What A Day
by Brad
The day started,and as usual,Vegeta,Bulma,Goku,and Chi Chi woke up. After breakfest,the first thing on the list was shopping for food. Chi Chi and Goku were shopping first.with the usual Goku saying "can I have this Chi Chi?"Or "How 'bout this?"And then Chi Chi saying "No,you have to start watching what you eat you know"and"No,but how about this,it's good,and good for you"and then Goku sighed, but then he usualy guilted Chi Chi into letting him get some junk food
or something.

  Then finally,Vegeta and Bulma came into the store,with Bulma being the only one out of the two who put stuff into the cart.Vegeta really hated shopping for food,or really shopping for almost anything at all. But he did through in a chocolate bar every now and then,or some meat here and there,but otherwise,nothing.Until he and Goku found something that they really liked,a martial art's tournament flyer with a thing saying THE WINNER WILL GET A FOURTY TWO POUND HAM AND FREE GROICERIES FOR A  WHOLE YEAR!!!IT'S ON TOMORROW,ARE YOU READY?????????????
"Kackarott,I'm going to win that ham,and have the pleasure of beating you,"Vegeta said bitterly.
"Don't forget the grocieries for a year!"added Bulma.
"I don't think so Vegeta!"said Goku.
"We could use grocieries for a year!"said Chi Chi.

************THE NEXT DAY**********************************************

"WWWWWEEEELOCOME TO THE NATIONAL MARTIAL ART'S MEAT TOURNAMENT!!!" screamed an announcer's voice."We have alot of matches today!!First we have VEGETA PRINCE OF THE SAIYANS!!Against MANIC THE MANIAC!!!"said the announcer."And now they start off.Vegeta punches and kicks,and WHAM that had to hurt,Manic with one kick sent Vegeta across the stadium.But  wait!Vegeta has  just thrown a giant ki blast towards Manic.Can Manic
avoid  it?No and he's outta----just wait,Manic's still up!Can Vegeta knock him down?And Vegeta goes after him with amazing punches and kicks,POW,WHAM,GULLOOOT!(Just kidding about that last one) Vegeta is killing Manic" Announced the announcer.

*******************3 hours later**************************************

"And here it comes ,THE BIG ONE,HERE IT IS,VEGETA'S FINAL FLASH ATTACK HAS KNOCKED OUT MANIC!!!This match is over!!!"yelled the announcer. And Vegeta held up his arms in victory!!!

Next was Goku!

"And now,we have ,are you ready for this?GGGGGOOOKKKUUUUU!!!!And his opponent....GLACIERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the announcer. "And glacier starts out with his ice freeze attack!!And Goku breaks it with his KAMEHAMAHA AND TO ADD TO THAT STRENGTH HE GOES KAOKAN!!! AND BLAST'S GLACIER,but Glacier is still UPPP!!!!!!And he immediatly gives  Goku a fight with hands and feet,and...A KI BLAST THE SIZE OF A GLOBE!!!And he throw's it at Goku!And WHAMM!Goku flies across the stadium"screams the announcer.

***************************3 hour's later*****************************

"And Goku uses...SUPER KAMEHAMAHEA!!!!AND THAT'S ALL FOR GLACIER!!!!" yelled the announcer as Goku cheered!!!!!!

******IN THE LOCKER ROOM**********************************************

"Kackarott,you were good,I'll admit that,but not good enough to beat ME"Vegeta said bitterly.
"We'll see,"Goku said as the announcer anounced a couple very quick  victoies.

*****************AT THE END OF THE CONTEST****************************

When he said that Vegeta looked like he saw a ghost.
"Now let's start the match!"said the announcer as Bulma beat on poor Vegeta,who was still in shock,and,what kind of man punches his wife?
And finally...
"WHAM!!Vegeta is out,and Bulma is the winner!"said the announcer.

Vegeta angerly.
Now it was Goku's turn.
"And Goku's opponent is...CHI CHI!!!"and when the announcer said that, Goku was finished in the tournament.Then it was Bulma and Chi Chi. I know I know,THE BATTLE EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE! But instead,they delibritly tied,so they each got a 21 pound ham (half) and shopping for free for a year.
"Well,Bulma I hope you're happy,I was beaten by a woman!"grumbled Vegeta.
"Ahh,don't be like that,you just didn't want to hurt me,isn't that  right?"said Bulma.
"Yahh,that's it,no mere woman could beat me,HAHA,"said Vegeta triumphantly.
Bulma grew a frown,she was trying to make him feel better,and he insulted every woman on earth.


Bulma layed out the prince,stuffed him in the car,and went home.
"Wow Chi Chi,I didn't know you could fight so well!"Goku complemented.
"Thank you,"Chi Chi thanked.
"Ohh,and I taped the whole thing!"Chi Chi said.
"OOOOOOHHHH GREAT,THANX,"Goku said sarcasticly.

I'll beat you yet Kackarott,thought Vegeta in his sleep.


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