Chapter 2

Pan woke up still inside of the waterfall, wondering if Trunks had read her Letter yet. She decided that he wasn't her problem anymore, and went home to her parents. When she got there, she found her mother asleep on the couch, and her dad had crashed in the kitchen. She bent over and kissed her mother gently on the forehead, Videl slowly opened her sleepy eyes "Panny? Your home?" Pan nodded, "Yeah mom, I'm home. I had to get out of the house for a while." Her mother hugged her and went to make breakfast. When Gohan woke up, smiled at his daughter as if he understood that she needed to be alone.

At the Capsule Corp. Vegeta was doing some verbal sparring with Bulma; Trunks heard their screams from his room so he went to train in the dome. Instead of training he just stood there in the center of the dome, part of him said that he had to move on, the other part just didn't want to without her…

He wasn't sure what it was about Pan that had made him so attracted to her, he used to baby-sit her for Christ sake! She was fourteen years younger than him too. But when it came to love, age didn't matter, Bra told him that.

When she came back from college she had changed a great deal, everyone could tell. She wore make up, but her boyish look was still there. But the thing that struck him was her attitude change; she was more compassionate about life than ever, more willing to help people with problems than ever. And the funny thing was, Trunks actually took the time to notice. He didn't know why or how, but something about the girl that he used to read stories to, had caused him to love her more than a friend.

Standing in the center of the dome was like standing in an empty world to him. He crossed a fine line, between what he didn't know. With his head hung in total shame, and nothing but despair he began to cry softly. After an hour passed by he ended up facing an angry Vegeta, who had been waiting to train outside since the fight ended. Exchanging some unheard words Trunks walked out of the dome and Vegeta entered it, slamming the door behind him in anger. Trunks dragged himself upstairs to his room, what would he do now?

4 Months later…

Pan was standing in the corner of the kitchen, talking with some friends. Tracy's party was loud and fun, just what a regular girl would love to start out the weekend with. Suddenly she eyed a boy with lavender hair; she recognized his face, it was Trunks!! Trying to let him not see her, she continued to chat with friends. Then the DJ decided that it was time to liven up the party, so he put on Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me".

All of the couples were slow dancing, even though it wasn't much of a slow song. Trunks sat on the couch, alone. Pan was wondering if he was still single or not, he probably went back to sleeping with girls and then dumping them 4 weeks later. Still Pan felt like she should go talk to him, then she felt a tap on her shoulder. I tall boy, with brown eyes and black hair stood before her, "You wanna dance?" Pan smiled shyly. Trunks could wait, he did cheat on her after all. The guy pulled Pan out into the middle of the living room and they began to slow dance with the other couples.

You don't know how you met me you don't know why,
You can't turn around and say goodbye,
All you know is when I'm with I make you free and swim through your veins
like a fish in the sea,
I'm singin'

Follow me everything's all right,
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night,
And if you wanna leave I guarantee you won't find nobody else like me

I'm not worried bout the ring you wear cuz as long no one knows then
nobody can care,
Your feelin guilty and I'm well aware but you don't look ashamed and baby
I'm not scared,
I'm singin,

Follow and everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you wanna leave then I can garuntee
You won't find nobody else like me

Won't give you money I can't give you the sky your better off if you
don't ask why,
I'm not the reason that you go a stray we'll be alright
If you don't ask me to stay,

Follow me and everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you wanna leave I can garuntee you won't find nobody else like me
You don't know how you met me and you don't know why you can't turn
around and say goodbye,
All you know is that when I'm with you I make you free,
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea.
I'm singin,

Follow me everything's is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you wanna leave I can garuntee that you won't find nobody else
like me.

I'm singin
Follow me and everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night

And you wanna leave I can garuntee you won't find nobody else like me…

  When the dance ended, pan asked the guy "What's your name?" the boy looked shocked, "You don't remember me?" Pan looked confused. She shook her head.
"It's me Jimmy!"
"Oh my god it's you!!" she gave him a big bear hug. Trunks saw her hugging a total stranger, he felt a stab of jealousy.
How could she act so heartbroken 4 months ago and now she's all, better??
  When Pan let go, Trunks didn't feel any better. He didn't even know why he came this damn party anyway. God, sitting in his office doing paper work almost sounded more fun than coming here!! He sat watching Pan closely, even though they weren't going out anymore, he still thought of Pan as his property. Which was not unusual (hey most guys do when they see their ex, especially if they loved them!!)

