The House
by Chibi Usagi

Pan,Bra, Goten,and Trunks were enjoying the hot summer day.”Hey guys, said Pan,”how about we go to The Murtles House”.”Whats so special about that place?”Asked Trunks.Pan replied,”well its supposed to be haunted.” ”H-H-aunted?”repiled bra shakily.” “Yeah it’s a place where this family lived and they all killed each other.”Pan stated.”Im in said goten and trunks.” “Me too” said bra shakily.

At the Murtels

“Its kinda creepy here”said Bra.No duh that why we came.said pan.all of the sudden the door slammed shut and it locked.”im scared I’m scared I’m scared chanted Bra.Trunks and goten were trying to pull it open but were having no luck .They were all trapped in a haunted house.(A.N.OOOOOOOOhhhh spooky)The room looked like a dungion.It had all sorts of torture devices.”Now I’m really starting to get scared” said pan.”Hey look theres a door said goten.”lets open it up and see what’s inside”said Trunks.They opened a door only to reveal room that had mirrors and it was spinning and playing carousel music.”hey look  theres another door pan quickly pointed out.They opened it and found a bedroom.It looked like a place someone would have a baby in.”this house must be real old.”Trunks said.Pan looked on the wall and saw a carving, Caroline 1850.Uhhhh guys you better come and look at this pan said.They all came over.I knew it was old but not THAT old goten said.This woman Caroline must have had her baby in this room bra said.How do you know that asked pan.I don’t know I just do.Hey look another door trunks pointed out.They opened this door to reveal a living room with a huge fire place.The floor was made of marble.It was beautiful.Pan looked over to the right and saw a huge door with pictures on it.The top half had angels,beams of light,and clouds.The bottom half had demons,fire,and people screaming.”This must represent heaven and hell.On the door there was an inscription.”all ye who stand before this door shall be judged.”Goten was standing  in the big fire place.”Wow this thing is HUGE.All of the sudden a big chimney opener came down and knocked gotens head off.Bra screamed then fainted.Pan was in shock.So was trunks.Lets get the hell out of here pan said after the shock.After she said that all the doors locked.Then a painting of a very ugly man came down and there was a ghost.It was coming after bra.Trunks tried to help but couldn’t.The ghost cut his arm.”Bra go by the doors.The doors will set them free!pan screamed.bra walked backwards,slowly towards the doors.The demons on the door grabbed the ghost and pulled him in along with bra.the ghost was in hell.The demons dropped bra and she lay there on the floor.Trunks and pan rushed over to her.”Youre gonna make it bra.pan said as she cried.You have to make it.”When I go to heaven tell daddy I love him”bra whisperd.The the head of that horrible ghost came out and screamed NNOO! but the demons pulled him in.After that bra slowly layed her head down and died.Pan burst in to tears,and trunks held her out of comfort.”shes with goten now happy”trunks said.We’ll see her when we go to heaven.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the story  so please don’t sue.

A.N. This is my first fanfic.I took the murtles plantation along with the old The Haunting ploy and mixed em together to get this!No flmes please about killing off goten and bra.Should I make a sequel? The murtles is a real place so be careful and peace out -Chibi Usagi

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