The Great Saiyanman Strikes Back


There was an incident happen in Heaven. All Soldiers and officials are in panic. Vegeta Grab a ghost soldier passing by

Vegeta: "Tell me, What's going on?"
Ghost: "We discover a big hole in Hell, and we need close that hole immediately"

Vegeta let the ghost go. That hole made a big chance for the monsters to escape......

At Earth....
On the way home, Bra meet a mysterious creature. It grin and hold Bra's right arm.

Bra: "Gee, Take off your hand to me" Bra command the creature
Creature: "Im hunggggrrrryyyy" He said with a starving voice and Hold Bra's arm tightly.

Bra was hurt and accidentally fires Big Bang attack to him.
Bra: "Oooopppsss, gomen ne... tyk tyk tyk But that's your fault" Bra said with a sorry face. "What?" Bra surprise when she saw that nothing happens to the creature.
Creature: "hummmmm, is that Big bang attack?" Putting his finger on his cheek.
Bra: "Yah that is Big bang Attack. But how did you know?" Bra said wondering.
Creature: "Lets say that i also use that technique" He said and laugh "And now im gonna eat YOOOUUU. Ummm"
The creature begun walking to Bra.
Bra: "Stay away from me" Bra was really scared.
Creature: "Why don't you call your Father?" He gave her a good suggestion.
Bra: "My Father is already dead"
Creature: "Too Bad, no one will save you NOW!!!" The creature begun attacking Bra.

Bra awakes from her dream. And look at the clock.

Bra: "Thanks God it was only a dream, its already 7:00 am. Bra fixed her bed and prepare to go to school.

At school....

Friends: "Hey Bra-chan" Her friends greet her.
Bra: "Hey hey you all look happy today, so what's the fire?"
Friends: "We'll going to watch the movie "Samurai X Especial" today with Jewel, so are you going to join us?"
Bra: "Sorry guys, but im going to watch the Dragonball Movie 8 "Dangerous Rival" today with my Brother."
Friends: "Okey...You'll gonna regret this" Said her classmate teasing her.

At Heaven....
The whole was completely close.

At Earth....
The Bell rang and all of the students go home. On the way home, Bra meet a mysterious creature. It grin and hold Bra's right arm.

Bra: "Gee, Take off your hand to me" Bra command the creature.
Creature: "Im hunggggrrrryyyy" He said with a starving voice and Hold Bra's arm titghly.

Bra was hurt and accidentally fires Big Bang attack to him.

Bra: "Oooopppsss, gomen ne... tyk tyk tyk But that's your fault" Bra said with a sorry face. "What?" Bra surprise when she saw that nothing happens to the creature.
Creature: "hummmmm, is that Big bang attack?" Putting his finger on his cheek.
Bra: "Yah that is Big bang Attack. But how did you know?" Bra said wondering.
Creature: "Lets say that i also use that technique" He said and laugh "And now im gonna eat YOOOUUU. Ummm"
The creature begun walking to Bra.
Bra: "Stay away from me" Bra was really scared.
Creature: "Why don't you call your Father?" He gave her a good suggestion.
Bra: "My Father is already dead"
Creature: "Too Bad, no one will save you NOW!!!" The creature begun attacking Bra and fires Big Bang attack to her.

The Attack create a big smoke.

Creature: "Where is she? I think she's dead, nahhh maybe i should go find a new one" The creature decided to find a new victim.

Bra awakes a saw a face of man, he wears black sunglasses and has a cloth covering his hair. The man look at her and smile. Bra realize that she was save by the man and now carrying her at the top of a building. As soon as they are now at the top of the building, he put Bra down. And now going to fly again.

