Thiro's Attack
By:Katsurina Dennisu

AUTHORS NOTE:Konnichiwa,minna!!I only own Kat/Katsurina...dont flame or send me hate mail for this stuff.Sorry about Bra's age problem.

It was a normal spring day at Capsule Corp.Okay maybe it wasnt so normal.But I'll get to that in a minute.Kat and Trunks were outside banging on the door of the gravity machine."Vegeta-san get outta there!You promised to train us you big dweeb!"Kat yelled."Leave me alone,kid"Vegeta yelled."If you dont come out I'll..I'll..I'll go get Bulma."she said. That was enough for Vegeta to come out."You would'nt dare."He spat.Vegeta had changed since Buu died.But he didnt change much."Fine,I'll train you."He said.Kat and Trunks jumped up and down.They began thier training as Bra sat watching them."I wanna fight"She said,"I wanna make all the pretty colors too!".Vegeta,Trunks,and Kat suddenly stopped."Did you feel that?"Trunks said."Yes,Its pretty strong."Kat added."Its not Kakkarot's."Vegeta said."Its not Goten's either."Trunks also added."I've felt this ki before,no..It cant be."Kat said.Something appeared in the sky.Trunks looked at her.The terror in her face startled him."Do you think it's..."He said."It's not possible.My mother killed him."Kat stuttered."Who?"Vegeta said."An old enemy of mine...Quick..leave...He's dangerous.His name is Tihiro."She said in a whisper.

"Nani? Who is Tihiro?"Vegeta said."He wasnt much of a problem before I was born.You and the others were on Namek at the time.Tihiro killed my father.They were both unknown saiyans.Vegeta,do you remember that the weaker saiyans were sent to other planets?"."Yes.My father told me about it"Vegeta said."Well,My father and tihiro were unknown saiyans.For some reason,Tihiro hates his own race.My mother was a very powerfu woman for an earthling.Two months after I was born,Tihiro attcked my family.Leaving only me and my mother.When I was five,he attacked again.He was extremely powerful.Surprisingly,he didnt even know about Buu and you guys.My mother killed him.But soon after,she died because of her wounds.So,seven years later,Trunks and I met,and thats about it up to now"No,Im not leaving you here alone."Trunks said."You said he was powerful.So,I'll help."Trunks said,"I'll go get Goten,Gohan-san and Goku-san."then he was off.Tihiro landed.

"Saiyans?Well,I'll take care of that.Prince Vegeta?What are you doing on earth?"Kat stepped up."Back off Tihiro.The 'prince' doesnt have to talk to you."She snapped."And who are you to say it kid??Are you his offspring?"Tihiro said with a smerk."No. But I'm a saiyan."She said.Her and her big mouth.Just then,Trunks arrived with Goku,Gohan,and Goten.

"What do you want?"Goku said."For all of you to die."Tihiro snickered."Not on your life buddy!"Bulma said while running out with a gun.Tihiro blasted Bulma and grabbed Bra."Want the brat back alive?You have to beat me."."Bulma!"Vegeta yelled in terror.He threw his big bang attack at Tihiro."Let Bra go!"Kat yelled.She threw a ki blast at him.Tihiro dodged it easily."Ha,you weakling.You have to do better than that!"he said.Kat charged at him but was blasted.She cried out in pain."Kat!?!?!"Trunks Looked at her in horror."Thats it,now Im mad"he said as he flew towards Tihiro,disappeared,reappeared behind him,and blasted him through his back.Vegeta added a couple of his moves too.Tihiro got hit a couple times and dropped Bra.Goku and Goten also added to the fight."We've got to work together"Goku said.They were all now super saiyan,exept Kat,who raised her hand to fire a ki blast.Together all of them blasted a ki blast at Tihiro.Tihiro was very weak.Bulma winced as she lifted her blaster up,pulled the trigger and shot him.

 That was the end of Tihiro.Kat and bulma were carried home.Trunks watched Kat in the rejuviation tank(I do not know how to speel that.).It was finally time for her to come out.Trunks lifted her out and she stood up."Not even Tihiro can kill me."she said triumphantly.Trunks threw his arms around her."You Baka,you didnt think I was gonna die did you?"She said.Trunks smiled.It was finally over.For now.