My Weird DBGT Fan Fiction
By: Angel-Samantha

I got this idea some weird way and wrote something weird from it! Comments and Creative Criticism Welcome!!! No flames!!! E-mail ~ Moon Freak


^In play format^
None of these numbers used are real.
Starring- the normal DBGT cast, Tan-Chan (TC), Sara-Chan (SC), and me (AS)

^On the phone--AS and TC are talking^
TC-What did you call about at midnight that is so important?
AS-Midnight? Oh, yeah! *Slaps forehead* you are an hour ahead of me!
TC-So, what is so important?
AS- I got 3 tickets to Japan and since you are one of my friends who can and ACTUALLY want to go, I decided to invite you.
TC-*jumping up and down*-REALLY? Kewl! How do I get on the same plane as you?
AS- That is the cool part! The plane has to stop by your city anyway!
TC- KEWL! Who else is coming?
AS- I was thinking about Sara coming with us, but I don’t know her number.
TC- I think it is 1-264-555-9803
AS- OK! Oh, yeah! The leaving date is the 15, a week from now!
TC- The 15… Got it! C-U-Then!
AS- KEWL! Bye, bye!
^Both girls hang up the phone and AS calls SC^
AS- Sara-Chan, it’s me, Angel-Samantha!
SC- Why are you calling so late?
AS- I got tickets to Japan and was wondering if you would like to come.
SC-Ok. So, how is it possible to get on the same airplane?
AS- You can warp, right?
SC- Ok, I’ll be there!
AS- OK! C-U-Then!
SC- Ok! C-U-Then!
^Both of them hang up^
^The 15^
^At the airport, AS has cast a spell to make her wings invisible^
SC-So, from here we go to Ontario, where TC is then go to Japan, right?
AS- Right!
^At Ontario airport^
TC- Over Here!
AS- Halo, TC!
SC-Now the plane to Tokyo is at gate D-3.
AS- Let’s go!
^At gate D-3^
Person-Calling all boarding!
AS- Let’s get going!
^Above Tokyo, Japan^
AS-*pointing at a light heading at the plane*-What is that?
TC and SC-I dunno!
^The light hits the ship and it breaks in two^
^SC, TC, and AS float to the ground and then look at each other^
AS- YEA!!!
AS-*points at a sign*-Read!
TC-*reading out loud*-Capsule Corps…AHH!!!
AS-We are in the DBGT world!
SC-And your wings are showing again!
AS- What? Really? Wonder why.
TC-Well, at least we have an idea on why the ship exploded.
SC- That’s right, one of the teams are sparring.
TC- Yup! So, what are we going to do now?
SC- Well, we need a place to stay at while we’re here!
AS- There is an apartment building.
SC-We don’t have any money!
AS-*smiles evilly*- Guilt.
SC-*gets the idea*- Ok! So, how do we find out who it was?
TC- Trunks and Goten did it!
AS- Huh? How you know?
TC-*points at two running figures*- Wild guess.
^Trunks and Goten come run toward the three^
Trunks- Sorry about that! Wild shot!
Goten- Yea, we were sparring and I aimed a little to high.
AS- So, you’re Trunks and you’re Goten. Hmm…proves my point!
TC-We didn’t doubt you in the first place! AS- Oh, yeah…
Trunks-You know Goten?
SC- Yeah, that same way we know you, Trunks.
AS- But, anyway, I am Angel-Samantha, which should explain the wings.
Trunks-*looks at the wings*- Didn’t notice them. Nice to meet you!
SC-I am Sara-Chan!
TC- And I am Tanya, or more know as Tan-Chan!
Trunks- Nice to meet you!
Goten-What he said!
SC- Well, we need a place to stay.
Trunks- Oh, that’s easy.
^Trunks hands SC a lot of money^
AS, TC, and SC- THANX!
Trunks- No problem!
^The next day, after the three spent the night in their new apartment^
^At the new apartment^
AS- So, what are we going to do today?