Bra: "Wait!! Tell me who are you" Bra ask the man politely, seems that she likes him.
The Great Saiyanman: "Im The Great Saiyanman, now pls. stay here."
Creature: "Here you two are. HA HA HA HA HA , Can we just play a game?"
Great Saiyanman: "Sure! So what game do you want?" The Great SAiyanman ask the creature, annoyed.
Creature: "I like arcade games"
Great Saiynaman: "How about Dragonball GT Final Bout?"
Cell: "Dragonball GT Final Bout? Sure. I PLay me, as CELL"
Great Saiyanman: "CELL, So youre playing that damn Cell that Son Gohan Destroy? OK i play as Son Gohan" The Great Saiyanman say laughing."

In Heaven....
Kaio: "What? Cell escapes? That is a big trouble. Okey, Tell Gokou to finish Cell Off" Said one of the kaois.
While Gokou is playing cards, one soldier ghost come and ask him.
Ghost: "Are you Son Gokou?"
Gokou: "Hai, Why?" Gokou said Wondering.
Ghost: "The kaoi is asking you to get Cell back on hell"
Gokou: "Nani? Cell Escapes?" Laugh "Nahh, forget Cell, I wont kill him. Just let to earthlings do the job"
The ghost go to kaoi and tell what Gokou said.
Ghost: "Gokou said that he doest like to job. And he also said the just let the earthlings do the job"
Kaio: "The Earthlings? Oh i see" Said one of the kaoi.

In Earth....

Cell: "So are you ready to PLAY? GET READY!!" Said Cell Yelling!!
Great Saiyanman: "Yes i am....ARGHHHH"

The two monsters fight. Cell fires some spirit ball but The Great Saiyanman dodge it and they're doing the same thing, Exchanging Kamekamehas, dodonpa's, Big Bang Attack's, etc.. So Cell decided to use Physical Strength. Cell Is very Angry now, he haven't make the boy pissed off. So Cell decided to Trap The Great Saiyanman by firing Spirit Balls to a buildings.

Great Saiyanman: "hey!! That not fair. Other people is not with us. You're fighting me remember?" The Great saiyanman said angrily.
Cell: "Don't you like it?" laugh "Here i am again" Charging his Kamehameha. It grows big, really big. It has the size of Son Goku's Genki-dama. "KA....ME......HA....ME...... Listen, this the super Kamehameha and this can destroy the whole Earth including you"

Cell's Kamehameha are going to strike a Big Shopping Mall. The Great Saiyanman immediate go to the Mall. This time, he must'nt dodge the Kamehameha because it will strike another building. The Great Saiyanman Decided to Stop the Kamehameha. He go to the building.

Great Saiyanman: "Damn You. I already know that Move. But by the way stop! You jerk!!"
Cell: "HAAAAAAA" Cell Fires he's killing Super Kanehameha to The Great Saiyanman.
Great Saiyanman: "You really want to get to the hell sooner. tyk tyk tyk, if that is what you want...okey." He Pose in fighting stance. "KAAAAAAMMMMEEEEEKKKKKAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEE...........HAAAAAAA"
Bra: "Gee, Are that two really serious?" Bra start to hide.

Cell's Super Kamehameha are approaching the Great Saiyanmans Kamekameha. When the earthlings saw the two big fireballs, they started to hide to the farthest hiding place that they could do. Once their Kamehamehas and Kamekamehas meet..........

Cell: "What? It cant be?"

The Great Saiyanmans Kamekameha destroy Cell's Kamehameha and now heading to Cell.

Great Saiyanman: "Gee, just like the history"

The Kamekameha exploded to Cell and makes a big smug. The Great Saiyanman take the time to escape. The smoke was gone. The Place was clear, No Cell and The Great Saiyanman.

Bra: "Where did they go? Are they all gone?"
Bra: "Hmmm..Trunks!! What are you doing here?"
Trunks: "I saw a big explosion here, Im glad you're Okey. How about you, what are you doing here?"
Bra: "The man that he called himself as The Great Saiyanman take me here"
Trunks: "O i see. So, where is he now?"
Bra: "He's gone, i think he's dead too" Bra bow her head.
Trunks: "Oh!! That was bad really bad. Can we go now?"
Bra: "Okey"

Bra and Trunks go home. And all they know, The Great Saiyanman was dead. The next Day at Black Star High school....

