shuttle looking at the stars. Lots of stars I
might add. Trunks was fixing the ship. It was dark and the wind had
settled down.

" Marron......." Goten whispered to himself as he looked up at the

" I just know your here somewhere....... but...... where are you?"

" OWWW!!!!!." Trunks exclaimed.

Goten didn't even hear it. He was only looking up at the star.

" Hey Goten, mine if you give me a hand with this?" Trunks asked not
looking at him.

" Goten?"


" Hey Goten?"


" Hey Goten! Marron's here."

" Huh where?"

" I told you we will find her tommorow."

" But..."

" I'm going inside. You coming?"

" I think I'll stay out here for a little while longer."

" Suit yourself." Trunks said as he went in.

" Marron......" Goten looked up at the night sky.


" Is he still out there?" Pan asked Trunks who was just coming in.

" Yep. Marron's everything in his mind."

" Poor Uncle Goten........"

They did not notice Goten flying out to the dessert to find Marron.


'Marron's got to be out here somewhere.' Goten thought to himself as he
flew across the silent dessert. Then he noticed something weird.
He went down to get a closer look. It was a cave. He went in. The cave
led to the bottom. He silently flew down. After a quite far going into
the ground he was inside a very big room. I mean as big as a city. The
ceiling was very high. Goten landed on the ground. One of the insects
noticed him and shrieked. Goten blasted him. All the creatures turned
around to see him.

" Where is Marron?" He asked giving each one of the creatures a cold

He then blasted two more bugs.

" Where is Marron you freaks!." He questioned again, this time with a
violent tone.

Then some of the Insects moved a side. Something walked towards Goten
from the shadow. Goten powered up to super saiyan. The creature finally
emerged from the shadow.

" M...Marron?"

It was Marron alright. But she was different. She had something stuck
on her ears. It looked like it was breathing. The thing was connected to
black stuff which covered her body.

" Marron what did they do to you?" Goten asked her who was just
standing there.

Then suddenly She leapt at him. She tried to punch him but Goten jumped
out of the way.

" Marron what are you doing?"

Marron faced him. Then a sharp claw came out of the black stuff which
covered her hands.

" what the hell...?"

Marron leapt at him again and this time, she tried to claw him. He
didn't get scratched but his shirt ripped to shreds.

" This is not funny Marron, Stop it!"

Marron kept leaping on to him and trying slash him. Goten put her down
on a lock.

" Marron stop!"

Suddenly something strange happened. Marron turned into a big goo. It
fell out of Goten's hand. The goo moved few feets away from him then
turned into Marron again.

" Wha?......."

Marron leapt at him but this time she actually slashed him on the
chest. Blood began dripping down.

' This must be just like the time when Pan was brainwashed!'


Back on earth.............

" Get this thing to show Marron now!" 18 yelled.

Then the ball showed where Marron and Goten was.

" There she is!!" 18 cheered.

" But she looks different!" Krillian said.

" Look! What's that black stuff?"

" And why is she trying to attack Goten?!" Chi Chi said.


Goten tried to dodge Marron's attacks but she was too fast. He was
clawed all over the place. Marron tried to punch him. Goten caught her
wrist. she tried the other. Goten caught that one too. Then the black goo
went to Goten's hands. It began draining Goten's energy! Then she jumped
away from him. Goten's eyesight went blur.

" I'm seeing doubles!" Goten said to himself.

He couldn't see Marron charging at him. She punched him hard on the
chest. Goten flew off and Hit the wall hleaned aginst the wall. Marron
walked over to him and grabbed him by the throat. The shrp claws grew even
longer. She about to stab him when suddenly!


There was a explosion at the entrance and Trunks and Pan flew in.

" Goten!" Trunks looked at Marron.

" Marron?" Pan said to herself.

" Marron what are you doing? What happened to you?"

Trunks landed near her. She let go of Goten and faced Trunks.

" Trunks........." Goten whispered.

" Yeah?"

" The white thing on her head. Go for the thing on her head...."