 'Pan was about ready to go home, it was one in the morning. Jimmy had offered to give her a ride home, and she hadn't heard from Trunks through out the whole party time. Plus she was so loaded that she would probably pass out in the car, speaking of Jimmy where was he? Pan looked out onto the balcony and found him chatting with some other girl, that's OK Pan thought. She wasn't attracted to him anyway, it was that boy that stole her heart away that she was truly in love with, Trunks.
  Pan wanted to yell at Jimmy and tell him to hurry up, but she was too drunk to even stand on her own. Pan sat there on the couch staring up at the ceiling "Fuck it." She said and she fell asleep. Trunks was about ready to hit the road himself, but he was worried that Pan may need a ride home. But just looking at her on the couch, she didn't seem too worried, in fact she looked pretty damn comfortable! Where was that… that guy she was with? Hey there he was!! But he slipped into a bedroom with some other girl, Trunks rolled his eyes, "Well I guess I better take her home." He said to himself.
   He hoisted pan over his shoulder, when he got out to where his car was, Pan was making a noise. Trunks put her down, "If your gonna puke, do it in the grass." He said bending her over, eventually she did. And then he stuck her in the car and drove off to her house. Stopping a couple of times so Pan could throw up. (She's gonna be sicker than a dog in the morning! ^-^)
When Pan woke up, she found Trunks asleep in the bathtub. Her head was face down in the toilet. Pan looked down "EEWW" she said making a face. Lucky for her, the parents went out for a week on vacation. She pulled herself out of the toilet, her head was pounding. She wiped her mouth and splashed her face with cold water, Trunks still hadn't waken up yet, he was always a late sleeper.
  She opened the bathroom closet and found some aspirin. Well so much for shopping with Bra, Pan thought. She heard a moan come from the bathroom, when she got back to the bathroom Trunks was just waking up. She smiled; he just gave her a dirty scowl "I see your up." He muttered coldly. Pan rolled her eyes, "So your mad at me?"
"What do you think?" Pan gave him her famous 'DUH!' look. Trunks stepped out of the tub and walked past her. His main intention was to head directly to the door.
  "What's your problem?" Pan asked following closely behind Trunks, he muttered something that Pan didn't quite catch. "Look if your still mad at me about the whole break up thing, it was your own fault." She remarked, Trunks turned around and faced her. His eyes were icy blue, "So it was the whole break up thing!" she said surprised.
"Hey I know what I did was wrong, and I'm getting my pay back for it." Trunks growled.
  Pan looked utterly bored, but she was interested in the conversation, it had been a long time since she last saw him. She decided to pick a good fight with him, "But you still think that I'm yours, I'm not stupid Trunks. I saw how you were watching me last night." Pan accused. She hit the nail right on the head (I hate that saying I don't know why I used it.)
Trunks blushed, "If I was going through your damn privacy, then don't bother to try and talk to me anymore." He hissed back. Pan jumped a little, she had never seen Trunks this mad before.
  "How did you know I wanted to talk to you?" she questioned, Trunks shrugged.
"I just knew."  "Well if you must know-" Trunks covered her mouth.
"If it has nothing to do with us, then I don't wanna hear it." He removed his hand from her mouth.
"Trunks, you know that I loved you with all my heart. But you must've decided that what I had to offer wasn't enough, or something." Not a single tear formed in her eyes. She must've been all out of those by now, she hung her head and looked to the floor.
"Just tell me one thing, what happened that night?"