Seatmate: "Good Morning Bra!! Did you saw the big explosion yesterday? That was really big" Her seatmate said.
Bra: "Yeah, i saw it too" -im there when the incident happen- "Psst our teacher is here"
Whole class: "Good Morning Mr.Hironobu" The Whole class Great there 1st teacher.
Mr. Hironobu: "Hmmm... Before we begin our class, i would like you all to meet your new classmate"
Girls: "New Classmate?" Some of the girls says
Mr. Hironobu: "Please Meet Mr.......Son!!!!"
Girls: "Mr. Son? A boy... Is he cute" some girls says.
Mr. Hironabu: "Ahh....Mr. Son? Mr. Son... You can came now....Mr. Son..." Mr.Hironobu look outside the class and saw no one. He came back to class "Don't make a noise , im looking for him okey? Ill leave you just a minute." Mr. Hironobu search Mr. Son at whole school. "Oh there you are" He saw Mr. Son exit the CR. "Okey follow me" They soon arrive at the class... "Okey class hmmmm.." Look outside "I like you to meet Mr. Son"

As soon as Mr.Son here his name, he quickly enter the room.

Goten: "Hello!! My name is Goten Son. Im 16 yrs. old. Glad to meet you all" Goten greet all his new classmates.
Tako: "Hello Goten!! Would you like to come with me and play Dragonball GT at our home?" One of his new classmate invite him.
Mr. Hironobu: "Okey Goten-kun you can seat beside Tako"

Goten seat beside Tako, The boy that invited him. The whole class like Goten and they were good to him... At PE class, the boys play soccer while the girls exercise Gymnastics.

Tako: "Hey Goten, Take this ball" Tako lick the ball to Goten
Goten: "OK!!" Goten run and take the ball with him. All of his opponent cant take the ball from him, he runs fast that any of his opponent cant catch him.
Girls: "Go Goten!! Go!!" The Girls cheers for him.
Goten: "OK!!" Goten Kick the ball to the goal..... The Goal Keeper didn't realize that the ball was already in the Goal. The ball strikes at the net.
Tako and opponents: "WOW" Tako said and also their opponent.

The Class was dismissed and Tako came to Goten to ask him if he want to come.

Goten: "Sure!!"
Tako: "OKey, I'll meet you at the gate" Said Tako

Goten come with Tako to play Dragonball GT Final Bout. The two play together and they become friends. The Next Day, At recess time. Goten was Finished eating his lunch and take his Social Book and go outside and site under the Tree. He put his two hand into his head and try to sleep when...

Pan: "Hey!! Goten-kun"
Goten: "Pan? What are doing here?"
Pan: "Geez, somebody was following me until here"
Goten: "That was just your Dream"
Pan: "How can you said that?"
Goten: "Its easy... Do you think... Who will be a stupid fool that will follow you wherever you go?"
Pan: "Errrr" Pan get Goten's Book and slap it into his Face. The book was destroy"
Goten: "AWWWW" Goten Yelled that makes the people around look at him including Bra and her friends eating their lunch.
Pan: "Oooopsss Sorry" Pan seat beside Goten.

Behind the Tree where Bra and her friends are eating. Pssstttt....

Bra: "Huh? Trunks? What are you doing here?" Bra ask his Brother.
Trunks: "Me? ha...ehh.... Nothing just visiting you here, if you're okey..." Trunks answer Bra lied.
Bra: "Visiting me? Gee, what did you eat?"

The Bell ring and its now their Social subject. Pan go back to her school as well as Trunks.
The teacher was discussing something in their book. And the teacher call Goten to read the next paragraph. As we know that his book was destroyed.

Social Teacher: "Mr. Son, where is your book?"

Goten remain quiet.

Social Teacher: "Again Mr. Son read the next paragraph"

Goten bow his head. But....

Bra: "Here, read the next paragraph" Someone has lend him a book and it was Bra. He was sitting next to Bra in Social subject.
Bra: "Thanks" Goten said to Bra. And he read it.

