Not Very Likely
by Marron

"Hey, come on. We need to practice." Goku called.

"Coming!" Ubuu answered from the house. He dashed outside to meet his teacher. The 2 ran a distance from the house, got in position and began to spar.

Oblivious to them, a hover car pulled up to the house. Out stepped Bra, then Marron and Pan, trailed by Trunks and Goten loaded down with items

"Man...he is so lucky." Goten mumbled.

Trunks nodded.

The men followed the girls inside where the guys put down their stuff.

"Anyone for cookies and milk?" Chichi called from the kitchen.

Momentarily four seats were taken at the table. Marron just laughed, Bra shook her head, but Pan's eye was on one particular thing. All 3 girls started helping Chichi, making sure that the cookie plate was full and that all the milk glasses had milk.

Marron noticed how Pan's eyes hadn't moved since all the guys sat down. She brought it up once the chaos in the kitchen had calmed down and they were up in Pan's room.

"So, someone has a new crush." Marron chirped, closing the door behind her.

"Really? Bra...who's the new guy?"

"Oh come on Pan. I saw the way you looked at Ubuu just a minute ago."

"WHAT?! Are you crazy? Please. I was thinking."

"Thinking my butt. Now that I think about it, you were watching him the entire time."


All 3 laughed at Chichi's war cry then heard 2 sets of feet come running up the stairs and the front door open and slam shut.


There was a light knock on the door then it flew open.

"Good thing I decided not to change just then." Bra smirked.

Goten's eyes lit up and he smiled. Trunks shot him the deadly glare and he winced.

"Come on in." Marron welcomed the 2 refugees into the safe haven.

Both guys walked in and sat next to their girlfriends. Pan, feeling uncomfortable, got up and moved to the window. She began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Marron and Bra asked in unison.

"Grandpa is asleep outside under the big oak tree." she laughed then looked around. "Where's Ubuu?" she whispered.

"SEE!! We're right!! We're right!!" Bra chanted.

"What?! No. He's supposed to help me with chemistry."



"Since when are you in chemistry?"

"Shut up! You're supposed to me on my side."

Marron was about to say something when something hit her head. She picked it up. *how did an acorn hit me? The window is closed.*

"Ouch!!" Trunks yelped.

There was a quiet snicker then nothing.

Marron smiled. "Ubuu?!?!"

"What? Opps!"

"Come on in. Just sit and be calm. Hey sit next to Pan. She needs a buddy." Bra told her friend.

Suddenly a figure appeared next to Bra. "But I want to be next to you baby." he said with a small amount of sarcasm.

Goten didn't pick up on it and clenched his fists.

"Later...later." she laughed and held Goten's hand.

"So what are we doing this weekend?" Trunks asked, looking at all his friends.

"Lets go see 'Ravenous the Dawning'." Pan exclaimed.

"I saw it. It stunk." Bra told them as she looked through a magazine.

"Are you sure that wasn't Goten's cologne?"

"Uh me Trunks." Marron squealed as she threw one of his arms around her.

"Then lets go to the Horror Shop." Ubuu asked.

All but one agreed.

"You guys go. I have to go work at the Carnival at the craft booth."

"Aww...your so nice it makes me want to hurl." Ubuu chuckled.

Trunks jumped then grabbed his beeper and looked down at the message. "Man...I got to go. Marron'you need a ride?"

Marron nodded.

"Come on then." He helped her up, the 2 said good bye and left.

"Now what?" Bra asked the others.

"I'm hungry." Goten moaned.

"Me too!" Pan exclaimed.

Momentarily, Bra was alone in the room. "Damn it. They always do that to me." she muttered as she walked down to the kitchen.


"Hey Marron. Hey Trunks." the group of 4 called as they approached the craft booth at the carnival.

"Hey." Marron chirped as she pulled out some fresh paper and glue.

Trunks nodded as he swiped some glitter and feathers on to the ground.

"" Pan whispered sarcastically then she grabbed Ubuu's arm. "Come on...I don't want to wait in a long line to get in." then she pushed the other 2 towards the exit.


"So how was it?" Trunks asked as he saw his friends walking back.


"Great!!" Goten and Ubuu said in unison then began to laugh.

"Yeah...great." Pan said.

"How would you know?" Goten questioned.

"What do you mean?" she snorted.

"The entire time you were clinging to Ubuu's arm." Bra laughed.

"He needed help walking."

"No I....oh yeah. Thanks Pan...your a great friend." he said as she moved her heel from his foot.

"Where's Marron?" Bra asked.

"Oh, the kids had a little paint war. She had to go clean up."

Bra looked her bother over and noticed some paint in his hair. "Let me see your hands." she ordered.



He took out one hand and it was covered in green paint.

"Hey Trunks!!!!" a voice called.

They all turned just in time to see a splotch of blue paint come flying in their direction.

Trunks ducked and it whizzed by the others. It hit the back of the main sponsor's child's head.

"Beat it!!" Ubuu screamed then took off to sky, Pan at his heels. Goten scooped Bra up in his arms andran off. Trunks would have picked up Marron but he was laughing to hard at her reaction, so he just grabbed her wrist and dragged her through the crowds.


"Did you see Marron's face when that ball made contact?" Ubuu laughed as he tried to recreate the face.

"Yeah...I haven't see that one before. She looked like she wanted to cry, die, laugh, and run for cover."

