A/N:Hey everyone! I typed up a brand new ficie. It doesn't go with my epic one, cause i amd kinda stumped on that one. So here's my new ficcie "Memories".
By, T.F.

Trunks happily walked towards his fiancee’s house, glad he escaped work today. He soon arrived at her apartments called The Emeralds. He knocked on his fiancee’s door. Soon enough, she opened the door.
"Trunks!!" Marron squealed, happily. "What are you doing here?"
"Well, I escaped work, just to see you!" Trunks grinned.
"Oh, you’re so sweet," Marron answered, sarcastically. Trunks smiled.
"I know! I’m like so SWEET!! It’s like so cool!" Trunks said with a fake gay tone.(No offense to ANYONE!)
"You’re also very dumb, but I’ll let you in anyway," Marron walked back into her apartment, followed by Trunks. "Want anything to drink?" Marron asked, walking to the kitchen, followed by Trunks, once more.
"Nah, I’m fine," Trunks grabbed her by her waist, and Marron giggled. He nuzzled his head in her neck, and kissed her gently. Marron squirmed out of his arms and walked over to the couch. Trunks followed again, and sat down next to her. She reached under the coffee table, and grabbed her bottle of lotion, to put on her just bathed skin.
"What are you gonna do with that?" Trunks questioned her. Marron raised her eyebrows.
"Let’s see, I’m gonna put some lotion on my legs, so I can walk my dog," Marron explained.
"I don’t need walking, I walked all the way here," Trunks smiled geeky. Marron grabbed his cheek and pinched it just like old aunts do.
"Not you! Lukie!" Marron laughed. "You know, my hairy boyfriend?" Trunks made an ‘about to cry’ face.
"So you’re having an affair with some other guy??" Trunks asked. Marron giggled.
"Oh yeah Trunks, I’m having an affair with my dog," Marron said sarcastically. Trunks eyes widened.
"YOU’D RATHER GO OUT WITH A DOG THAT ME???" Trunks yelled. Marron burst out laughing.
"Shut up Trunks!!!" Marron playfully pushed him, but Trunks made it look like she shoved him off the couch.
"How dare you!!" Trunks stood up, and brushed his suit off. Lukie came running in, after hearing the big outburst. Marron picked him up and started stroking his head. "I DON’T need YOU treating me like this cause I AM the president of Capsule Corp.!! As for you, DOG!!" Trunks took Lukie from Marron, and walked to the porch. He held Lukie over the railing.
"Trunks, don’t!" Marron pleaded. Trunks then turned around to her and burst out laughing.
"You think I would do that to Lukie?" Trunks asked in between laughs. " I was the one who gave you the dog! Why would I KILL him?" Marron frowned, and crossed her arms. Trunks let Lukie go back to Marron. "I would never do that to Lukie, but you, maybe…." Trunks then picked up Marron, and levitated off the ground. Lukie gave one of those ‘huh’ sounds and cocked his head.
"Trunks, don’t you DARE drop me, if you’re gonna fly around," Marron warned. Trunks shrugged, and flew out the window, with Marron in his arms. While they were flying to god knows where, Marron asked a question.
"Trunks, doesn’t this remind you of something?" Trunks thought about it.
"Twunks, you ber know whewe you’re takin’ me an’ Baw," 3 year old Marron said. 7 year old Trunks nodded and looked over at 6 year old Goten, who was holding 2 year old Bra.
"And Goten, you better NOT drop my sister, or mom‘ll get real mad an’ hafta buy a new baby sister," Trunks warned.
"But Trunks, you can’t BUY a sister… You hafta make one!" Goten explained. Bra giggled and Goten.
"Goten, funny, but no drop me, kay?" Bra said. Goten smiled at Bra.
"I tink Baw wike Goten more den you," Marron whispered to Trunks, in which he stopped flying. Goten did also.
"What’s wrong Trunks?" Goten asked.
"Trade," Trunks replied. Goten gave Trunks a questioned look.
"Why?" Goten asked.
"Cause you have ta marry Marron in da future anywayz, so why not carry her now?" Trunks asked.