At the next class... PE class.. While they're playing they saw an airplane out of control and its like its crashing and falling into their school. All students in school was scared. But then, a strange man appeared and help the airplane land in school safely. All Passengers exit the plane and they all Thanks the man.

Pilot: "Arigatou... Tell me what is your name?" The Pilot ask the man.
Great Saiyanman: "Im The Great SAiyanman" The Great SAiyanman said.
Pilot: "What?" The Pilot wants to laugh but as he rescue them, he thank The Great Saiyanman again.

All Students saw The Great SAiyanman.

Bra: "Hey I know him. He's not dead." Bra said.
Tako: "You know him?" Tako ask Bra
Bra: "Yes, He rescue me yesterday"
Tako: "So he's a good man and now our new hero" Tako said proudly. "Huh? Where's Goten?"

As The Great SAiyanman Left and all people left.

Goten: "Sorry"
Tako: "Where at the chikyuu did you go?" Tako ask Goten at the field.
Goten: "IM just in CR" Goten said.
Tako: "Tyk tyk tyk. You didn't saw the man that call himself as The Great Saiyanman. If you only saw him, his flying"
Goten: "Really? Gee, i didn't saw him" Said Goten
Tako: "Dont worry, im sure that next time you will see him"

The bell rang and the class dismissed.

Tako: "Hey Goten, wanna go and have some fun on a Mall?"
Goten: "Sure! Lets Go!!"
Bra: "Now what did the two Bakas planning to do this time?" Bra ask herself.

Goten and Tako go to the mall to have some fun.
While Bra.....

Bra: "Hmmm... Nothing especial today..Huh? Trunks? What are you doing here?"
Trunks: "Bra? Umm Nothing Bye!!"
Bra: "Wait where are you going?"
Trunks: "Im going to the mall"
Bra: "Mall? Can i go with you?"
Trunks: "Okey"

While Goten and Tako....

Tako: "Wahh Counterstrike is Really Boring, but i want to Play again"
Goten: "Um.... Im starving, can we just eat before playing again?"
Tako: "Sure Goten Ha! Ha! Ha!" Said Tako
Pan: "Excuse Me, Goten what are you doing here?"
Goten: "Pan? Im just Having some fun here. How about you?"
Pan: "I feel someone is following me"
Goten: "Following you? Until here?" Ask Goten
Tako: "Hey hey Goten who's that girl?" Tako ask Goten
Pan: "Im he's Girlfriend"
Tako: "What Girl Friend? Goten you didn't say that you have a girlfriend already.. you you"
Goten: "Okey sorry!!" look at Pan "YOU"
Pan: "Shut up!" Pan stamp her foot to Goten
Goten: "Ouch" Goten got hurt.
Bra: "Huh? Goten?" Look at Tako "What are you doing here?" Bra Said
Goten & Tako: "BRA!!" Goten and Tako said perfectly
Goten: "Where Playing!!" said Goten
Bra: "Playing? What kind of play?"Bra ask them
Tako: "Hey, none of your business, Okey Goten let's go eat!!" Said Tako
Bra: "Why being rude? That's not fair! I'll go with you"
Pan: "Huh? Hmmm... who are you?" Pan ask Bra politely.
Goten: "Pan her name is Bra, she's my classmate" Goten explained
Pan: "O i see, hello! Im Goten's Girlfriend"
Bra: "Goten's Girlfriend? You?" raise left eyebrow and look at Goten that trying to escape "Hey wait!! Goten you did'nt say that you have a girlfriend yet" Bra ask Goten
Goten: "He he, ok ok why don't we just eat im starving" Goten said
Pan: "key, lets eat" Pan said

The teens eat in a expensive restaurant.

