Fight for the Girl
By Little Pan 

"Hurry up, Bra!" Trunks yelled.
Today, all of the teenage gang members, Trunks, Goten, Marron, Bra and Pan are going on a picnic trip.
While waiting for Bra
to put on her make ups and all that, the rest of them were watching television. Trunks looked at Marron....
her blue eyes are
like the deep blue ocean... her blonde hair are like the golden sun... and her dress.....
"Bra's ready." Pan told him.
"Oh." Since Trunks is the driver of the day, he went to start the car.
"Why is Trunks staring at me like that?" Marron whispered to Goten.
When they got on Trunks' black convertible, Goten was still wondering about the question too, so she
peeked at Marron.....
her eyes are like the clear blue sky.... her blonde hair are like golden silk, shining in front of him..... and her
"Huh? oh, right... " and so Goten got off the convertible to get teh baskets.
"Bra, your brother is weird. he kept on staring at me."
"Don't mind him, he does that all the time."
"Pan, your uncle is weird also. He kept on peeking on me!" But Pan just shrugged.
When they  got to their destination, the girls got everything ready and started to have their little 'girls talk'.
Trunks in the other hand, pulled Goten up a tree.
"I think Marron is cute, you think we look cute together?" Trunks spit the truth all out.
"......No! 'Cause she's gonna be my girl friend!"
"Oh yea?"
"Oh yea!"
"Then take THAT!!!" Trunks shouted as he threw a ki blast at Goten, and it hit him.
"OWWWWW!!! TAKE THAT!!!!!!!" Goten too threw a ki blast at him.
And so the fight begin. How did it end you ask?
Well Goten kicked Trunks in the stomach, and Trunks threw Goten to a tree.... Goten shoot Kamehameha
at Trunks, but
Trunks dodged it, but...................
When Goten was going to shoot another ki blast at Trunks, he realized that Trunks wasn't paying attention,
he was looking at
something, so he also looked down....... then, he saw the girls. The girls was in shreded clothes, and there
were dirt all over
them, and the worse thing is........... their lunch was DESTROYED!!!!!!!! Quickly, they both went back to the
ground to help
the girls clean up.
"NO LUNCH FOR YOU TWO!!!!" The girls shouted in unison.
"Thanks a lot, PAL!!" Trunks whispered to Goten.
"You're the one who dodged it!"
For the rest of the day, the only thing Trunks said was "Food, I need Food"! And the only thing Goten ever
said that day was
"It's all your fault"!
***later that night***
Trunks phoned Goten.
"We'll see who gets the girl tomarrow!" and Goten agreed.
*****the next day****
Trunks and Goten both was wearing black tuxedos and holding roses waiting patiently for Marron to open
the door.
"Hi you two." Marron said as she opens the door.
"This is for you." They both said in unison.
"Gee, thanks! You shouldn't have. Oh, and I want you to meet someone." Marron pulled out a really
handsome looking guy.
"This is Steven, my boyfriend!!!"
***few years after***
Goten and Trunks were "shopping" with Bra and Marron. While they were waiting outside of the fashion
store, both Trunks
and Goten saw another "beauty". Trunks looked at her, her black hair are like silk, her eyes are like stars in
the midnight sky.....
but wait! She looked very familiar.
Goten looked at her, her hair are like silk, her eyes are like stars in the midnight sky........ Funny, she look
so familiar. Trunks
said to Goten,
"Wait here, she's mine!"
"Oh no you don't, she's MINE!" Goten said as he jumped on Trunks.
"Well, let's just see which one of us she like better." Trunks told Goten with confidence.
They both went up to the girl.
"Hello miss, you just dropped your money." They said it in unison.
When the girl turned around, both Trunks and Goten were shocked.
"Hi you guys, long time no see. Oh, may I introduce you to," Pan pulled a man out of a sports shop. " My
boy friend Jeff!"
Both Trunks and Goten were very disappointed, but there's nothing they can do. Bra and Marron came out
of the fashion
store, surprized to see Pan. The five best friends plus one chatted all the way back home.
Don't worry Trunks and Goten, You will get a girl.............. someday.
"That's very funny."


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