At Bra's House…

  "Yeah Bra we had the greatest time, and he kissed me!" Marron bragged, she was on the phone all day, and getting the hint that her parents wanted her off she made her last phone call a quick one. Bra was getting fed up; here Marron had slept with her brother while he was going out with Pan! And she knew it was wrong, but nnnooooo she just had to with the flow anyway.
Bra was going to have fun making use of her conversation with Marron, so she started mouthing bad names at Marron. Just then a beep for the second line went off, "Marron, I have another call hang on ok?"
"I gotta go anyway ja ne Bra."
"Bye Marron." She clicked the button and got on the second line.
"Moshi moshi this is Bra," she answered
"Hello Bra, this is Pan. Have you seen your brother around? We had a fight and he stormed out."
Bra thought for a minuet, "I haven't seen him since last night." She remarked. Bra for some reason had the strangest feeling of Déjà vu, that time when she asked if Trunks was home and she told him that he was over at Marron's.
  "Pan I have to ask, how are you?" Pan smiled boy if she needed somebody Bra was at her service.
"I've been good. You know except for the endless months and hours of crying, and locking myself in my room episode."
Bra felt a stab of guilt, "Does that mean you're over him?"
Pan had to laugh. "Boy even with blue hair, you act like a blonde!"
"Come girl now be serious, are you over him or not?"
Pan stopped laughing. Her lower lip quivered, "I miss him a lot Bra, I just don't know if I could ever forgive him. Or take him back."

Back with Trunks…
  Trunks flew to the waterfall, it was a place that only he and Pan knew about. They considered it for a long time, their secret place; their love nest. He walked against a corner so he wouldn't get wet, once he was inside the cave, he just looked around. More memories, more flash backs, things that he didn't want to go away.
He knew what he did was wrong, and he hadn't spoken to Marron since that night, that night he made a mistake…

  It was in the middle of the summer, and it was the one-month anniversary of Pan and his dating. Pan hadn't gotten back from the mall, and he decided to use that time to go get her an anniversary gift, but it had to be something special. He had been thinking a lot about Pan, more than he wanted to actually. Everywhere he went, her voice and her face was there with him.
He knew he was in love, he was head-over-heels, lovesick feeling 24-7, no eating no sleeping, wanting to kiss the wall, in love with Pan!! The night before he had a dream that they were getting married, she was beautiful. Her dress had a sash and flowers on the rim, her shoulder-less top had roses on the shoulder edges. The dress revealing her curves in all the right places, looked like it was made just for her. He remembered feeling his jaw drop at her beauty, she was an angel, his angel.
Then it struck him, he would propose! Pan would never get out of his head, and Trunks wanted it that way (the boy is crazy for that girl! DANG!) He went directly to a ring store, thinking of nothing but finding the perfect ring for his future wife.
"Hello sir may I help you?" Trunks continued to browse the rings, "Yes, I'm looking for a wedding ring." The salesman nodded and told Trunks to follow him. Trunks followed eagerly, "Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?" Trunks thought for a minuet "Give the best one you've got." He answered.
  The salesman took Trunks behind a curtain and showed him the most fabulous rings that Trunks had ever seen! After looking at them for about a half an hour, he finally made his decision "Excuse me I would like to buy this one please." The salesman looked at little unsure "Are you sure sir?" the salesman asked.
Trunks was about ready to have that guys face eat his shoe, but thought better of it, "Yes, I'm sure how much does it cost?" Trunks asked.
The salesman cleared his throat, "$345,000 sir." The man replied.
 Trunks looked surprised, "Wow, that all? Well here charge it on my master card, I'll take it now." Trunks replied impatiently, the man reluctantly did as he was told.
"Would you like to have it engraved?" the man asked. Trunks thought of something to put in the ring, "How much would that cost?"
"Only five dollars, I'll show you were you can get engraved and you can take it home." Trunks agreed and went to get it engraved. Inside the ring was a message that said "You're my angel, for all time." Trunks flew off towards the Capsule Corp. to show his mom.

