Sometimes Strange Things Happen
by Queen Bulma 

~Chapter 1: Let's Go To The Amusment Park~

In the son House Chichi is reading the news paper.

Chichi: "Nani? A new amustment park just opened"

Gohan was studing in his room when he heard chichi calling.

Chichi: "Gohan!"

Gohan: "Coming!"

Gohan whent over to Chichi.

Gohan: "What is it okasan?"

Chichi: "Go get your otousan because where going to the amustment park!"

Gohan: "Relly?"

Chichi: "Hai"

Gohan: "Kire!"

Gohan flew out the door and sensed Goku's ki.

Gohan: "Otousan!"

Goku was carring a giant fish.

Goku: "Hey, Gohan look what I got for dinner"

Gohan: "Great otousan but rigth now we have to get home"

Goku: "Why?"

Gohan: "Because Okasan said she wanted to go to the amustment park whit us and I want to go before she changes her mind"

Goku: "The amusment park sounds like fun!"

Goku and Gohan flew back to the Son house where Chichi was waiting.

Gohan: "Okasan, we're back!"

Goku: "Look at this Chichi"

Said Goku showing her the fish.

Chichi: "That's nice, just put it in the refrigerator and get redy"

Goku: "Ok"

Goku tryed to fit the fish in the refrigerator but it was too big so he just set it down beside it.

Chichi: "Goku are you redy yet?"

Goku: "Hai, I'm coming"

Goku came outside where Gohan and Chichi where waiting and they left for the amustment park.

Chichi: *It will by good for Gohan to take a break from his studies that way he'll rest and when he comes back he'll have a rested mind redy for learning*

~Chapter 2: A Strange Dimension~

Goku, Gohan and Chichi arrive at the amustment park and find that Krillin was also there.

Krillin: "Konichiwa everyone!"

Gohan: "Krillin!"

Goku: "Hey, Krillin!"

Chichi: "Hello Krillin"

Goku: "So what are you doing over here?"

Krillin: "Oh... nothing I just came to the fireworks"

Gohan: "Fireworks?"

Krillin: "That's rigth, today there's going to be fireworks for the opening of the amusment park"

Gohan: "Cool"

Chichi: "Gohan, why don't you go look around whit Krillin, ne?"

Gohan: *If I didn't know better I'd think she wanted me to leave* "Hai"

Krillin and Gohan left.

Chichi: "Come on Goku lest go over there"

Chichi took Goku to the tunel of love.

Chichi: "Let's go for a ride you haven't taken me there since before Gohan was born"

Goku: "Ok, if you want to..."

In a dark corner a figure was watching Goku and Chichi as they when inside the tunel.

Chichi: *It's so pretty in here*

Goku: *Kire this place looks like a strange dimension*

~Chapter 3: Confesion~

Gohan saw Krillin a bit worryed.

Gohan: "Are you ok?"

Krillin: "Hai..."

Krillin: "Are you sure?"

Krillin: "Actually... no"

Gohan: "What's wrong?"

Krillin: "I'm lonley I guess..."

Gohan: "Lonley?"

Krillin: "Hai..."

Gohan: "But why?"

Krillin: "I... I don't know..."

Gohan: "But you have lots of friends"

Krillin: 'Hai but..."

Gohan: "But?"

Krillin: "I have a confecion to make..."

Gohan: "Nani?"

Krillin: "But promise you woun't tell anyone"

Gohan: "I promise"

Krillin: "The real reson I'm here is because I wanted to find a date because girls don't seem to like me and I don't know why?"

In a dark corner the same figure that was watching Goku and Chichi had heard everything.

???: *I know why they don't like you, it's because of what you don't have*

Krillin: "You know what Gohan..."

Gohan: "What?"

Krilin: "You know I like Bulma..."

Gohan was in shock.

Gohan: "Nani?"

The figure wtching them got more interested in the comversation.

Krillin: "It's true but I know she doesn't like me so I guess it's better to be friends than nothing rigth?"

Gohan: "Rigth"

Krillin: "I wonder if my nose is the reson that I'm not getting a date?"

Gohan: "What do you mean?"

Krillin: "Maybe it's because girls don't like my nose"

Gohan: "But Krillin..."

Krillin: "Hai?"

Gohan: "You don't have a nose, remember?"

Krillin: "That's just it!"

Gohan: "It's ok"

Sudently Krillin got an idea.

Krillin: "Hai, you're rigth, say why don't you go see what Chichi and Goku are doing?"

Gohan: "I I didn't knew better I'd think he wanted me to leave* "hai"

Gohan flew off to find his parents and Krillin flew away in the direction of the Son House.

~Chapter 4: Krillin's wish~

The same person who had been watching everyone had now found out that Yamcha was also in the amustment park.

???: *What is he doing here?*

Yamcha was whit a girl and a guy came and said hi.
Yamcha introduced the girl as his girlfriend.

