The World She Never Knew
By: ð°VïÐ꣰ð

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A/n: One day I was thinking about Miria no Trunks, and decided that there had to be more than one future timeline. This story is about the Pan of one of the other timelines. There is a RAPE scene in this. There is nothing to grapich, but this is NOT for younger readers. Thanks


He hovered above her. He knew he had her scared he could see it in her blue eyes. While he looked down at her, he took in everything about her. From the way her hair glowed golden to the three scars upon her face. Even though he has spent his life trying to kill her, he still found himself attracted to her.
"Why just your beautiful scared face Pan-chan."

"Ah yes, that was your fathers pet name for you wasn't it? It's such a terrible shame Gohan had to die like that. Don't you agree Pan-chan?" He could see the tears wield up upon the mention of her beloved father. In the mere second he saw her close her eyes he moved in upon her, entrapping her like a animal would do to its pray. She did not have time to react to him, nor did she try. Even in the golden stage she was no match for him. His power was far greater than hers.
"Aww, Pan-chan don't cry. I would hate to see you in pain."
"You bastard. I f***ing hate you. Some day I will destroy you. I promise you that."
"More empty promises Pan? Really, did Gohan teach you nothing? At least when you father said that he might have had a chance of making it happen. But you....Pa-lease."

She could hear his soft chuckle. The sound of his voice crypt her out. Trying to get away from him wasn't working to well. She did everyting she could, until she had no more strength. That's when it happened. She fell out of the golden stage. She couldn't even change into a super saiyan. When she opened her eyes it terrified her. The look in his eyes made her cringe. She knew he was going to do something to her, she could feel it in her blood.
"You really don't know what you do to me do you Pan-chan? HAAHHHAHHHAHHHAHA"

"Cryus? Have you gone mad?"
She felt his arms wrap around her in an attempt to hold her tighter.
She had no power left to stop him. He was free to do what ever he wanted to her. And he planed on it.
"Oh my little Pan. Your garments are getting in my way. Why don't you take them off for me? Humm???"

But it was to late; Cryus had ripped off all of Pan's gi. She was now completely nude, and it only took a second for him to join her in that state. Pan shivered with fear. She was of Saiyan blood and yet she was completely helpless. She was only 19. This shouldn't be happing. Not to her. Not yet. She felt his mouth all over her body. She couldn't help but to succumb to the moment. In an almost caring manor, Cryus glided Pan to the ground. She could feel his body weight upon her. The thought of him inside of her didn't appeal too very well. She was going to let this run its course. There was no way she was going to stop him. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the sharpest pain inside of her. She screamed out. All he did was thrust harder into her, enjoying himself with every scream he caused her. Then it happened. She passed out. She felt it creep upon her, and for the first time she willingly let her self pass out.


Chi-chi had been searching for days for her granddaughter, but to no avail. Just as she was going to give up hope, she noticed a small figure lying on the ground. Moving in closer she saw her granddaughter lying in a puddle of blood next to torn shreds of fabric.
"OH KAMI PAN!!! Please let her be all right. Please"
Gathering her granddaughter into her arms, Chi-chi ran back to her capsule car. She had to get Pan over to Bulma right away. With almost every hospital destroyed, Bulma was Pans only hope for survival.


Bulma was in her lab working on a way to bring the Dragon Balls back when she heard a crash at the door. She got up from her work and ran to see what had happened. When she reached the door she was shocked at what she saw.
"HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW?! YOU'RE THE DOCTOR! Please...Bulma you have to help her!"
Bulma rushed Pan to the infirmary. She placed her in the last regeneration tank they had. Bulma quickly entered some digits on the keypad.
"Kami, PLEASE let this damned thing work!" Bulma and Chi-chi stood in anticipation while they waited for the machine to start up. Finally, after what was like an eternity, the machine kicked in.
"Chi-chi, Pan is injured pretty bad this time. I'm afraid we might lose her."
"Oh God Bulma. How did this happen. I told Pan not to leave. Why? Why Pan she's sooo sooo young? What did she do to deserve this? What?" Bulma did know how to answer her friend. Everyone that they loved had been taken from them. They were all gone.
"Bulma...if Pan pulls through, I...I want to... use one of you time travel machines and send her away. I don't want her to end up like one of your......."

"Go on, say it. One of my kids. Chi-chi it's not fair that both Bra and Trunks died. But I know that they died fighting for what was right. I had thought about sending them back, but I would have lost them either way."

"But Bra was only 9 when she died. She didn't have a chance to live. It's not fair! Look at the way your son died. Or even the way your husband died. Bulma, I don't want that for Pan. I would rather lose her knowing that she is still alive somewhere, then have her die to that monster!"

"I agree with you Chi-chi. But...Pan is our last line of defense. We will DIE without her to protect us."

"I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S A**  WHAT HAPPENS TO US! Pan is all that matters to me. Bulma, Please let me send her back. She might have a chance to know her father or grandfather. That's all that really matters. Look at her face, she is so beautiful. Just like her mother. But yet the scars upon her face will haunt her for the rest of her life."

"You do realize that if we send her back, that she most likely will not come back here. You will never see her again. You are going to put her in a world she never knew."

"I....I know. But I want her to know that world."

"It's settled then. When she is strong enough to make the journey, we will send her back."


Later on that week, Pan finally awoke. She was unstable at first but quickly gained her senses.
"Pan, Your Grandmother and I have decided that it would be best if you were to go to the past and seek training for your Grandfather. We have made ready a time capsule for your travel. Please, go get ready."
"Hai, Bulma-san"
With that Pan left to gather up her few belongings to set out on a new journey.
"Bulma! How could you lie to her! Your going to make her think that things are not as grim as they really are!"
"But isn't that for the better? Do you want her to leave remembering only the bad stuff? For her sake let her think that this isn't permanent. I'm only going to give the time machine enough power for one way. And I am going to encrypt a message saying not to power it up ever again."

"All right, I'm ready!"
"Ok Pan-chan! I hope you have a safe journey"

"Thanks Bulma-san."

"Grandma, I'm going to miss you. Please, both of you take care."
"Hai Pan-chan. I'm going to miss you too.
Pan bored the time capsule and left for a new day and time. Hopefully, for her sake, where she was landing there would be peace. She didn't think she couldn't take any more fighting for the time.

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