"Marry, MARRON?! Who told you dat?" Goten asked.
"My Mommy," Trunks said. "You two have a awainged marriage," Trunks explained.
(AKA ‘Arranged’) Goten gave him a questioned look. Trunk sighed and started to explain. "You two hafta get married, so dat you’re parents don’t get mad."
"EWWW!!! Marry him/her?!?!" Marron and Goten yelled at the same time.
"Hee-hee, marwie eat ofer!" Bra bubbled. Trunks smirked.
"You have got to be kiddin’ us!" Goten frowned.
"Fine, don’t believe me!" Trunks flew off with Marron, with Goten flying behind him, carrying a giggling Bra.
~ 15 years later ~
"Dude, Bra!! Gimmie back my phone!!" Marron squealed. Bra was TRYING to talk to Marron’s new squeeze.
"So, what’s yer name?" Bra asked over the phone.
"Fred Durst," he answered.
"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME MY BEST FRIEND IS GOIN’ OUT WITH THE LEAD SINGER OF LIMP BIZCUT?!?!" Bra yelled over the phone. [:o* I wanted to go out with him…]
"Yeah, why?" the so called Fred asked.
"I just wanted to know…" Bra answered.
"So Bra, what if I told you I WASN’T Fred Durst?" the so called Fred asked.
"What do you mean?" Bra questioned.
"Bra, hand the phone back over to Marron," he answered. Soon Bra found out who was on the other line.
"TTRRUUNNKKSS???? YOU’RE going OUT with MARRON?!?!" Bra screamed into Marron’s poor little cell phone.
"Yeah, now give her back the stupid phone!" Trunks demanded. Bra gave the phone back to Marron.
"Anyway, like I was saying…. Did you know that Bra is going out with GOTEN?" Marron suddenly asked Trunks, getting back at Bra.
"WHAT?!" Trunks yelled. Marron started giggling.
"He’s over here right now! AND they are making out on the couch!!" Marron laughed. Bra was screaming in the back ground at Marron calling her a big fat ugly…uh…female dog and all. (Tryin’ ta keep it PG) Soon enough, Trunks got over there (to the Kame house, where Bra, Goten, and Marron were) ready to kick Goten’s butt. Marron burst out laughing.
"You were KIDDING!!" Trunks yelled at Marron. She managed a yes out of all her laughing.
"So Trunks, are you REALLY goin’ out with Marron?" Goten asked form the couch, with Bra reading a magazine next to him.
"No, we were only playing with my sister’s screwed up head," Trunks explained. Bra shot him a glare. Just then Krillin, 18, Chi-chi, and Goku came to the door.
"Hey everyone!" Marron greeted, bowing politely.
"Halloo Marron-chan!! Boy do we have a surprise for you!!" Goku smiled. They all sat down in the living room. Marron served everyone drinks and seated herself between Bra and Trunks.
"Well, Trunks probably already told you this a while back and all, but Marron you are now 18 years old and ready for a commitment as Goten is too, but he is 21," Chi-chi started.
"See princess, a while back, like maybe when you were really little, Goku, Chi-chi, 18, and I decided that when the time is right, you would become married," Krillian said after Chi-chi.
"Now to whom, we decided that too. We decided for you to become one of Goku’s family," 18 finished. Marron, Trunks, Bra, and Goten all looked dumb founded.
"In other words, you and Goten are gonna get MARRIED!!!" Goku said gleefully. Marron’s eyes widened, and Goten was still dumb founded.
"When did I propose to Marron?" Goten asked.
"Goten, me and you have an arranged marriage," Marron answered quietly.
"WHAT?!" Goten shot up like a rocket.
"I knew it!!" Trunks said. " That day, when we were flying Marron and Bra to that ‘secret place’, I told you that and you guys didn’t believe me!!" Trunks crossed his arms triumphally. Marron ran out of the room, crying. Krillin called after her, but Bra went after her before anyone could get up.
"Marron, what’s wrong? You’ve ALWAYS liked Goten, why not marry him?" Bra comforted her best friend. "I mean, it will make me jealous, and you always like to make me jealous."
