Bra's Past Adventure
by Queen Bulma

It was a quiet morning in the Capsule corp and Bra just got up and whent to the kitchen for breakfeast. When she got there she saw her breakfeast at the table and ate it. Then she whent to find something to do. Bra whent outside and saw that the ligth in the gravity room was on.

Bra: *Otousan must be trainig Oniichan*

After taking a walk in the Capsule corp garden Bra whent back inside.

Bra: *I wonder what okasan is doing*

Bra saw Bulma working in her lad, she was building a strange space ship...

Bra: "Okasan what's that"

Bulma: "Well if the other Bulma can build a timemachine so can I"

Bra: "Cool!"

Bra rememberd that it was time to watch her favorite TV show.

Bra: "My favorite show is on I'll go watch it"

Bulma: "Ok"

Bra whent to watch TV and after the show was over she whent to see if Vegeta and Trunks were done whit they're trainig. When she got outside she saw Trunks fly away whit Goten and she saw Vegeta and Goku...

Bra: "Otousan are you and Goku going to spar again?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Bra: "Can I watch?"

Vegeta: "Ok just sitdown rigth there and watch"

Bra: "Ok"

Vegeta and Goku began to spar and Bra was watching.

Bra: *I like the pretty colors they make... I wish I could do that and fly too... I know I'll tell otousan to teach me*

After Vegeta and Goku finish sparing and Goku whent home...

Bra: "Can you teach me how to fly and make colors like that otousan?"

Vegeta: "Hai I'll teach you later"

Bra: "When?"

Vegeta: "Later when you're a little older"

Bra: "Ok"

After a while it was lunch time and after lunch Trunks and Goten got to Capsule corp and where playing videogames, Goku came back to sapar whit Vegeta, Bulma was preparing everything for tonigth (All they're friends were coming) so Bra had nothing to do...

Bra: *I'm so bored*

Bra remember how many interesting things she saw in Bulma's lab so she whent back...

Bra: *There's the time machine...*

Bra whent inside the time machine.

Bra: *I wonder what this botton does*

Bra pushed a botton and the time machine disapear...

Bra: "Oh no what happened"

The timemachined landed... crashed somewhere... and Bra got out...

Bra: "Where am I this is no fun what is this place I wanna go home snif..."

Bulma: "Who's there?"

Bra: "Nani?"

Bulma: "Don't cry what are you doing here on Namec little girl?" *she looks like me*

Bra: "Okasan!"

Bulma: "Nani? I think you made a mistake I'm not you're okasan"

Bra: "But you are"

Bulma: "No but don't worry I'll help you find your okasan"

Bra: "Don't you remember me?"

Bulma: "I've never meet you before... what's your name?"

Bra: "Bra"

Bulma: "Is that the space ship that brougth you here?"

Bra: "It's a timemachine and... wait that's it I'm must be in the past"

Bulma: "A time machine? the past?... wait a minute why does it say Capsule corp on it?"

Bra: "Because you build it"

Bulma: "No that can't be..."

Bra: "Relly I'm your daugther and I wanna go home to the future"

Bulma: "Well you do look like me but..."

Gohan Krillin and Vegeta returned from the eldest Namec.

Krillin: "I need the dragon ball fast"

Bulma: "Wait what's going on?"

Krillin: "No time to... who's that girl?"

Vegeta: "Hurry up let's go before it's too late"

Vegeta and Krillin flew away whit the dragon ball.

Gohan: "Hey, wait for me"

Gohan flew after them.

Bulma: "Wait, where do you think you're going whit that dragon ball?... Krillin and Gohan were whit Vegeta? why would they help Vegeta?"

Bra: "Why not?"

Bulma: "Because Vegeta wants to take over the univers"

Bra: "Why would otousan do that?"

Bulma: "Otousan?"

Bra: "Hai, he's my otousan and you're my okasan"

Bulma: "Are you trying to tell me that Vegeta and I have a dagther in the future?"

Bra: "Hai and I have and son too"

Bulma: "No way"

Bra: "But it's true it relly is and if you don't get married I'll never exist... snif..."

Bulma: "Don't cry you will exist" *But not thanks to me*

Bra: "Promise?"

Bulma: "I promise"

Bra: "Will you the timemachine?"

Bulma: "Hai"

Bulma started to fix the time machine.

Bulma: "Lest's see I need some tools"

Bra looked inside the timemachine and found a box full of capsules.

Bra: "I found some capsules"

Bulma: "These capsules have replsment parts, tools and some things I've never seen before but they look usefull... hey this is map of how it works"

Bulma started to fix the timemachine.

Bulma: "What a great design... intersting... now why did I think of that..."

Bra: "You did just not yet"

Maenwhile Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin were figthing the Giņu force and Goku just landed on Namec and whent to help them. Back whit Bulma and Bra...

Bulma: "Finish"

Bra: "Can I go back home now"

Bulma: "Hai... I think so"

Bra whent inside the time machine and pushed the same botton she pushed before and the timemachine disapear.

Bulma: "It disapear it relly was a timemachine! I wonder if... no it couldn't be... could it?"

In the present...

Bra: "It landed..."

Bra got out of the time machine.

Bra: *What's that?*

Bra saw the timemachine disapear.

Bra: "Look like I got here at the same time that I left"

Bra got out of the lab and whet to the kitchen.

Bra: "Okasan"

Bulma: "Let's get everything redy for tonigth Bra"

Bra: "Ok"


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