Sabine-the Saiyan Princess

  Hi all! This is a severe crossover of my two favorite shows: Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon!
 Okay, so here's the background information on my new character, Sabine. (the intro is kinda lengthy, well, more than kinda.) She is the strongest woman on Earth. She was sent to Earth with Goku (or Kakarot, her bodyguard) to protect her from Frieza. She is the Saiyan Moon Princess (and happens to be Vegeta's twin sister) and has the telltale moon symbol on her forehead when she comes into contact with the Imperium Silver Crystal. Her Saiyan name is Serenity, and she is the Sailor Guardian Moon/Sailor Moon, the leader of the Saiyan Planet Guardians, and ultimately the strongest of the Saiyans (not Super Saiyans, although she does surpass her brother when she goes Super Saiyan).
 There are five other Sailors on Planet Vegeta: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Pluto, plus several more Sailors scattered throughout the universe, who later come into contact with Sailor Moon. (In this story, Sailor Pluto is not the guardian of time. Oh, the Sailor Guardians do not all have black hair and eyes, like normal Saiyans. That's one reason they're very identifiable at birth [plus the symbols on their foreheads].
 Each has the same hairstyle and eye coloring from the SM series, except for Sailor Moon/Sabine/Serenity. She has lavender eyes and slightly lighter lavender hair, which she every now and then wears in the typical "meatball" hairstyle. Oh, since Sailor Moon is the leader, she has all of the attacks of the other Sailors.) Okay, so, anyway, her mother, Queen Arianna, sent her to Earth with the Moon Transformation Locket, gave Serenity's aforementioned twin, Vegeta, the Silver Crystal itself, and kept the Crescent Wand.
  Frieza then killed Queen Arianna and took the wand for him(her?)self, not knowing that the wand, crystal, and locket would not work without the other two pieces of the moon combination. By the way, Serenity was born with a tail, but King Vegeta and Queen Arianna cut it off when Serenity was born, for they didn't want the Crystal Palace destroyed if Serenity went Oozaru. (The Crystal Palace is where the Sailor Guardians and the Saiyan Royal Family reside.
  It has five star-points and a central peak. Whenever the planet was in trouble, each of the Sailor Guardians took her place on one of the star-points, and Sailor Moon stood on the central peak. The others then used their Planet Power and funneled ki to Sailor Moon, which she then used with the Silver Crystal and Crescent Moon Wand, forming a shield around the planet. Oh, and Serenity later grows her tail back with the Brute Ray.)
 Anyway, when Serenity gets sent to Earth, she and her bodyguard are found by Grandpa Gohan. (Her memory was wiped before she was sent to Earth to keep her out of danger, so she was not vicious, but Kakarot still had his Saiyan "programming" and knew to protect the princess no matter what the cost.) One day, while walking with Gohan and Kakarot (she was the only one who could keep Kakarot under control), she slips and falls off of a sharp cliff, but is caught by Kakarot. He isn't strong enough to hold her weight and slips as well and falls off the cliff. Both hit their heads. (Gohan is an old man and isn't fast enough to get there quickly enough to catch the kids.)
 They two young Saiyans are renamed Sabine and Goku. (By the way, later on in her life, Sabine acquires a snow-white wolf named Artemis as her pet.)

 Whew! What a mouthful! Now for the story. This is actually kind of a two-for-one deal, but anyway, with my fan fics, I sometimes alter the episodes of the show, but some of it is my own creation. Some of it is really warped. Of course, this entire thing is from the mind of someone who made paper eyeballs for the class skull...but, nevermind.
  Alrighty. This story is one out of my own twisted imagination. Judging by the time it would've taken place in the DBZ Universe, it would've happened during the original series of Dragonball. Here's the story:

