Marron ran down the hall, trying to talk to Trunks before first period.   She had won some tickets to a °∆Zen Experience°« concert the night before, and she was really looking forward to telling him.  Trunks had always loved going to concerts, and °∆Zen Experience°« was his favorite.  Marron was really happy to having a real date with him, instead of those °∆study sections°« every Sunday.  She was in his locker area, when she stopped in her tracks.  Her blood ran cold.

        Trunks was leaning over a girl with light brown hair, named Catherine Schooner.  Their lips got closer and closer . . . and they met.  She wanted to run over there, scream at him, and punch Catherine in the face. But she just turned to go to her first class.  Her face was as white as a peace of paper, and she wanted to cry. °»I°«ll talk to him when I°«m clamed down, maybe there°«s an explanation.°… She said, shaking with rage.


        °»Trunks!  Of all the inconsiderate . . . you°«d better have a great explanation!°… Marron yelled at Trunks in the empty hallway.  It was a few minutes after lunch had started for third period, and she just had to talk to him about what she saw.

        °»What°«d I do wrong?°… A confused Trunks said, looking around, hoping no one saw them.

        °»I saw you and Catherine Schooner today.°… She growled, moving close to his face.

        °»Nani?  How could you even think that I°«d go out with her?°… Trunks said, turning red, remembering the incident.

        °»Very easily.°… She said.  °»Trunks, you°«re too immature for a real relationship.  As soon as you grow up, call me.°…

        °»But Marron, I--°… Trunks started, but she walked away.  He was thankful that no one had been around to hear the argument.  Immature?  Him?  Yeah right.  Then he thought about it.  That°«s what Bra was always saying . . .

        Why are you letting this bother you? Trunks asked himself.  You get in fights with her all the time.  Maybe it°«s cuz you know she°«s right this time?  Because it sounds so final?

He sighed and walked to lunch.


        °»Marron, what°«s wrong?°… Bra asked, walking over to one of her best friends.  It was gym class and everyone was grouping together, but Marron.  She just looked at the ground.

        °»Yeah, what°«s wrong?°… Goten asked.

        °»Nothing.°… She said with a pout.

        °»C°«mon, you can tell us!°… Bra said.

        °»I saw Trunks kissing Catherine Schooner.°… Marron said.

        °»That jerk!°… Bra said.  °»I°«m going to have a--°…

        °»Don°«t bother.  I told him that he was too immature to have a relationship, and that he can call me when he grows up.°… Marron sighed, trying to cry.

        °»Okay, everyone with a last name of A-L, come and do the bend arm hang.°… The gym teacher, Mrs. Forma roared
over the sound of their gym class.

        °»I°«ll be right back.°… Bra said.  Goten didn°«t know what to do, Marron just looked so sad.  He had never dealt with a girl like this.  He shifted from foot to foot, until she finally broke the silence.

        °»Why does he do stuff like that?  Doesn°«t he like me?°… Marron asked, almost breaking down.

        °»Oh, he likes you.°… Goten said immediately.

        °»Then why?°… She asked, starting to cry.  °»Is there something wrong with me?°…

        °»No, not at all.°… He said, taking her into his arms. She started to sob on his shoulder.  They stood there like that for a few minutes.  °»He just . . . has never had a serious relationship before.°…

        °»You don°«t lie well.°… She said, with a laugh, wiping some tears from her face.  °»I know he°«s had plenty.  But they°«ve never lasted, have they?°…

        °»Nope.  And now you know why,°… Goten said with a laugh.

        °»Hai.°… Marron agreed, looking him in the face.  °»But. . . I don°«t think I want to get back together with him.  Do you thin I should?°…

        °»I don°«t know.°… Goten said with a shrug.

        Goten looked so handsome right then.  His hair blown out of his face, his deep black eyes . . . Hey Marron, he likes Zen Experience . . .

°»Hey, do you like the band Zen Experience?°… Marron asked.

        °»Heck yeah!°… Goten said.

        °»Well, I won two tickets to the band, and I was wondering if you°«d like to come?whoa!°… She said with a laugh.  Goten picked her up and started spinning around.

        °»I would love that!°… Goten said.

        °»Okay.°… She said as he sat her down.  °»It°«s at ten on Saturday.°…

        °»Okay, should I pick you up or what?°…

        °»That°«d be good.°… Marron agreed.  °»Hey, do you want to get something to eat before, my treat?°…

        °»I never turn down free food,°… Goten said.

        °»Okay.  I°«ll see you then.°…

        °»Okay!  M-T!°… Mrs. Forma yelled.

        °»See ya.°… Goten said, running over.

        Did I just make a date with Son Goten? Marron asked herself.

        Bra pushed and shoved herself to the front of the line.  Sometimes it°«s a real advantage to be a Saiyan, or at least, a half Saiyan.  She did the bend arm hang easily, wanting to get back quickly.  She rang back over to them.  She saw Goten swinging Marron around.

        Boy, she got over that fast!  She thought.  Then she heard what she was saying. °»Hey, do you want to get something to eat before, my treat?°… Marron asked. No!  Bra thought, her eyes wide, shaking her head. °»I never turn down free food.°…
What?  No!  Goten, I like you!  Why haven°«t you noticed? Bra said, shaking with disappointment.

        °»See ya!°… Goten was calling running to the bend arm hang.  He wasn°«t looking where he was going, and ran right into Bra.

        °»Oh, sorry Bra.°… Goten said.  °»Guess what?°…

        °»What?°… She asked, not really listening.

        °»Marron had concert tickets to ZE!  She invited me to come, isn°«t she nice?°… He asked.

        °»Yeah.  A real peach.°… Bra said, angrily, looking at Marron walk over to some little group of kids.  She wasn°«t mad a Goten, just Marron. How could she?  She must know I have a crush on him!  She thought, running into the locker room, not wanting anyone to see her cry.


        °»Goten!°… Trunks yelled, running down the hall towards his best friend at the end of the day.  °»Hey Goten!°…

        °»What?°… Goten asked, turning around.

        °»I was wondering  . . . I got some money and I was wondering if you want to come place on Saturday, you

        °»Um . . . gomen, I gotta date.°… Goten mumbled, trying to avoid Trunks°«s eyes.

        °»What?  You a date?°… Trunks laughed.  °»Who is it?°…

        °»No one, really.°…

        °»So, what?  You°«re going to go to some McDonalds by yourself?°…

        °»No.°…  Goten said.

        °»Then who?°… Trunks persisted.

        °»No one!  I don°«t want to talk about it!°… Goten said, trying to get out of the school doors.

        °»So she°«s ugly?°…

        °»No!  There°«s nothing wrong with her.  I just--°…

       °»Tell me!°… Trunks said, blocking the door.

        °»Fine!  It°«s Marron okay?  We°«re going to a concert together, okay?  Happy now?°… Goten said.

        °»Jeez, Goten, it°«s not that big of a deal.°… Trunks said.

        °»You mean, you°«re not upset?°…

        °»Nah.°… Trunks said, but Goten could see the hurt in his eyes.

        °»Well, I gotta go.°… Goten said, feeling uncomfortable.

        °»Yeah, later.°… Trunks said then went to wait by the doors for Bra.  He had to take her home that day.
She walked out and neither one said a word.  Just two hearten broken teenagers walking home.

°»So, what°«d you do today?°… Bra sighed, finally breaking the silence.

°»Not much, you?°…

°»Nothing.°… She said, miserably and walked into their house.