Trunks looked at it. He gave her a cold glare. He grabbed his sword.
They both leapt at each other. They both slashed each other. they landed.
blood trickled out from Trunk's head. The white thing on Marron's head
fell off, along with the black stuff. The white thing began to squirm.
Trunks went over to it. Gave it one more cold glare, then he stepped on
it. Blood lushed out.

" Hey what's going on? Where am I?" Marron said.

" No time to explain! We gotta get outta here! Pan! pck up Goten and
let's go!" Trunks said as he picked up Marron and flew off to the
entrance. Pan followed with unconscious Goten on her back.

They zoomed out of the cave. Trunks turned around, charged up a final
flash and blasted the cave entrance. Then it was quite. Suddenly the
ground started to shake and Gazillions of insect like creature came out.
Along with the four story high monsters.

" Run!" Trunks yelled as he zoomed off full speed back to the ship. Pan
was close behind. They got to the ship, They closed the hatch, Then
Trunks ran over to the control panel.

" Ship don't fail me now!" Trunks pushed a couple of buttons.

The engine started, then Trunks reached the Handle and pulled it. The
ship flew and blasted off.

" Yes!" Trunks exclaimed.

Then he pushed another button.

" Set course to planet earth." Then the ship turned and headed for

Trunks sighed and went over to Goten who was still down. He saw the
claw mark on his chest. He pushed it. Blood trickled out and went on
Trunks cheek. Pan turned her head to not see the mess. Trunks wiped the
blood. He looked at Marron who was crying.

" It's deep."

" Marron what happened over there?"

" I......I don't know." Marron sobbed.

" well we need to get him to his room. But if he moves his chest
muscle, It will bleed so I'll hold the leg and Pan, You hold the arm."

" Okay."

They slowly picked up Goten.

" Careful. Careful."

Pan accidently tripped over the door. She dropped Goten's leg. Blood
began pouring out.

" Shit! C'mon pick it up!" Trunks ordered.

Pan quickly picked up the leg. They hurried to his room and gently
layed him on his bed.

" Get a wet towel or something. quick!" Pan said.

Trunks got a wet towel and handed to Pan. Pan wiped off the blood on
his chest.

" Now if he moves, it will bleed again. So let's just leave him. Marron
you coming?" Trunks asked as he went towards the door.

" No I think I'll stay in here a little bit longer." Marron said.

" Okay."

Then Pan and Trunks left.

Chapter 6 : Back to Earth.

Goten started bleeding again. Marron got the wet towel and wiped off
the blood. She wiped the tears on her face. It took her abiut three wet
towels before the bleeding stopped.


About an hour later..................

Goten woke up, He saw that his chest was wrapped around with some band.
He also saw Marron was sleeping on a chair next him. He smiled. He
stood up. Marron woke up.

" Goten.... No you should lie down. you have to lie down."

" It's okay."

Then they stood their for a while.

" Can I ask you something?" marron said.

" Sure."

" w......Who did that to you?" Marron asked pointing to his chest.

" Oh this. Well um......."

" Was it me?"

" No!"

" Then who?"

" .................."

" It was me wasn't it?"


Tears dripped down her face. She began backing away.

" Marron it's okay." Goten said as he put his arms around her shoulder.


Goten pulled her close. They were like that until Marron stoped crying.
Then they looked at each other. Their faces got closer and closer until
their lips met. Marron put her arms around his neck and Goten wrapped
his arms around her waist pulling her close. Then Marron fell asleep in
his arms. Goten smiled and layed her on the bed. Then he left.


Trunks was looking out the window. He sighed.
'Why is it so hard to tell her?' Just then Goten came into the room.

" Hey buddy." Trunks said.

" Hey."

" How's the chest doing?"

" Fine."

" Goten for the first time, I need your advice."

" Really? Me? Sure ask away."


" Come down Videl. She's not in danger!" Gohan tried to calm his wife

" I bet we can look at them threw the crystal ball." Goku suggested.

So they turn on the crystal ball. It showed Goten and Trunks.

" Goten for the first time, I need your advice."