The meeting

It was a bright, sunny spring day when Sabine was six years old. She is walking through the woods, when she sees a dark figure looming up ahead. Sabine looks at the tall, green man with curious eyes.
  **Who are you?** Sabine asked telepathically.
  "I'm your worst nightmare," the man remarked coldly, as he rushed toward her, grabbed her, and put his hand over her mouth. He then bound her hands and feet and hung her on a low branch nearby.
  "All right, now where's the power crystal?" the man inquired. Sabine said nothing, but only looked at him with her deep, thoughtful, lavender eyes.
 "Tell me!" the man shouted.
 Again, Sabine said nothing, but sent a message to Goku.
 **Brother, help me.**
 Goku, less than a mile away on a mountaintop, looked in Sabine's general direction. "Hang on, Sab. I'm coming."
Sabine still hung on the branch when Goku arrived and confronted the tall man who had taken her captive.
 "Daimao! You have tortured my sister long enough! Let her go!"
 "Never, little boy," Daimao sneered. "Your sister's life and her power crystal now belong to me."
 "NO!" Goku screamed as he began his attack.
When Daimao punched Goku, the young boy whirled around and caught a glimpse of his sister. He was distraught with grief over the young girl he loved dearly.
Suddenly, Daimao came up behind him. "Goku, watch out!" Sabine suddenly shouted, her voice being heard for the first time ever.
Daimao shot a ki blast at Sabine, injuring her fatally. Goku, blind with rage, blasted through Daimao's chest a moment before the man spit out an egg, on his way to his dying sister's side.
 "Sabine, no..." Goku managed to say through his tears.
 "Goku..." Sabine managed to say before she went limp and her spirit exited into the next dimension.
  "NO!!!" Goku howled as he held the body of his little sister. "Sabine, I swear to you. As soon as I wish you back with the Dragonballs, I will do everything within my power to keep you from ever being hurt again...This I vow."

  It was a cold winter's afternoon about six years later. Sabine, getting ready for a figure-skating competition, decided to practice on a lake she found deep in the woods.
  "Whew! That was a long walk! I might as well get started," she said to herself, pulling on her skates.
&Nbsp;She glided gently out on to the ice, humming the tune she was going to skate to during the competition.  "Crap, I gotta get that triple axel right," Sabine mumbled to herself. "Here it goes!"
Sabine, unaware that a young, green-skinned boy wearing a white cape and turban (I hope you guys can guess who this is...) was watching her from the shadows of the surrounding forest, took off on one of her jumps.
 "Oh, wow, she's so graceful..." the boy said to himself, warily staying under the cover of the brush, but trying to keep his eye on the girl.
 "I wish I knew her name."
  "Ugh, still not right!" Sab said. "I have to keep at it." With that last remark she took off on her jump once more, unaware of the creaking ice underneath her. "Ahhhhh!" she screamed as the ice gave way and she plunged into the icy depths of the lake.
 "Oh, no!" the boy said. "I gotta save her!" He flew (literally) towards the lake, dove into the water, and seconds later reemerged with the unconscious, shivering girl in his arms.
&Nbsp; "I guess I have to take her back to my camp," he thought to himself.

 Several hours later, Sabine awoke to the sound and warmth of a crackling fire. When she sat up, she realized that she was wearing only the tank top and shorts that she wore underneath her training gi. She was covered with a long, white cloth and had bandages on her head, legs, and arms. She was also shocked to discover a green-skinned boy about her brother's height sitting by the fire in deep meditation.
  "W-who are y-you?" Sabine said, struggling.
 Then, the boy looked up. "Good, you're awake."   "No! Daimao! It c-can't...can't b-be!" Sabine said, trembling with fear at the memory. Standing and trying to back up, she tripped over a rock and fell down.
 "No, I'm not Daimao. My name is Piccolo. What's yours?" the boy, his identity revealed, stated.
 "Whew! I thought you were someone that I knew several years ago. My name is Sabine Ojisama.*** By the way, thank you for saving my life. I thought I was a goner."
 "Don't mention it. I couldn't let such talent go to waste."
 "You were watching me?"
  "Yes. You are very good. Oh, are your clothes," Piccolo said, blushing a deep scarlet and handing her the orange pants and top that she had previously been wearing. "They should be dry by now."
  "D-domo a-a-ri-rigato, Piccolo," Sab said, still shivering with the cold as she took of the white cloth that had been keeping her warm and put her training gi back on.
 "You were very lucky. The ice can be very thin up in this part of the mountain lakes."
 Sabine just smiled softly, tilting her head at the sight of her newfound friend, who, the son of the one who had sent her into the next dimension, would later save her life once more and alter the destinies of she and all of her friends.

 ***Yes, I know that Goku is Son Goku. He and Sabine have different surnames because Grandpa Gohan revealed to the two that they were adopted, so Sab chose a different last name.

  Normal disclaimers here. I did not create Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon, although I wish I did (Ooooo, money!). They were created by Akira Toriyama and Naoko Takeuchi, respectively.

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