Goten: "Whoa, the food is delicious"
Tako: "Now let's go to Games"
Pan: "Gaming at this time? Um.... ill tell to your mom what you plan to do now..." Picking her Celphone.
Goten: "Wait! PLs. stop that, i want to have some fun and you can go home now it will be dark soon"
Bra: "Now where is Trunks?"
Pan: "Go home now or i will tell to them a little secret" Teasing Goten
Bra: "A secret?"
Goten: "Huh! i know you wont say that"
Pan: "Hey do you know that Goten and The..."
Goten: put his hand on Pan's mouth "okey okey ill go home now" look at Tako and Bra "Gomen nasai... sorry, i have to left you two now, see you tomorrow"
Bra: "Wait! What's that secret"
Pan: "Its abou..."
Goten: Again stop Pan by dragging her home "now were going home"
Tako: "Oh men im alone again, ok i have to go now bye!!"
Bra: :Now everyone left me here!! arghh how stupid!"

The next Day!!

Bra: "Its now 10:00 am and Goten and Tako is not here"

While Goten....

Goten: "Wow! I like practicing all day than hearing Bra's voice all day" Doing push-up in 10000 gravity (weird) "99......150....5000.....9000.....9997..9998....9999....10000! woop! ahh" stretch his back "That fine now, now practicing outside the house" He go outside to have some fresh air and relaxation. "Huh?...Tako? HEY TAKO!!"
Tako: "Goten, why your here? are you absent too?"
Goten: "hehe same as you. Now what are you doing here?"
Tako: "Im practicing to gain more hp, wanna have some practice with me?"
Goten: "Sure!!"

Tako disappear and go behind Goten.
Tako: "now here i am... ouch!!" Goten punch him accidentally on nose. nose bleeding "a blood, oh men your Great"
Goten: " he he that's nothing"
Tako: "Okey i want to tell you something, a secret?"
Goten: "a secret? you dont have to say that to me"
Tako: "don't worry i trust in you. not from this world, lets say that im not from this time. Im from Planet Yadrat from year 3000, im a mix yadratin and earthling."
Goten "Gee, your joking"
Tako: "no im not, i know how to teleport and that is common in our time."
Goten: "so why are you here?"
Tako: "im here father sent me here, he drag me to the time machine and set me here. He did that because he didn't like me to get kill or hurt"
Goten: "Kill, hurt why?"
Tako: "Ok i tell you the whole story... One day, a strange man teleport to our planet and then, destroy everything he sees and decided to rule our planet. We are all weak, and he is very strong. He's hair sticks up and turn to yellow that makes him power-up. Even me..."
Goten: "What did you say? Hair that sticks-up?"
Tako: "Yes and in the information that i gain, he has a blood of saiyan. He's name was Vegeta XXXX... huh?" a strange sound appears. Tako get his gear and open it "its a message....oh arghh.."
Goten: thinking "huh? what? What happens?"
Tako: "Vegeta XXXX tries to sell our Planet. Umm... i gotta go"
Goten: "I'll go with you!!" smile
Tako: "You?.. Okey"

Tako and Goten go inside the time machine and go to Planet Yadrat in year 3000. As they arrive..

Tako: Saw a everything burning "No....."
Goten: "This Place is really hi-tech"
Yadratin3000: Grab Tako "We need to get out of here, he's here"
Tako: smile "No. I'll stay here, now move.. move"
Yadratin3000: "ok...Okey....wish you a good lock"
Yadratin02: "Help! Help!"
Tako: "huh? No stop!"
Yadratin02: "he..ll..p...... "
Goten: fires energy beam
Vegeta XXXX: dodge the attack. look at Goten "Goten XXX? Am i dreaming? i have destroy you years ago."
Tako: Look at Goten "So your the original Goten? Your a Saiyan too!"
Vegeta XXXX: "Lets have some play" Power-up goes to mid ssj2. Atacks Tako but Tako dodge it and punch back, nothing happens. Vegat XXXX slap Tako and bump to the nearest mountain. Goten and Vegeta XXX fights and still noone loses. "That only mid ssj2, now try this" Vegeta XXXX goes to ssj5.
Goten: "Huh? What kind of power-up is that?"
Vegeta XXXX: "This is the new generation ssj5...argh....take this"
Tako: "No you cant" Fires ccball at Vegata XXXX"
Vegeta: "What's that... errr your just tickling me down" and kick Tako to the nearest mountain. "ha ha ha Take this" Vegeta XXXX fires A huge spirit ball at Goten.
Goten: "That wont work at me" charge-up to super saiyan and dodge the attack back to Vegeta XXXX.
Vegeta XXXX: "Ha my attack...what? i..i cant"
The Huge spirit ball exploded to Vegeta XXXX but that's not the end of everything.
Vegeta XXXX: "errr i loses too much energy" turn to normal saiyan-jin. "Ahhhhh"
Goten: "What's that? "