???: *Nani?*

The person who had seen it all ruched back to Capsule Corp.
Meanwhile Gohan hasn't found his parents yet but he found Yamcha just as he was siying goodbye to that guy that was talking to him earlier.
Aperently the guy was one of Yamcha's team mates when he used to play baseball.

Gohan: "Konichiwa, Yamcha"

Yamcha: "So Gohan, what are you doing here?"

Said Yamcha whit a fake smile on his face.

Gohan: "I'm here whit my parents"

Yamcha: "Great, I'm sure they must be relly worryed about you so why don't you go find them?"

Gohan: *If I didn't know better I'd think he wants me to leave* "Hai"

Gohan left.
Meanwhile at the Son house Krillin used a copy of the house key that Goku had given him.
He took the dragon balls from inside the house and placed them in the front yard of the Son house.

Krillin: "I call the eternal dragon!"

The sky turned dark, there was storm and the eternal dragon apear.
Meanehile everyone at the amustment park everyone ran for cover from the storm.
At the Son house...

Shenlong: "I will grant you 1 wish"

Krillin: "I wish to have a nose!"

Shenlong: "It is granted, farewell"

A nose grew on Krillin's face and he was very happy whit it.
Krillin flew back to the amusmant park as fast as he could.
When he got there everyone had come out of the hideouts they whent into when the storm had pased and where once again enyoing the rides.

~Chapter 5: Surprise~

Gohan still hasen't found his parents and little did he know that they where still in the tunel.
Krillin meet a girl and invite her to go for a ride and she accepted.

Krillin: *My new nose is great!*

Meanwhile at Capsule Corp the person who had seen it all had a plan.
This person whent over to the gravity room where Vegeta was training.
Inside the gravity room Vegetasense something dangerous coming so he asumed a defense posture.
The gravity room shut down as someone opened the door.

???: "You're coming whit me"

Said the misterious figure who then grabbed Vegeta's arm and draged him out of the gravity room.

At the amustment park Goku and Chichi finally made it to the end of the tunel of love.

Goku: "Kire, it's like another dimension in there"

Chichi: 'It was fun don't you think?"

Goku: "Hai, if you say so..."

Gohan finally found them.

Gohan: "Okasan, otousan!"

Krillin got there whit the girl.

Krillin: "Konichiwa!"

Goku: "Konichiwa... Do I know you?"

Krillin: "It's me Krillin!"

Gohan: "No way!"

Goku: "What's whit the nose?"

Krillin: "I gift from the dragon.

The girl whit Krillin got confused.
She was about to ask what he meant but before she could say anything Yamcha got there.

Goku: "Yamcha!"

Yamcha: "Hi... Bye"

Yamcha didn't want them to see him whit the girl because they could tell Bulma the truth, that he was cheating on her.
But before Yamcha could leave Vegeta landed there.
He was carring someone and that someone was the person who had been watching everyone all that time, the person that had seem and heard so many interesting things that day, the same person who had dragged Vegeta out of his gravity room and tell him to fly to the amustment park.
Vegeta had done what that person had asked him to do but not even he knew why he had done it.
The person who had been watching everyone that day it all finally spoke...

Bulma: "Konichiwa! So when do the fireworks start?"

Yamcha: "Bulma!!!!!"

Bulma walked over to the girl standing beside Yamcha.

Bulma: "Hello, you must be Yamcha's girlfriend rigth?"

Yamcha opened his mouth wider than ever and even more when he saw Bulma happly talking to that girl.

Yamcha: "Bulma...I..."

Bulma: "It's ok... I undestand if you broke up and forgot to tell me, I know now and I'm not mad"

Yamcha: "Nani?????!!!!!!"

Now Yamcha's girl friend was the one getting confused.
She was going to ask what was going on but Goku spoke firt.

Goku: "Hey Vegeta, are you here to see the fireworks too?"

Vegeta: "No..."

Goku: "Are you here for the rides?"

Vegeta: "No..."

Goku: "Then why did you come?"

Vegeta: "It was her fault"

He said pointing to Bulma.

Goku: "Nani?"

Bulma: "He means he's here whit me"

Yamcha: "Nani???"

Now Yamcha was jellowse.

Bulma: "Why so surprise? isn't it normal that guys take they're girlfriends to the amustment park?"

Yamcha: "You don't mean?"

Now everyone was staring at Bulma.

Bulma: "Hai"

Sudently all the gazes turned to Vegeta as if everyone was expecting him to say something.
Vegeta realized that everyone was looking at him so he decided it was time to go.

Bulma: "Do you want to go on a ride Vege-chan?"

Vegeta turned red, grabed Bulma and flew away.
Vegeta planed to yell at Bulma for draggin him out of his peacefull gravity room and making him turn all red in front of everyone.
He thouth he should get away from the crowd before starting his yelling and he flew rigth into the tunel of love thinking that it would be a good hiding place.

Everyone stared.

Goku: "I guess he does care"

Said Goku whit his usual childish smile.
Yamcha was conplitely frozen in place from the shock.
Gohan looked around and said...

Gohan: "Somethimes strange things happen..."


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