Why Is The Sky Blue?
by Queen Bulma  

Under the beautifull blue sky of the planet Earth...
Finally, he was asleep.
The prince of the saiyans thougth he'd never go to sleep.
But it had finally happened.
Vegeta stared at his son.
5 mounths old and he could scream to the other side of the univers.
But now he was asleep.
He moved and allmost opened his blue eyes.
But then fell back to a deep sleep.
His eyes where as blue as Bulma's.
As blue as the sky.
But why is the sky blue?
It all started that afternoon.

During lunch...


Said Bulma trying to get Vegeta's attention. She knew it would be hard whit all that food in front of him.


She repeated a little louder.

*I better answer before she yells... it's more than enogth yelling from that crybaby brat...*

Thougth Vegeta before repliying.


He tryed to say something whit his mouth full.

"I'm going out this afternoon"

Vegeta swalowed his food and repliyed.


"You don't get it... I'm going out alone"

"Don't you allways?" Asked Vegeta suspecting Bulma was about to say something he didn't like.

"Not allways... somethimes I'm whit my parents or whit Trunks or my friends"


"Well... you know Krillin, Master Rouchi and all those other guys don't know the first thing about babies"

*Oh, oh, here it comes*

Thougth Vegeta.

Bulma continued.

"And Chichi is very busy helping Gohan study and as you know she's the only person and know and trust to take care of a baby specially a half saiyan baby"

*No! Don't say it!*

Vegeta knew what Bulma was going to say next and he didn't want to hear it.


Bulma started but Vegeta interrupted her.


He said in a firm voice.

"Vegeta! You haven't even heard what I have to say yet!"

Bulma reclaimed.

"But I know and if you think I'll take care of that brat..."

Bulma interrupted him.

"Brat? His name is Trunks!"

Bulma said angrily.

"But he's a brat!"

Yelled Vegeta.

*Should I tell him what I need to go out for?*

Thougth Bulma.

*If I tell him he'll take care of Trunks for sure...*

She thougth for a while.

*No! He has to do this because he wants to!*

The truth was Bulma was going to get some material from a far away Capsule Corp. factory. That factory was no place to take a baby. If Bulma got everything she needed she could build a new gravity room. One that goes up to 1000. This gravity room would have a magnetic field around it. This would bounce ki blasts when they hit the wall. Even the strongest ki blasts.
That way Vegeta could train whitout worring about blowing up the gravity room. Plus this gravity room would have a computer that records powerlevels inside it. So Vegeta could see what king of traing works better and how much power he had.

He could even see how close he was to super saiyan. Bulma builded a special chip to detect super saiyans. She desing it whit Goku's help. She got all the data from Goku's transformation and put it there. But she needed a lot more material than that.
And it was in that factory.


She yelled.
Vegeta watched her walk away.
He could hear her going up the stairs.
Finally he hear her slam the door.
That noise woke up Trunks.
Trunks was hungry.
It was time for lunch.
He started to cry.
Vegeta could hear Trunks crying.

*Why doesn't Bulma just make the kid shut up allredy?*

But when Bulma slamed the door she did it a bit too hard and now it was
stuck and she couldn't get out.
Vegeta got up and whent up stairs.
The door to Trunks's room was opened.
Vegeta whent inside where Trunks was still crying ans screaming.
Vegeta whent to him and stared at him.

"Shup up brat!"

That only made him cry more.

"What do you want?"

Vegeta aked in an angry voice.

*What's Bulma doing anyway?*

Thougth Vegeta.
He extended his hand near Trunks.
Trunks quickly grabed it.


Said Trunks a little more calm now.

"Let go"

Said Vegeta but Trunks didn't let go.

"I'm not playing, let go!"

Vegeta tryed to make Trunks let go but couldn't.

*He's strong!*

He thougth.
For the first time he was proud of his son.
But it was starting to hurt the way he squized his finguer.

*Maybe I should watch him for this afternoon...*

Thougth Vegeta.
Then he said in a soft voice.

"Allrigth let go so I can get your mom to bring you some food then I'll stay whit you this afternoon"


Trunks repliyed and let go.
Vegeta whent to Bulma and his room.
Bulma was still trying to get out.
She wondered what happened because Trunks was quiet now.

