Double Trouble
by Queen Bulma 
After a long time of training Goku whent to visit his family and briugth Ubuu whit him.
He arrived at the Son house.
Everyone was wating for him there.

"Chichi are you... how come you're all here? did you know I was coming?"
Asked Goku a bit confused.

Said Chichi.

"Bulma told me Vegeta told her he sense you coming and I told everyone else"
Chichi said and smiled.

Goku whent to spend some time whit his frinds.

Said Pan.

Answered Ubuu.

"What's your name?"
Asked Ubuu.

"Pan, and your's?"
Asked Pan.

Said Ubuu.

Everyone was just so busy they didn't even rember them.

"What's going on?"
Asked Ubbu.

"Nothing... don't worry they'll rember we'll still here soon... I hope..."
Said Pan.

She looked at everyone.

*I wish they would knowrest me more...*
She thougth.

The truth was she allways got a lot of attention and today everyone was getting redy for Goku so she didn't get as much.

"Let's go play outside for a while"
Said Pan.

"Are you sure it's ok?"
Asked Ubuu.

She said.

The 2 of them whent out side.

Pan started.

"You have many frinds where you live?"
She asked.

Said Ubuu.

He continued.
"All I do is train whit Goku-san"

"But don't you like to play?"
She asked.

"I'm allways too busy for that..."
He answered.

"Then today you'll play whit me!"
Said Pan.

Ubuu liked the idea.

"Ok, what should we do first?"
He asked.

"Let's... double trouble!!!"
She said very excited.

"What's that?"
He asked confused.

"We have to sneak in and cause very funny double trouble!"
Pan explained.

She started to giggle.

Ubuu was still confuse.
But it sounded interesting...

"Ok but you'll have to tell me what to do"
He said smiling.

"No problem!"
Said Pan.

They sneaked in where everyone was getting redy for a snack.
Goku insisted he wanted to eat right away.
THey all sat down at the table and watched Goku and Vegeta eat.

Said Chichi while staring at them.

"They never chance do they?"
Said Bulma.

"Nope... never..."
Said Chichi.

Pan and Ubuu crauled under the table.
Pan told Ubuu to tie Yamcha's shoes touguether while she did the same to Krillin's.
Then she swiched the salt and peper whitout being seen.
She started trowing peper at Lunch from under the table..

Lunch sneased and turned blond... and angry...

For chaozu... Pan sticked bubble gum in the bottom of his shows so he would get stock when he tryed to walk.

"Are you sure this is ok?"
Wispered Ubuu.

"Yes' it's ok... and fun!"
Said Pan in the same tone.

Then Ubbu saw 2 things moving under the table.

"Look, Pan what are those?"
Asked Ubuu pointing at Goku and Vegeta's tail.

"I guess they grew back..."
Said Pan.

"I thougth that thing was a belt or something..."
Said Ubuu.

"They're tails"
Explained Pan.

She continued.
"And I have an idea..."

She graved both thy're tails and tiyed them thouguether.
Of course Vegeta and Goku knowrest something on they're tails.
They both stoped eating and got up to find they're tails tiyed thouguether!

They both yelled.

"It's your faut Kakarot!!!"
Yelled Vegeta.

"I didin't do it!!!"
Said Goku.

"Maybe you shold cut them off"
Sugested Gohan.

"He's right"
Agreed Videl.

"You're not gonna cut off my tail!!!!!!!!"
Complained Vegeta.

"We have to!"
Said Goku.

He continued.
"This hurts!!!!"

"I'm the prince of the saiyans!!! they can cut off your tail!!!"
Yelled Vegeta.

"And you're going to carry a peace of my tail on yours all the time?"
Asked Goku.

Vegeta didn't even want to think about it.
Meanwhile under the table Ubuu and Pan where laugthing and trying to be qiet so they don't get caught.

"I've never had this much fun!"
Said Ubuu.

"Me Ether!"
Said Pan.

Soon everyone began to laugth.
Chaozu was going to go over and try to untie them but when he tuouched the floor he got stcuk because of the gum on his shoes.

"I'm stuck, I'm stuck!!!"
Yelled Chaozu.

