I know
by Queen Bulma

Bulma got to the door of the Son house.
Inside she heard Chichi's voice.

"He got what?!"

Screamed a very angry Chichi.

"Gomen, did I bring the wrong paper?"

Asked Goku.
Chichi had asked Goku to get Gohan's grades.
She didn't even look at the name in the report card.
She was too shocked because she saw all those F's.


Gohan came from his room when he heard Chichi calling.



Gohan looked at the paper.
He then looked at the name.

"How could you get those grades?"

Chichi was furious.


Said Gohan in a calm voice.

"Don't you okasan me!"

Chichi screamed.

"But okasan"

Gohan repeated.
Chichi just keep yelling about his grades.
Gohan couln't take it anymore.


He yelled.
Everything was silent for a moment.

"This aren't my grades look at the name in the report card"

Chichi looked at the name.
It wasn't Gohan and no where close.

*What a relief...*

Chichi finally calmed down.

"Gomen Gohan, it's just that... I get so worryed about you..."

"It's ok"

"Did I miss something?"

Asked Goku in a clueless tone.

"Yes, you missed something!"

Said Chichi angrily.


"You brougth the wrong paper!"

After Chichi explained Goku flew out the window to get the real report card and return the other.
Bulma finally knocked after seeing Goku fly out.
Chichi let her in and they started talking.
Bulma was remembering the time she had a little misunderstanding like the one Gohan just had.
But the it all worked out just like it did whit Gohan.
After she came from the Son house Bulma took a bath and decided to take the rest of the day off.
Off work... but not off fun...
Vegeta was in the gravity room.
Bulma had secreatly instaled cameras.
It was fun to watch him train and he was kind of cute.
Bulma was a bit surprised because that was the only day in which Vegeta hasn't called Goku all the bad names in the world or blaimed him because he wasn't couldn't transform into a super saiyan yet.
Bulma saw as Vegeta whent out of the gravity room.
She turned off the camara and ran to the kitchen.
When Vegeta entered he found lot's of food just waiting for him.
He ate everything as usual and whent back to his training.
2 weeks later Vegeta entered the gravity room and Bulma was watching because of the camaras.
He stood facing what looked like a plain wall but the camara was there.

"You've been watching me for 2 weeks now so give me a little privacy"

Bulma screamed in both surprise and fear.

"He knows!"

She said worried.
What surprised her the most was that Vegeta didn't sound mad when he said that.

"And that means turn off that anoying camara!"

Now Vegeta sounded relly angry in other words just like him.
Bulma turned off the camara.
Later that day Vegeta was having dinner and felt Bulma watching him.

*She's starring*

He thougth.

*I stare at her like that sometimes...*

He continued eating and paid no attention to Bulma.

*Maybe I bothered her by staring like that and now she's doing the same...*

Then he remembered... he didn't relly stared to annoy her... it was something else.
He saw his reflection in a glass of that clear Earth water that was nothing like in his planet.
His face was red.

*What's wrong whit me?*

He finished eating as fast as he could and got out of there.
He flew to the forest.
Vegeta got to the same place that they where trasported to from Namec.
This was where he got a closer look at Bulma.
This was where she asked him to live in Capsule Corp.
Vegeta didn't know why but he felt like spending the night there.

*This is where I would have been sleeping if Bulma hasn't asked me to go to Capsule Crop...*

Vegeta lied down.
He started to think.

*Maybe... no that can't be... can it?*

Whit that last thougth he fell asleep.
In Capsule Corp Bulma was worried.

*Is he angry because I was watching him?*

Bulma realized that besides the camara in the gravity room she's been staring at him too.
He did that to her and she allways anded up yelling.

"But I wasn't trying to annoy him I just..."

She thougth out load.
She lied down in her bed.

*Maybe... no that can't be... can it?*

Whit that last thougth she fell asleep.
The next day she took a walk in the forest.
Vegeta was doing the same thing.
They walked not knowing the other was there.
After walking around for a while Vegeta was back in the place he spend the night in.
He remembered his last thougth the night before.

*Maybe it is...*

Bulma lost her way but still she was thiking about her last thougth the night before.
She smiled to herself.

*That's it*

Meanwhile Vegeta was trying to forget about it.

"No, I'm a saiyan, the prince of saiyans!"

He looked at the sky.

"But Kakarotto he would just say it and... wait since when do I care what he would do?"

Bulma keept walking and things started looking familiar.

*This wasn't the way I came but I've been here before...*

Then she remembered.

"This is where we where trasported from Namec!"

She looked around and remembered when she asked Vegeta to stay Capsule Corp.
She remembered the exact spot.
When she got there she saw Vegeta standing the same way he was that day.


She walked to him.

"Are you mad about the camara? I allredy removed it you know"

"I know... when someone's watching me..."

"I... have to tell you something..."


"It's just that... that..."

She just couldn't say it.
It wasn't hard for her to say she like Yamsha but Vegeta was very difrent.

"I know that too"

Said Vegeta.
Bulma got all red.
Vegeta remembered when that happened to him.

*Maybe it's something I got from her... I wonder if she know a cure?*

"So you know?"

Asked Bulma still red.



Clearly Bulma wanted to hear more than hai.

*So what? What's she waiting for?*

He looked at her.

*I know... but I'm not telling*

He picked her up and flew to Capsule Corp.
Time passed and they got closer to each other.
A lot later in a sunny afternoon the phone rang in the son house.

"Moshi, moshi?"

Chichi answered the phone.

"Konichiwa Chichi, it's me, Bulma"

"Hi Bulma, I'm so happy because you know last year I had a little misunderstanding whit Gohan's grades but then it turned out to be he had eelent grades?"


"Well this year they're better"

Chichi said happily.

"It's been long... we talk a lot but you haven't come over for too long since... last year when Goku brougth the wrong report card"

"You know why"

"Hai, but what did you wanted to tell me?"

"I just wanted some advise... okasan tryed to help me whit the experence she has from me but... I'm human and Truks is half saiyan so it's difrent and you..."

"I have I half saiyan son too, right?"


Bulma agreed.

"No problem"

Said Chichi in a friendly voice.

"I wanted to ask how much milk did you give Gohan?"

"About 3 or 4"

"Nani? 3 or 4?"


Afirmed Chichi.

"But whit only 3 or 4 bottles Trunks will starve!"

Chichi laugthed it was too bad they where on the phone.
Chichi would have wanted to see the look on Bulma when she told her what she relly meant.

"No, not bottles gallons!"

"Nani? Now I know..."


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