Big Uncle Piccolo
By:Katsurina Dennisu

 Goku had come over to pick Goten up one spring day at Capsule Corp.Piccolo had followed them hoping to be able to see Gohan and his new family."Well,Hello you two!Goten is upstairs,I'll go get him!"Bulma said.On her way,she bumped into her husband Vegeta.Vegeta looked at the two visitors in the doorway."What are Kakarott and the jolly green giant doing here?"He asked."They're here to pick up Goten.I hope that's not a problem, Oh prince of all idiots."Bulma said,bowing sarcasstically.Vegeta scowled at her and headed for the kitchen.Bulma called for Goten who rushed downstairs accompanied by Trunks and Kat.

"Hey Goten!What's up?How's my little guy?"Goku said."Fine,tousan.Me and Trunks and Kat were playing a video game,and Kat was kicking Trunks' butt!!"Goten exclaimed."Goten!!You were'nt supposed to tell them that!"Trunks snapped.Kat elbowed Trunks."Remember to tell everyone that it was a girl that beat you!"She said.Piccolo shook his head."Beaten by a female.What a disgrace."he said."I bet I could kick your butt,you jolly green giant!"Kat said."Dont call me that,Kid!!Fine,we'll take it outside!!"Piccolo said.Bulma stood infront of them."Well,Piccolo,If you're going to spar with them,you might as well take care of them for a while.Me and Vegeta are going out for a while."She said.Vegeta stuck his head out from the kitchen."Where?"He asked.Bulma grinned."You'll see Veggie-chan!!"She said."Kuso,Woman,dont call me that!"Vegeta yelled.It was too late though,Piccolo and Kat were already outside.

 So,Piccolo ended up"babysitting"Trunks,Bra,and Kat."I cant believe I got sucked into this."Piccolo said to himself.He sat in the living room on the floor.Trying to meditate."Piccolo-san!Trunks spilled the juice and there is a big mess in the kitchen!!"Bra called out.Piccolo sighed angrily."And??"He said.Trying to focus his ki."And.. you gotta do something about it!!"Bra said."Shut up Bra!I dont need him yelling at me!!"Trunks snapped at Bra.Kat walked out to the living room."Hey Piccolo-san.What are you doing?"She asked."Meditating."Piccolo replied."Oh..How do you do that?"Kat asked."Like this. "Piccolo demonstrated. "Oh..Wanna play a video game?I beat Vegeta-san 10 times.I bet I could beat you."Kat said."I have no time for childish games."Piccolo replied."Are you scared I'll beat you?Haha!Piccolo-san is a chicken!"Kat teased."How dare you compare me to a bird!!Fine!I'll take your challenge."Piccolo said.Kat switched on the Playstation and began the game.

  "That's One hundred points for me..None for you!!"Kat said triumphantly.Piccolo cursed under his breath."Piccolo-san,I'm getting tired of this game.I'm gonna go see what Trunks is doing."Kat strolled up the stairs."Trunks-kun?Trunks-kun?You around?"Kat called.No response.Kat knocked on Trunks' door.Still no response.She opened the door and gasped.Her eyes widened.Trunks was asleep on his bed.Only dressed in his boxers.Kat tried to tip-toe out of the room.But Trunks woke up."K..K-chan?"He mumbled.They both looked at eachother.Trunks looked at what he was wearing.They started screaming.

  "What the hell is going on?"Piccolo stormed up the staircase.He saw a frozen Kat standing infront of Trunks door.Trunks was hiding under his covers."I dont get it"Piccolo said.Trunks pulled down his covers a little."So?"Piccolo asked. "Shimatta,Piccolo-san!Trunks is only wearing boxers!!"Kat practically yelled at Piccolo."And?"Piccolo asked.A sweatdrop appeared on Kat's forehead.

  Luckily,The incident was soon resolved.Trunks still didnt come out of his room until dinner.Since Piccolo and Trunks didnt cook,Katsurina got stuck cooking.She heated up five packs of Macaroni and cheese for Trunks,3 packs for bra,and began pouring a large glass of water for Piccolo.Kat thought of something evil.Well,at least to her it was.She poured some sugar and salt into Piccolo's water.Kat snickered to  herself.

  "Piccolo-san!!Trunks-kun!!Bra-chan!!Dinner!"Kat called.The three aliens rushed to the table.Kat passed out the meal and watched piccolo.Piccolo took a drink of his water and made a face that he had never made before in his life."What the hell is this crap?!?!?"Piccolo asked aloud."Oh,Piccolo-san,You dont like it??"at asked,a grin forming on her face."No,I dont like it,It tastes like crud!!"Piccolo yelled."I know."Kat snickered."Alright Piccolo-san"I will get you a normal glass of water."Kat giggled.

  After a long day Piccolo sat in the living room with his eyes closed.Bulma entered the house with Vegeta who had a mob of groceries in his arms."Piccolo,we're back you can go  to yourhome,wherever that is."Bulma said.Piccolo remained in his position."Get up,baka!!Get out of my house!"Vegeta yelled.Piccolo remained still in the same position.Then a sound came from him."Piccolo's snoring!!!He sounds like you,Veggie!!!"Bulma said."Shimatta,woman,dont call me that!!"Vegeta said,hitting Piccolo on the head."N..Nani?"Piccolo stuttered."I didnt know Piccolo slept."Bulma said.Piccolo quietly got up and left.Bulma checked upstairs for the kids.Asleep in thier rooms were Trunks,Bra,and Kat.Bulma sighed."Piccolo  is a pretty good baby sitter after all"She said."I dont want him babysitting my kids anymore,Trunks wears enough green as it is."A deep voice said.A strong pair of arms wrapped around her."Oh,Vegeta,you're just plain mean sometimes."Bulma said to him."Wanna go to our room and see how mean I can be?"Vegeta said.Bulma giggled and followed him to thier room.