Ten tryed to get him out but that gun was relly sticky.
Lunch laugth laudly and she was clearly enjoy this little catastrofy...

"I'll hellllllllllp"
Krillin fell down because his shes where tiyed thogether.

"Krillin are you okkkkkkkkkkkkkk"
Yamcha fell down next to him.

Puar just keepon laugthing while ptting something she thougth was peper into her sandwhish.

"Yuck this taste too salty!!!"
She said and trew the sanwhish away, it fell on Lunch.

"Did you do this pig?"
Asked Lunch pointing at the sand whish on her head.

"No, relly! I didn't"
Said Oloong.

"Well I don't belive you!"
Lunch trew a yar of penut butter at him but it hit Goten.

"I'll get you Trunks!"
Said Goten.

"What did I do"
Trunks asked but it was too late because now his face was full of cake.

"Now you're gonna get it Goten!"
He trew ketchup all over Goten but some fell on Bra who was next to him.

"Look what you did!"
She yelled and trew the salad at him but it fell on Marron.

Of couse Marron wasn't gonna stay like that...
The food fight has oficially began... or more like a food war!

"Chichi do something!"
Said Goku in a childish voice while the mostard flew over his head.

"What can I do? Look at this mess!"
She said.

"Forget the mess and do something about us!!!"
Yelled Goku.

The rest of the Z team was laugthing too hard to speak.
Yamcha and Krillin where laguthing so had they couldn't even get up.
Chaozu was still stuck but he was laugthing too.
Marron, Trunks, Goten and Bra where trwing food all over.
"Bulma! get us out!!!"
Yelled Vegeta.

"I guess you 2 are stuck!"
Said Bulma and she keept on laugthing.

Everything was a mess now... but not for Pan and Ubuu.

"That's it!"
Yelled Vegeta.

Vegeta started runnig trying to get Goku's tail off his.
He ran in circules draging Goku along and knocking everything on the way.

Yelled Goku.

"Not till you're gone!!!"
Said Vegeta.

Finally they pulled so hard they ended up falling back and bumped each other's heads.

"Bulma stop them look at the mess they made!!!!!"
Complained Chichi.

"I guess the party's over..."
Said Bulma and aproched Goku and Vegeta.

She untangle they're tails.
They both looked relifed.
Pan and Ubuu where still laugthing and Pan decided they should leave before they get caugth.

"That was great wasn't it?"
Said Pan once they where outside.

"Yeah! It was the best!!!"
Said Ubuu.

Bra, Goten, Trunks and Marron came out of the house.

"Why do I get the feeling you had something to do whit this Pan?"
Said Trunks all covered in cake.

"I didn't do it!"
Said Pan.

"It's ok"
Said Bra whit ketchup all over.

"It's it boys?"
Said Marron while trying to get the salad off her hair.

"This was fun... but it wasn't fun the first time you tryed that!"
Said Goten.

"What do they mean?"
Asked Ubuu.

Pan started.

By the time Pan was finished telling Ubuu the story of how she tiyed Trunks and Goten's tails thouguether the rest of the Z team came outside.
Along whit Goku and Vegeta.

"What's that?"
Asked Pan in an inocent tone, pointing at Goku's tail.

Was all he answered.

Pan and Ubuu couldn't resist but to laugth.
Goku and Vegeta looked so funny whit a block of ice tiyed in the end of they're tails!
Later It was time for Ubuu to retrn to his training.

"Goodbye Pan!"
He said as he flew away to continue his training whit Goku.

"Bye Bye Ubbu!"
She said.

She continued.
"Don't forget me!"

"I'll never forget you Pan!"
He said.

After Ubuu was gone...

*I'll miss you... my friend...*
Thoguth Pan.

Videl called her.

"Let's go home"
Said Gohan.

She ran to her parents.

"You wouldn't belive what happened today... but you where outside playing right?"
Gohan started.

He continued.
"Too bad you missed it! Your grandpa Goku and Vegeta got they're tails stuck thouguether just like Trunks and Goten that time!"

Pan started to giggle.

*If they only knew*
She thougth.

While flying  Ubbu looked at the ice mealting on Goku's tail.

*If he only knew*
He thougth.


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