"I wonder if they made it out alive. I couldn't track his ki after we left. It just diminished.

"The only way they wouldn't of if Vegeta found them with in 10 feet of each other with out Bra near. And if Krillin found them kissing......oh..that would be fun to watch."

"Yeah...hey you wanted to see Ravenous right?"

Pan nodded.

"Well, lets go."


"Bra was right....this movie does suck."

"Yeah we should have listened to her."

"WE?! Your the one that dragged me here."

"What are you talking about? You agreed to come."

"Whatever." Pan sneered as she through the empty popcorn bag at him. Ubuu zapped it into ashes before it even came close to hitting him.

The bright light it gave off scared everyone in the theater. As everyone ran out, the 2 joined them so not to be blamed.


"So how was your day?" Chichi asked at dinner. Everyone was sitting around the Capsule Corp. picnic table.

"We went to the movies today. And the Horror Shop." Pan said.

"Yeah. After we went to the Horror shop we met up with Marron and Trunks at the children'scarnival. They had just gotten done having a paint war. We don';t know what happened to them though."

"What movie did you go see?" Ubuu asked.

"Uh.....I think it was ''Star Wars...Before it all started'."Bra answered trying to remember what movie her a Goten paid for but didn't see.

"Really? Did you like it?" Bulma asked her daughter.

"Loved it." Bra smiled as she looked at Goten. He nodded in agreement.

"I wonder where Marron is. She loves the big picnics." Krillin pondered looking around for his daughter.

Goku smiled. "Don't worry. As long as she and Trunks are lost together, nothing will happen to her."

"What do you mean?" Vegeta and Krillin snarled at the same time.

"I mean...."

"If they are going out and you know something then you better spill the beans or you'll live to regret it." Krillin snapped.

*hey that was my line* Vegeta mumbled to himself.

"What if they are going out?"Ubuu asked, hoping to see tempers flare.

"What do you mean by that?" the short Sayian barked.

"What would you do if we told you they were going out?" Pan smirked.

"ARE THEY?!?!?!!?" Vegeta roared.

Goku laughed. "You guys are so funny! You should know better." He turned to Krillin and Vegeta. "Their best friends...they wouldn't go out with each other."

Krillin thought it over and chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you are right."

"GRANDPA, why did you just do that? You just lied to your 2 best friends."

Goku gulped hard.

"PAN!!!!" Bra shrieked.

"Opppss....." Pan started to float upward.

"They are!?!?!?!" Vegeta screamed

"Gotta go." Ubuu called as he darted into the air and grabbed Pan's wrist as he went by.

Krillin appeared in front of the 2, they turned but Vegeta was behind them.

"Ok!! Ok!! We'll squeal." Ubuu yelped.

"Then please entertain us." Krillin snarled.

"Well Trunks and Marron have liked each other for a long time now and..." Pan started

"Yeah, I was surprised you 2 didn't notice." Ubuu laughed.

Krillin and Vegeta glared at him.

"Ok, we squealed." he grabbed Pan's arm and darted out of there.


"There is the ice cream shop I was telling you about." Pan said dragging him in.

"But I don't want any."

"Oh ok." Pan looked kinda hurt. "Then you go sit down and I will be back in a couple of minutes."

A few minutes later Pan returned with a huge pile of ice cream in front of her and an even bigger smile on her face.

"This should do." she laughed.

"I would hope so."

He watched as she inhaled most of the frozen dessert.

"You know you almost got me killed. You and trying to mess with the two of their heads the way you did."

"Hey you helped in getting them angry."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......try this one." she said handing him the spoon, previous topic dropped completely.

He smirked and ate it. "Pretty good. What is it?"

"Peanut butter cucumber marshmallow banana surprise."

"What's the surprise?"

Pan laughed. "Haven't found out yet. But I know I like it."

Ubuu smiled, then leaned over and kissed her. Her eyes got huge and she pushed him away.

"What do you think you were doing?" she fumed.

He laughed. "Surprise."

Pan sat there puzzled. A small smile formed on her face and slowly grew bigger. She got up, walked over to him and hugged him. "Do you really like me?" she murmured into his ear.

He nodded and kissed her cheek.

Pan turned the same shade as her shirt then kissed him. "Now that we know how we feel about each do we tell our friends?"

"Oh think we didn't already know?" Bra smirked as she walked over to her friend.

"What are you doing here?" she asked Bra, then saw Goten walk up behind her.

"We've been sitting over there the entire time." Goten smiled. "It's ok... you two look really cute together."

Pan blushed again. "Ok then how do we tell my parents?"

No body answered.

"Come on!!! I need your experience here!!"

Goten smiled big. "This is the time where you have to learn yourself. Your a BIG girl now." He laughed then walked off, Bra hanging onto his arm.

"Wow..they were a lot of help." Ubuu muttered.

Pan smiled. "But there were." She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number home. "Hello mom...I'm fine....yeah, well me and Ubuu are going to see a movie....ok, we will have fun. Bye."

Ubuu looked down and the black headed girl, confused.

She smirked. "Lets go watch a movie the way Bra and Goten do." she giggled as she pulled her boyfriend into the sky and they flew to the movie theater.


HaRUko^: Kawaii! ^_^ I love this P&U fic! And I always love your stories, Marron! Keep on sending!

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