How Trunks and Marron Met
by Teresa

Side note: Marron isn't born,yet. 18 is pregnant with her. Oh, and everyone is at Trunks' 3rd b-day.

"Krillin, 18, so glad you can make it! Come on in!"
Bulma greeted. Just then Trunks comes running in.
"Hi Mr. Krillin, hi Mrs. 18! What did ya get me?"
Trunks asked.
"Trunks Breifs! That's not polite, say sorry!" Bulma ordered.
"That's okay, I understand. He's just excited. Come on Trunks, let's go see Goku and the fellas. Bye hun!" Krillin said and walked off. So Bulma and 18 went into the family room where all the women were, and were Master Roshi was spying.

"So, 18, how is your baby?" Chi-chi asked as 18 and Bulma sat down on the sofa.
"Well, the doctor is sure that this is a boy and he is due anyday now!" 18 said excitedly. Then Trunks walked in with Goten todeling behind him.
"Mommy, can I open my presants yet?" Trunks asked. Goten walked over to 18, sucking his 'baba', and hugged her.
"He's so sweet, Chi-chi." 18 says to Chi-chi. "I hope mine is like him."
"Yes, Goten inherited his fater's sweetness," Chi-chi said. Goten just bubbled.
"I don't see what so 'cute' about him," Trunks thought. "Well anyway, can I open my presants yet?"

"....Happy birthday to you!" the gang sang.
"Blow out the candles!!" Goku insisted, of course, he was hungry. So, Trunks blew out the candles and they ate the cake. Then came everyone's favorite time, presants! So, Trunks started opening them. 18 remembered leaving their presant in the car.
"I'll get it," 18 got up to get it. Krillin pulled her down.
"I will, it's okay," he smiled. 18 shook her head.
"I'm NOT helpless you know," she said as she pushed him down and went out the front door.

"WHERE IS SHE?!?! I WANT MY PRESANTS!!!" Trunks whined.
"Shut up brat!" Vegeta yelled. Then Trunks started crying. Bulma pulled Vegeta by the ear into the bedroom for a 'little' talk. Then Goten walked in. He saw Trunks crying, so he started crying. Krillin,  Goku, and Gohan ran out of Capsule Corp to look for 18. Videl and Chi-chi stay to try and calm down Trunks and Goten.

"Where IS she?" Gohan asked.
"I dunno, maybe she is still getting the presant out of the car," Goku suggests. (See, Goku's not THAT stupid!) They rushed to the car to find 18 lying on the ground, unconcious. So they rush her to the hospital.

"Hmmm? Where the heck am I?" 18 asked herself.  Her eyes try to focus on the room. "God, my back hurts."
"Hello! I'm Dr. Wessels. You became unconcious and now you are okay." Dr. Wessels explained. 18 looked down at her tummy. It's was as flat as a pancake.
"WHERE THE HECK IS MY BABY?!?!" 18 freaked out.
"Woah, your baby is fine. It's in the nursery now," Dr. Wessels explained.
"THEN WHERE THE HECK IS MY HUSBAND??!!" she freaks out again.
"I'm right here," Krillin pokes his head inside the room. He walked into the room with a wiggling pink blanket.
"What's THAT?!" 18 asked.
"Well, if you calm down-" Dr. Wessels started.
"Shut up!" 18 yelled at him. Then she calmly asked Krillin, "What is that?"
"It's our new baby, 18. A girl," Krillin said, handing her to 18. "I kinda named he though."
"What did you name her?" 18 asked Krillin.
"Marron, after my ex-girlfriend. I thought it might suit her. Do you like it?" Krillin asked.
"I love it, and I love you," 18 cooed.
"Sorry, visiting hours are now over," a nurse said.
"I'll come back tomorrow," Krillin whispered. He left. 18 did what every new mother does when they get a new baby. She looked her over.
"Now, let me see," 18 started. Marron just smiled. "You have your daddy's eyes, my blonde hair, a little on the small side like your daddy, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and no nose! Like your daddy!" 18 smiled and thought that she was perfect. 18 stroked Marron's little hairs and kissed her gently on the forehead. Marron yawned and went to sleep. So did 18.

18 yawned. She awoke to her child pulling on her hair. 18 looked down at Marron and smiled.
"Hello? Anyone home?" Gohan knocked softly on the door.
"Come on in, the water's fine." 18 joked. They came in. There was Gohan, Videl, Goku, Chi-chi,
Bulma, Vegeta, Krillin, Goten, and Trunks. They all sat down. Goten and Trunks walked over to 18 and Marron.
"So this is the little brat who spoiled my birthday?" Trunks asked. Everyone laughed and Bulma glared at him.
"Ha! That reminds me Goku..." Krillin said to Goku. Goku laughed, "The good old days...."
"Snap out of it you two!" Chi-chi snapped. Krillin and Goku came back to reality.
"Me see baby," Goten held up his arms.
"You wanna see Marron?" Videl asked.
"Yup!" Goten bubbled. So Videl picked up Goten and set him on 18's lap to see Marron.
"Baby.." Goten whispered. He stroked her on the cheek. "Soft.." Chi-chi and Bulma started bawling.
Vegeta just rolled his eyes. Videl removed Goten off 18's lap.
"You wanna see Marron too, Trunks?" Videl asked.
"I guess I'll see the brat, I mean, 'Marron'," Trunks mimmicked. So Videl placed Trunks on 18's lap. Trunks started looking at her. "She's ugly." he thought. So, to get a better look, he went closer. To close. Marron got ahlod of his hair.
"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Trunks yelled, backing off. Marron giggled. Trunks lept off of 18's lap. Everyone was laughing. This is how Trunks and Marron met.


T.F.'s lil' note::>> Okay, this is like one of my VERY first fics, I got around to sending to GTM..  It WAS posted somewhere else before, but I forgot to post it here!!!  And I also know there is a fic just like mine, and we probably didn't MEAN to do that..  Anywho..  more to come!!!  I mean, of my other fics er something...  NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!
HaRUko^: Cute story, T.F!

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