Something getting out from Vegeta XXXX.

Dabura jr.: "Hm.... i didn't really think that your too weak that even the original Goten destroy you, now die i hate to see you now bye bye" fires final flash at Vegeta XXXX. But Vegeta XXXX can move, he loses too much energy.
Tako: "Goten why? why did you save him?"
Goten: "His not bad, the true evil is him, Dabura. Hey I know your dead already"
Dabura jr.:"If there is Vegeta XXXX and Goten XXX, obcourse there is Dabura jr.... Now let me take your body and explode your true power" Daburajr. fires an energy ball at Goten but Goten didn't dodge it co'z all he know its just a energy ball. The energy ball goes inside Goten and go outiside, it makes an appearance....
Goten: "Whats this? errr Kamekamehaaaaa" he fires kamehameha at Dabura jr. and exploded, Dabura jr. is dead. The smoke disappear and....
Tako: "Goten...."
Evil Goten: "um..... what a fresh air.... "
Gotwn: "Who are you?"
Evil Goten: "Im you, im your clone" he disappear.
Tako: "Your clone?"
Yadratins: "Hurray Tako....Hurray Goten? Thank you"

The day end and the Planet Yadratin is safe. Goten and Tako say Goodbye to them and go back to the past. The next Day at school......

Tako: "Ohayo Bra-chan!!"
Bra: "hey where's Goten?
Tako: "I dunno"

Three day's pass.....
At school..

Goten & Tako: "Ohayo Bra-chan"
Bra: raise left eyebrow "why are you absent?"
Goten: "Nothing"
Tako: "Hey did you know that The Great Saiyan helps many people last 3 days?"
Goten: "Really? But how did you find out?"
Bra: "Its on the newspaper" inside Bra "3 days? Goten is absent"
Classmates: "Hey everyone look outside!!"

Outside the school...

Evil Goten: He's wearing a disguise cloth "Where's Goten?"
Students: "Goten? Why he want Goten?"
Tako: inside "Huh? Why he's here? This gonna be a big trouble"
Evil Goten: "Lets fight Goten"
Bra: inside "Fight Goten?"
Goten: "Huh? Me?"
Evil Goten: Grn. Fires Soukidama at the sand that makes a big smoke. Goten Teleport Evil Goten at a safe place.
Bra: "Where is he? huh? i feel a strong ki" Bra follows the ki and fly
The Student did'nt saw Bra fly because of the smoke.
While Flying..

Trunks: "Braa"
Bra: "Trunks? Did you feel that energy"
Trunks: "Yes, lets go there."

While Evil Goten and Goten...

Evil Goten : "Okey lets fight" Evil Goten punch Goten bu Goten dodge it and punch back...
Goten: "i feel a ki go nearer..."
Evil Goten : "Take This Soukidama" Goten fall at the ground.
Bra: "Goten? Are you ok?"
Trunks: "Hey look the man a take off his robe"
Bra: "What? he's The Great Saiyanman?"
Pan: "Kamehamehaaaa"
Evil Goten: "hm...." nothing happens.... "Brat" Pan flies to the ground life less...
Trunks: "Huh? no......" Trunks flies at Pan "Arghhh" goes to ssj2 :you will pay for this" Evil Goten and Trunks fight "Ahhhhhh" Trunks punch Evil Goten, he missed but his sunglass fall and also the cloth on his head.
Bra: look at Goten and look at Evil Goten "No way....Goten..." "Trunks...huh.. TRunks..." Trunks lied to the ground life less....
Evil Goten: "Now your next!!" Evil Goten Fires Final Flash at Bra. "oh your pretty strong now again" Again Evil Goten Fires Kamehamehaa at Bra....
Bra: "Ah.. i cant take it....." Bra is in pain, her legs are broken, she cant move.. "Is this the end"
The kamehamehaaa are heading to Bra... Goten Stand seriously and go at front of Bra.

