The Mysterious Saiyan
By:Katsurina Dennisu

AUTHORS NOTE:I do not own the DBZ/GT characters.I do not own Pepsi..I only own Katsurina.This is a rough start,But it gets better.Kat is pretty much based on me.Seeing as she gets Hyper on Pepsi.

    "Goten is such a mama's boy"Trunks mumbled to himself.He was deep in the woods.He heard a growl.His 12-year old imagination had many thoughts in mind.A bear cub crawled out of the bushes.'Phew' Trunks thought.But the cub wasnt alone.Five others came out also.Then two HUGE (I mean HUGE)bears.They immediatly attacked.Trunks tried to fight them all off but he couldnt.There were too many.He was knocked out.

  When Trunks woke up,he was in a strange room.Wooden walls,Wooden bed,Many fruits on a wooden table,and the aroma he smelled was soo beatiful.He saw someone enter."Well,youre awake.Those bears beat you up pretty Bad.Im Katsurina..Kat for short.Can I get you anything?"she said.The girls voice was very soft.Trunks couldn't get a good look at her because he was still kind of dizzy."Uh,water please?"Trunks said,his voice cracking.Kat smiled and made a cool glass of water.Trunks got a better look at her.She looked around his age.Then he noticed something..was that a tail she had???"Uh excuse have a tail??"He asked."Yeah..something wrong,human??"She said in a cocky sort of voice."I'm not exactly a human you see I'm also a,OUCH!!That hurt!"he was trying to explain what he was when Kat dabbed a cloth with some sort of medicine on it."Hmph,Your half human,half ouch?"she said."No I'm a saiyan..kinda"he said."Oh yeah..right...and I'm from saiyan?The way you cry??Prove it."She was pausing to laugh.He instantly turned super Saiyan."Hmm,I guess I can believe you..."Kat said holding her chin.Trunks decided to show off a bit more.He grabbed Kat's hand and flew off."Put me down you idiot..I can fly by myself.You cant turn very well.Can y-"Kat was cutt off when Trunks covered her mouth."You talk too much,"he said,"Were almost there anyways."."There..where's there?"Kat was struggling to free herself when they landed.

   Trunks grabbed her hand again dragging her inside of the Capsule Corp. building."Mom,I'm home"he yelled.Goten was waiting in the living room."Who is this??"Goten asked with a grin."I'm Kat."was all she had to say." she your girlfriend??"Goten asked with a bigger grin."No..she just...uhh...helped me."Trunks said,his face turning bright red.Kat was gone.She found the refrigerator."Hey dont eat that..get your hands off of my lunch!"Trunks tried to get her to stop,but it didnt work."Do you know how long it's been since I had a decent meal?"Kat said,pulling out six sandwiches.Vegeta walked in after yet another day in the gravity machine."Who is this??Why is that brat raiding my fridge?"Vegeta said.Kat found a secret stash of Pepsi.She grinned as she guzzled it down and began to get very hyper.She obviously had never drank Pepsi before."Everybody look at me!!I'm a pretty little flower!"she yelled as she ran around the house,bumping into walls now and then.She ran over to Trunks,grinned and kissed him then went on to bashing her head on the walls.Vegeta grabbed her."What is wrong with you child?You are cra-,hey you have a tail?"Vegeta was surprised.Kat was snoring away before anyone knew it.She was put on the couch.

   "Well,Trunks you have a wierd girlfriend there dont you??"Goten said."I told you that she isn't my girlfriend"Trunks said.Bulma came out from her lab."What was all the commotion?"she asked.Trunks explained."Another saiyan??That's all we need."Bulma said."Yep,she lives in a rugged old tree house."Said Trunks."Tree house?in the woods?Its too dangerous... she should stay with us."Bulma said."What are you thinking woman?!?!Another saiyan means less food for me."Vegeta argued."I'm the richest woman in the world..I can feed 50 saiyans if I had to."Bulma said,"Trunks,take her to guest room 103.".Trunks carried a zonked out Kat there.Thats where she lived from then on.

The End