"Open the door"

Vegeta said.

"Don't you think I would have done that if I could?!"

Said Bulma from inside.

"Then get way from it"

Bulma knew he was going to break it down. She got as far as posible from the door.

"I'm redy!"

She said from inside.
Vegeta easily broke down the door whit a ki blast.


Bulma said.
She continued.

"He was criying but now he stoped... what happened?"


Not too sure of Vegeta's answer Bulma rushed out of the room.
She whent to Trunks's room and picked him up.
She took him down stairs and gave him his lunch.
Then she and Vegeta finished they're oun lunch.

"Guess I can't go out today..."

Said Bulma disapointed while she put the dishes in the dish watsher.
Trunks was eating his deseart in a baby chair.
He was making a mess but Bulma was too disapointed to realize it.
She didn't relly want to make the gravity room in that much of a hurry.
She was just disapointed that Vegeta didn't like to spend time whit

*He'll never change... he'll be a terrible father*

Vegeta's voice interrupted Bulma's thougths.

"Did you hear me?"

He asked.

"What did you say?"

Bulma asked Vegeta.

"I said that you can go out and I'll watch Trunks for the afternoon"

Bulma couldn't belive what she'd head.


Asked Bulma in a suprised tone.

"Hai, but just for today"

Said Vegeta.

"That's great!"

She was so happy now.

*Maybe he has a chance...*

Then she saw the mess Trunks was making whit his food.
But Trunks seamed to be having lot's of fun.

"I'll need some extra clean up robots..."

And that is how the prince of the saiyans stayed alone in Capsule Corp
whit his son.
The little prince, how Bulma liked to call him.
Vegeta was glad Trunks was finally sleeping.
Taking care of him was harder than he thougth.
But now everything was quiet at last.
Vegeta walked out of Capsule Corp.
He liyed down to rest in the Capsule Corp. garden.
He looked at the clear blue sky.

*Why is the sky blue?*

He thougth.
Earth's sky was like no other.
The sky of Namec was the last Vegeta saw before coming to Earth by a
second time and staying.
Namec's sky was allways brigth because of the 3 suns.
It was kind of a green color.
Planet Vegeta's sky was orange like the Earth's sky during sunset.
Other planets had purple skies.
Pink skies.
Skies of all colors.
But Earth was the only planet he knew that had a blue sky.
Staring at the sky Vegeta fell asleep.
Trunks woke up.
He found his way out of his room and down the stairs.
That's the longest way he's ever gone whiout being carried.
Trunks got to the door.
He whent outside into the Capsule Corp. garden.
He saw his father near by.
He finally got to Vegeta who was still asleep.
Trunks was tired for coming all that way.
It was a long way for a baby.
He liyed down next to Vegeta and fell asleep too.
Later Bulma got to Capsule Corp.
She looked all around the inside of Capsule Corp. but didn't find
Vegeta or Trunks anywhere.
She whent to the garden and saw them asleep.

"Vegeta and Trunks look so sweet"

She said in a soft voice.
Then she realized what she had said.
She never thougth she'd say Vegeta's name and the word sweet in the
same sentence before...
She walked over to them and picked up Trunks.
Vegeta woke up.


He hasn't got up yet.
Bulma was looking down at him whit Trunks.
She was smiling.
Now he knew why the sky was blue...
To match Bulma's beautiful eyes.
"Arigatou, for taking care of Trunks for the afternoon"

She said whit a smile.


He responded and decided not to say anithing else before Bulma asked
him to take care of Trunks again.
But she did.

"Vegeta can you take care of Trunks tomorow while I build you a new and
better gravity room"

This time it didn't sound that bad.

"What kind of gravity room?"

He asked.

"Stronger, Bigger and it can go to 1000 Gs"

She repliyed.

"1000 Gs?!"

Vegeta looked surprised.

"Hai, so will you watch him?"


*If I train under 1000 Gs I'll turn super saiyan for sure!*

Thoguth Vegeta.

*And besides... maybe Trunks isn't such a brat after all*

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