Pan didn't show up like expected, they planned to go to a movie and then to their favorite restaurant. That is where Trunks planned to propose, but the girl had to be there first! The phone rang, Trunks ran to get it, "Moshi Moshi this is Trunks."
"Hey Trunks, it's me Pan. I called to tell you that I might be late, my friend just called, she having a major abuse chrisis."
Trunks began to pout, but it was an emergency. The proposal could be put off a little while longer, "That's Ok we can reschedule, you can pick whatever day this week."
"Thank you for understanding." Pan replied.
 Trunks shrugged "No problem." He answered; they exchanged good-byes and hung up. No what would he do? He decided that he should get some sleep, these endless nights staying up and thinking about Pan were wearing him out. He had only been sleeping for about four hours when the phone rang again; he rolled over sleepily "Hello?" he answered.
It was Marron, she was wondering if he wanted to come over and talk for a while. Trunks felt a little uncomfortable going over to his ex's house, especially since he was dating Pan now.
  Pan canceled out anyway; a couple hours of visiting wouldn't hurt, just visiting though nothing more. He didn't want to hurt Pan, if he lost her, he didn't know what he'd do. So he went over there, and lets just say that one thing lead to another, and they ended up sleeping together. The next week Pan called, "Trunks I don't think I can go out with you for a while." Why did her voice sound so sad?
 Trunks thought for a minuet, there was no way that she could've known what happened! Maybe somebody was sick that she knew, yeah that wash probably it. "What's wrong honey?" Trunks asked, was it growing hot in the house or was it just him? There was a brief silence on the phone, "I… I… Can I come over tonight I have something to tell you."
 "Sure, what time?"
"At eight" Pan answered almost immediately, he said goodbye, and hung up. What was going on with her? He would just have to have to wait until she came over to find out. But it was nothing that he would want to hear; somehow he knew that she had found out something about him and Marron.
 Pan came over that night as she promised she entered his apartment, and looked around as if she was going to miss it. She tried not to make eye contact with him, and Trunks had no idea why. He grabbed her by her Shoulders and tried to force her to face him. But as stubborn and as heartbroken as she was she refused. He could tell that she was trying her hardest not to cry. He tried to hug her, but she pulled away, especially when he tried to give her a hello kiss.
When he looked into her deep eyes, he knew that something was really up, "What's wrong?" he asked lifting her chin and meeting her eyes. She glanced at him and looked to the floor, "Tell me something, did you sleep with Marron?" she asked. Trunks back away from her, "Of course not, I would never do something like that." Pan shook her head. Now she really looked hurt, "You liar!" shouted Pan.
"I know that you slept with her, I know that you screwed her last night! I know everything!" no tears were in her eyes, yet. Trunks fell to his knees he began to sob in his hands, and Pan just stood there. They talked and shouted and finally after calming down, Pan left him alone and he never saw her until after he gave they exchanged letters. Then he never saw her again…

Trunks began to sob in the cave, he felt so alone. He wanted Pan to trust him, but how? Without her there by his side, to share his tears, life just wasn't worth living. He knew how she felt; his heart had a hole in it, which only Pan could fill. And when she felt this way, he never wanted to fill her hole, and now Pan didn't want to fill his.
Trunks sensed a strong ki coming his way, now it was right outside the waterfall. In a moment Pan was by his side, "I thought I would find you here." She remarked sitting across from him. "What do you want?" he growled "Come on Trunks, I just want to talk. I don't wanna fight anymore I'm tired of it. You told me what happened, and we both know that you can't change what you did. We have both changed part of you has shut down, I know it, you hardly see uncle Goten, and you stay in your office or at home as much as possible."
Trunks snorted "It's not so easy to run away, you should know that." Pan moaned "Trunks-" "How can I make you trust me Pan?" he interrupted. "Nobody can make me do anything, if I decide to trust you, if my body and heart tells me that you are trustworthy then I'll trust you." she scowled.

"You have changed too, but I don't know what has changed." Trunks wondered. Pan gently put her hand to her stomach, "I do, part of me has shut down too, Trunks." He looked at her amazed. Tears surfaced in Pan's eyes "I look for a way to get out, I get loaded when I can. It helps take the pain in my body away, I go partying almost every night of the week. I'm running Trunks and even I know it."
A tear fell down her cheek, "And you are too." She whispered.