By:Katsurina Dennisu

 As usual another boring day for Katsurina.Vegeta was still training in that stupid Chamber of his.He still refused to train her.He said that he wouldnt Train a "weak brat"."Weak?!?!?'She pounded him to the ground once.How could he call her weak.Piccolo wasnt going to train her either.What about Goku?as she was pondering this Trunks walked up to her."K-chan?Earth to Kat.Come in Kat.You have to get ready.School is in 2 days"he said.

 "School??"she asked,"whats that??".Kat never even heard of it.Living in the wilderness she trained herself and her mother old her eveything she knew..exept about school."School is where you go to learn stuff"Trunks said."Like how to become a super saiyan?"Kat asked."No,like math and reading and social studies and stuff"."Kat already knew how to count and read.Her mother taught her that."I know that stuff already"Kat said.She was becoming more like Vegeta every day."But Im is Goten and Marron.Cmon Kat it wouldnt be fun without you"He said.Kat's human side took over her."Alright.If you insist.Plus who is going to protect you from the swarm of girls that will stalk you?"Kat said with a smile.Trunks returned the smile and said,"Well,I've gotta protect you from all the boys that'll be flirting with you."He then walked outside to spar with Goten.

 The first day of school soon came and Bulma equiped the two halfbreeds with backpacks and lunchboxes,"Bye Mom!"Trunks yelled."Bye Trunks,Bye Kat!"."Bye Bulma-san!!".It was thier last year of middle school.Trunks hoped Kat would be able to catch up with the other kids.The other children stared as they flew to the doors,landed and walked inside."Did you just see that?"one girl said to another."Was that guy hot or what??".Trunks had all of Kats classes.'Thank Dende'he thought.He could keep an eye on her.

 The first class they had was science.Kat was introduced to diffrent shaped tubes and tools that helped perform the experiments.The next class was P.E.Kat loved this class.Her and Trunks showed off thier diffrent types of exersize and amazed the children."You two are becoming my favorite drop and give me fifty!"The teacher yelled.The boys were extremely attracted to Kat. At lunch one boy had the guts to approach her."Hi,Im Danny.I saw you at P.E.How did you do all those pushups?"Kat backed away from him as she sat next to Trunks,Marron and Goten and they discussed training and reaching the super saiyan level.The kids next to them listened in awe."Those guys re so lucky.The purple haired one lives with her too!"Danny said to his friend,Glenn."Lives with her??They must be like,dating or something..or..even worse.Eww."Glenn said."No way!They cant be."Danny said.

  "Hey,Girl!C'mere!"Danny called,patting his lap.Kat didn't show any sign of response.Danny scowled.He yelled again."C'mere,New girl!"He called again.No response.Danny was fed up of waiting and marched over to Kat."Hey,Girl,I said C'mere,you  better respond to me!I'm a guy and I could hurt you!"He yelled at her.Kat calmly turned around and said,"Hurt me?Tch,go back to your seat."Then she turned back around and began eating again.Danny got so mad that he smacked her."Dont you know boys are stronger than girls?We are your superiors and you will respond!"Danny said,posing like a "superior" person.Kat blinked,obviously not fazed by the hit.She turned around again,curling her fist."What did you say?"Kat asked.

 Danny grinned."I said boys are superior to girls."."Really?"Kat asked.Getting ready to hit him."Yep."Danny said,turning his chin up.Kat stopped fora minute."Wanna test that theory?"She asked."Why not,you're just gonna get beat up."Danny said proudly."Fine.Right after school,I'll meet you across the stgreet in the deserted lot."Kat said.The bell rang and the four walked to thier next class."Are you sure about this?"Trunks asked."Yep,very sure."Kat answered.

After school,Kat headed to the empty lot and sparred with Trunks to prepare for the fight.She heard someone coming and told Trunks to go to the wall to watch."Hmph,so you finally got here."Kat said."Yeah,Lets begin."Danny said,getting into a phony fighting stance.Kat smirked and charged at him.His friends stared in awe at her speed.She blasted him into a wall.He gave up and pulled a mini white flag out of his pocket.Kat chuckeled and headed to Trunks."Not bad."He said.Kat smiled at him as she levitated in the air.He levitated after her and they both flew home.

 When Trunks and Kat arrived home,Bulma said"Well how was your first day of Eigth grade??"."It was great!!We made LOTS of new..uh..friends."Kat said.Trunks grinned."Yeah, I think this year is gonna be my favorite"