TC-We could go visit the Z-gang!
SC- I want to go shopping since we lost most of the clothes we had when the plane exploded!
AS- Alright! Sound good to me, TC?
TC-We might run into them at the arcade!
^The three are at the mall^
SC-*looking at the necklaces with crosses on them*-I want this one and this one!
TC-*runs into another store looking at the blue dresses*- Come on!
AS-*runs into the store looking at the red and green dresses*- I like this one!
^TC buys a blue dress with flowers dotting it, AS buys a red dress with black hearts around the collar, and SC buys a black dress along with a cross necklace^
AS- Ok! Time to hit the arcade!
SC-*ahead of them*- Come on!
^The three walk into the arcade, where Trunks, Bra, Goten, and Marron are^
AS-*standing behind Trunks*- Nice to see you again, Trunks!
Trunks-*jumping up*- Wha…? You guys again!
AS-*giggling*- Surprised you!
SC-What you guys doing here?
Trunks- Nothing much! Let me introduce my sister, Bra, and her friend, Marron.
Marron- So, Trunks, I am not worthy enough of being called your friend?
Trunks-What are you talking about? All I was saying was your Bra’s friend!
Marron- Never mind!
Trunks-*scratches his head*- Well, this is Angel-Samantha, Tanya, and Sara.
Marron- Nice to meet you!
Goten- Let’s get something to eat!
^All the girls get a scared look on their face^
AS- I’m not hungry… Sorry!
SC- Neither am I!
TC- Ditto!
Marron-*looking at the three*- I am not either…
Bra- I’ll stay with Marron and the others.
Trunks and Goten-Suit yourselves!
^Trunks and Goten leave^
AS- Umm…I may be 25%, but I do not eat like that!
Marron-What do you mean 25%?
AS- Nothing! I am hungry now!
^AS leaves to get a slice of pizza^
TC- So am I.
^Follows AS^
Marron- Do you guys know how Saijins eat?
SC- Yes, we do. That is why we stayed.
Marron- How do you know?
SC- Well, I am hungry now, too!
^SC leaves to find AS and TC^
Marron- She is avoiding that question, but oh, well!
^At the arcade after everybody has eaten lunch^
AS- I want to play Mortal Combat! I want to play Mortal Combat!
SC-Why aren’t you playing it then?
AS- I want someone to play against!
Goten- I will, but I won’t go easy on you just cause you’re a girl!
AS- That’s fine with me!
^Goten and AS play 2 rounds of Mortal Combat and AS beats Goten each time^
Goten- What? Wow!
AS- I have played before you know!
Goten- I know that, but you are really good!
Trunks- I challenge one of you to a racing game!
AS- I am not good at those games!
TC- Ok! I will!
^Trunks and TC race and TC wins^
Trunks- What the? I lost!
TC- I want to meet Vegeta!
Trunks- Why do you want to meet my dad?
TC- Cause I heard he’s cool.
Bra- Dad? Cool?
Marron- I don’t think those rumors are true by a long, long shot!
Goten- Vegeta is a little self-righteous…
TC- I know that!
SC- That is why we want to meet him!
AS- I don’t really care!
^ SC and TC cover AS’s mouth, and then AS kicks them in the shin^
AS- Better!
Trunks- Ok! I guess I’ll take you, but do not do any thing to make him mad!
^Trunks, Bra, Marron, and Goten take the trio to Trunks’s house^
Trunks- Mom! I’m home!
Bulma- I am right here!
Trunks- Sorry! Anyway, Mom, this is Angel-Samantha, Tanya, and Sara.
Bulma- Nice to meet you.
Trunks- This is my mom, Bulma.
Bulma-Your dad is out back, so avoid him, ok?
SC- Actually, I want to meet Vegeta!
TC-So do I!
Bulma-*shocked*- What! You want to meet Vegeta?
^TC and SC nod, and then Trunks leads the group to the backyard^
Trunks- Bra, you handle this!