"I don’t like him how I used to, I have a new crush, a bigger one too," Marron cried.
"Who? Uubu?" Bra asked. "I mean, you two always flirt, maybe he can talk sense into Chi-chi, Goku, and you’re parents."
"You’re brother."
"You’re not the first to fall for him, M-chan. All my friends like him."
"I don’t like him Bra."
"I love him!" Bra smiled at her best friend. She never knew that Marron loved her brother. If only she could tell her about how Marron used to talk all about her boyfriend at the time, and make Trunks jealous.
~ One year later ~
It was Goten and Marron’s BIG day. Bulma, Chi-chi, and 18 were fussing over Marron, like she was some sort of project, into making her look beautiful. Like do many other men have said, she looks beautiful anyway.
Soon it was time for the wedding. Pan and Paris were the Bride’s maids and Bra was her Maid of Honor. Goten stood silently on the altar, with Gohan as his best man. Trunks was SUPPOSED to be the best man, but he just didn’t want to come to the wedding, and Goten knew why. He didn’t blame him. Trunks now HATED Goten, since he was getting married to the one woman who was nice to him, and didn’t want his money.
Pan came down the isle with Paris behind her, sighing. Paris still loved Goten ,but couldn’t be with him since they were only friends now. Next came Bra. She didn’t look to happy either. Se was pissed that Marron got the hottest guys, and this one HAD to be GOTEN. But there was nothing either of them could have done. Finally the bridal march came and the doors flew open, showing a beautiful Marron, looking like a REAL princess. Marron walked down the isle, with her dad at her side, looking at her feet. She liked Goten, but he just wasn’t her type anymore. She hated her parents. She hated Goku and Chi-Chi. She hated EVERYONE. She just wanted to turn around and run right out of the church, and hide away. But, NOOOO! Sayians HAD to be FAST!! And plus, everyone was expecting a baby form them, especially Krillin and Goku. She passed her mother, who was just standing there, looking at her daughter. ‘Wonderful, I’m in the front of the church now,’ Marron thought. She looked up at Goten who was fidgeting nervously. They were joined together and the priest started the vows.
"Do you Son Goten," he started. "Take Marron-chan to be your (blah blah blah) to have, to hold, from this day forward, in sickness, and in health, till death do you part?"
"Yes.." Goten mumbled. He looked at Marron with pleading eyes, as if asking if she had a plan to get them out of this horrible mess. Marron shook her head no, and Goten looked away, towards Bra’s direction to be exact.
"And do you Marron-chan," the priest started again. "Take Son Goten to be your (blah blah blah) to have, to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" Marron looked at Goten, as if asking what to do, but he only answered in a low tone with,
"I guess we’re really gonna have to go through with this." So Marron nodded, saying yes. "Then if anyone does not wish to have these two wed, speak now or forever hold your peace," the priest ordered. The room was silent, and as the priest was about to say, ‘you may kiss the bride’, Trunks slammed the doors open, and yelled,
"WAIT!! Don’t go through with this fake wedding!! Marron," Trunks ran up to her and said, "I love you with all the love in my heart, and if you marry my best friend by force, my heart will shatter and break into a million pieces." Marron looked at him with tears in her eyes, while Goten, as if on cue, walked up to Bra, and passionately kissed her. Chi-Chi started yelling and throwing a mad fit, but 18 knew her daughter would be much more happier with the real man she loved. Krillin and Goku just shrugged and went to go eat. Trunks then picked up Marron, and Goten picked up Bra, as they flew out of the church.
"Yeah, I remember like it was yesterday," Trunks sighed, while landing at their destination. Marron still held onto him, as the just stood there, holding each other, watching the waves. Then Marron figured out where they were.
"Trunks, why the heck did you take me here?" Marron asked. "You know we’re not supposed to be here without Bra and Goten. It’s out group place!" Trunks smiled, as he gestured toward where there was, yes, Goten and Bra sitting on a blanket with a picnic basket at their side. Marron smiled at them, kissed Trunks lightly and they walked over to the blanket.

Ai-chan: I wish Trunks would do that at my wedding...*sighs dreamily*...