" Really? Me? Sure ask away."

They all listened close.

" Is it a love problem?"

" How d'you guess?"

" You can't tell her that you like her?"

" Exactly."

" So who's the lucky girl?"

Trunks sighed. " Pan."

" Who's Pan?"

" Your neice."

" Oh yeah........ WHAT?!?!"

" Pan."

" I didn't know you like my neice!"

" Because I didn't tell you!"

" Why is it so hard?"

" i don't know! it's just so hard."

Gohan's eyes widened. Than Pan came in.

" Hi guys what were you taking about?"

" Oh hi Pan! we were just taking about a........ Pens!!"

" Me?"

" No! P-E-N Pen."

" I see. By the way, Uncle Goten how's your chest doing?"

" Fine. It stopped bleeding."

" good the I need to talk to you."

"Okay." Goten followed her out of the room.

" Uncle Goten I need your advice."

" Uhh...... Okay. ask away."


" Is it a love problem?"

" Yes."

" You can tell him that you like him."

" Yes."

" So who's the lucky guy?"

" It's ............ Trunks."

" WHAT?!?!?"

" Trunks."

" Uh Oh."

" Uh Oh what?"

" Oh nothing."

Gohan's eyes widened even more.

Then Trunks came in.

" What are you guys talking about?"

" Uh.... We were talking about..... Trunks!"

" Me?"

" No! Trunks you put on."

" I see."

Trunks and Pan looked at each other.

" I think I hear my mom calling me gotta go bye!" Goten said as he
rushed out of the room.

" I need to tell you something." Trunks and Pan both said at the

" Oh you go first Trunks."

" Okay."

" Uh....... I.... I...."

He saw Goten behind him holding up a sign. It said.
' He likes you too!'

" Trunks you like me?"

" How d'you know? " Trunks asked as he turned around. Goten quicly hid
the sign and whistled.

" Well....... Yes I do."

" I like you too!" Pan said as he hugged him.

" Really? That's great!"

Three month later.

" Guys we're amost at planet earth. We better put are suits on." Goten
said as he tried to put his suit on.

Everybody put on their space suits and sat on their seats.

" Mission control. We are about to land. Prepare for landing."

" Roger that."

" Everybody hang on." Trunks said as he pushed the lever down.

The ship slowly went down to the spaceport. Then with a big skid they
landed. They opened the Hatch and got out of the ship.

" We're finally back on earth!" Marron cheered.

Ward ran over to them.

" Glad you made it back safe." He said to them.

" Yeah well, sorry we failed the mission."

" Well, I guess it was a bad Idea from the start." He smiled.


" Plane ariving to Chikuu." The speaker said.

Then Goten, Trunks, Pan and Marron came from the port.

" Mom! Dad!" Marron ran over to them and gave them a big hug.

" Are you okay?"

" Yeah I'm fine.

Pan ran over to her parents and gave them a hug.

"Pan, you've grown a lot." Gohan said.

" I missed you."

Trunks ran over to his family.

" So Bra. How's the Corp?"

" Oh same as it is."

" Great!"

Goten ran over to his parents.

" Hey Mom! Dad! I'm back!"

Chi Chi gave him a real tight hug. Goten couldn't breath.

" Mom! you don't want to kill me right after I'm back do you?" Everyone

" So tell us about your adventure guys!" Bra said, dieing to know what
happened, even though she saw it all.

" Well let's just say that I don't want to go to space ever again."
Marron said as he looked at Goten.

Goten smiled back.

" So Goten how's your chest doing?" Goku asked.

" Huh? How d'you know?"

" The Crystal ball."

" We saw everything." Bra added

" E...everything?"

" Oh yeah by the way, Goten you had a mail." Chi Chi said handing him a

" You too Marron."

" So do you Trunks."

" Here Pan."

They all read there mails.

" Dear recipent,

You have been selected to carry out a mission for the U.S. Navy.....

They all said at the same time. Then they looked at each other.

" Nahhh!"

They crumpled it up and threw it behind them.

The End!

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