Bra- Fine! DADDY!
Vegeta-*turning around*- What do you want? Why are these people here?
Bra- Daddy, this is Angel-Samantha, Tanya, and Sara! They wanted to meet you!
Vegeta-…whatever! I am training! I don’t need bothersome kids around bugging me!
SC- Can I train with you?
Vegeta-*disgusted look on his face*-A weak girl train with me? I don’t need a weakling to train with!
SC- Weakling?!?!?!……
AS-*scared*- EVERYONE! RUN!!!
TC-*way ahead of AS, running into the house*- HURRY!!!
SC-*glowing*- You did your job…
^Everyone, except Vegeta, ran inside, having no other option^
SC-*starting to transform*-Now it’s my turn…
AS- I hate it when she gets mad…
TC- Yeah…
SC-*transformation complete*- You WILL obey me…for I am…
AS- Here it comes!
SC-*flies up and roars*- SARA THE NEKO!
Vegeta- Am I supposed to be scared like those to little twerps with you are?
SC(Neko)- I didn’t think you would be…
Vegeta-*smirk*- Then why did you change?
SC- To prove I am not weak, because I am not!
^Vegeta and SC fight and to Vegeta’s surprise, SC won, and then SC detransforms^
SC-*smirks*- You think that attacking is the only parts of battle, Vegeta. That's why you lost!
Vegeta-*goes into the gravity chamber*-Humph!
^That night at Trunks’s house, since Bulma was nice enough to let them stay^
AS- I want to play something!!!
SC- Anything except Truth or Dare!
TC- Yeah!
Trunks-…The Drinking Game?
Marron- And as for the under aged, they have to drink pure lemon juice!
^AS, SC, Bra, and TC get sour looks on their faces^
^The game is set up and there are three glasses of wine and four glasses of fresh lemon juice^
AS- The rule is you drink if you’ve done what the person who said the I’ve never thingy hasn’t done!
Trunks- I’ll start! I’ve never been dad’s favorite!
^Marron, Bra, and AS drinks^
Goten- Me next! I have never played a PlayStation!
^Everyone, except TC and Goten, drink^
AS- I’ll go! I’ve never had a crush on a friend of mine!
^Everybody, except AS, drink^
SC- Revenge is sweet! I’ve never had a crush on an anime character!
AS- Omae o korosu!!!
^AS and Bra drink^
Trunks- Bra???
Bra- Duo is so cute!
^Everyone sweatdrops^
TC- I’ve never changed to SSJ before.
^Trunks, Goten, AS, and Bra drink^
Goten and Trunks- WHAT? BRA?!?
Bra- I got really angry one day! I am sorry, but what about her?
AS- 25%!!!
Marron- So that was what you were talking about!
Trunks- Dad will be shocked beyond words!
AS- No telling!!!
Trunks- Fine!
^Many hours later- Trunks, Goten, and Marron are past drunks and the others have the bitter taste of lemon stuck in their mouths^
AS- I never want to drink lemon juice again!!!
Trunks-*drunk*- You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, and shake it all about!
Marron-*drunk*- It’s wave, not shake!
Trunks- Shake!
Marron- Wave!
Trunks- Listen! It is shake!!!
Marron- Why should I listen to you! You aren’t even my boyfriend!!!
Trunks- Fine! Will you go out with me?
Marron- Sure…
^Marron and Trunks faint^
Goten- Bra…I like you! ALOT!
Bra- What?!? I like you a lot, too, but I have a boyfriend…
Goten- Dump-*hiccups*- him!!!
Bra-*actually doing it, phones her boyfriend*- Mack, I am sorry, but it’s over!
^Bra hangs up and Goten kisses her, then faints^
Bra- EW! Beer breath!
^ The next day^
SC-This happened last night…
TC- I can’t believe we happened to be here!
AS- This is only our second day here, and we’ve helped change this place!
The End~!~