Bra: "Goten Go away, you will got hurt. Gotenn.."
Goten: smile. Goten raise his palm straight where Kamehamehaa will strike.
Bra: "Goten your crazy"


Evil Goten: "Huh? Whatta?"
Bra: "Goten?"
Goten: Turn into super saiyan"
Evil Goten: turn in to ssj4
Bra: inside "Goten is a Saiyan too?"

Evil Goten and Goten fight each other.. but

Evil Goten: "ha? No way.. how could grow strong.."
Goten: "Now take this" Goten Punch Evil Goten with burning fist"


Goten: Go at Bra and Take a Bag of senzu bean "here eat this"
Bra: "A bean?..ok" As se eat the bean her body turn to normal, she can now walk.
Goten: Give some Senzu beans at Trunks and Pan "here you go!!"
Trunks: "Your a Saiyan too?"
Gohan: "Pan........." Flying Towards Pan.
Trunks: "Another clone? Argh" Stretching his neck.
Pan: "Otossan!!"
Trunks and Bra: "Huh? otossan"
Gohan: "Clone? Of who?"
Goten: "Are you all alright?"
Trunks and Bra : Look at Goten "A clone"
Gohan: "Goten, Mom ask me to find you she has something to tell"
Trunks and Bra: "Mom?"
Pan: "Uncle, im sure its about the trip! ooopsss..."
Goten: "Shut up"
Gohan: "Okey ill meet you at the house bye, i gotta go"
Bra: "Now tell me what's going on!!"
Goten: "No nothing"
Pan: "OK so can tell now the truth you have a permit from me!"
Goten: "Okey, Okey Pan is is'nt my Girlfriend, she's my niece my Brothers Daughter the one that you call as my clone."
Pan: "I just say it to prevent Uncle Goten having her Girlfriend he he he"
Goten: "and i call her as my Girlfriend too to revenge"
Trunks: "So you too are not?"
Bra: grin "Hey Trunks, Is that the girl that you mention everyday?"
Pan: "Nani?"
Trunks: Blushed. Playing his fingers.
Goten: " Ha ha ha ha So your the one that follow Pan wherever she go. Ha ha ha ha"
Pan: "Hey will you shut up! How about you..."
Goten: "huh?"
Pan: asking Bra "Uncle always told me about the Girl in his school hmm.. I forgot the name but she wears Red Dress everyday.
Bra: Raise left eyebrow
Goten: "Hey i didn't say that.. oh yeah.. i didn't" Blushing
Pan: "Oh i see, her family name is Briefs! He also said that their Family name was funny but she's not. Hey uncle, what can you...hmmppp... Uncle.." Searching for Goten
Bra: "Trying to escape again?"
Goten: Run
Bra: "Hey wait up! Goten i know you like me!" After Goten
Goten: "No no... NO im not..."
Bra: "Stop, or i wont let you go!" still after to Goten
The Twooo...

Trunks: "They left us"
Pan: "Argh... Stupid Goten. I have to go now, Father is waiting for me"
Trunks: "Ill go with you"
Goten: Running "No im not....stop following me..."
Pan: "ehh? how did you?"
Bra: "Goten, wait up"
Trunks: "Shall we?"

The Sun down and everything is setup. Bra became The Great Saiyanman 2 as Goten's Partner. Tako go back to his world. And Trunks has no problem about following Pan again, coz they where...:)

======================== The End ========================

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