by: NateDawg

        It was another common day.  Vegeta was by himself at home.  All of the Z crew were gone on vacation to the Bahamas.  "There is nothing to do in the house!" Vegeta yelled to himself.  Just to Vegeta's luck, the gravity room was broken.  Vegeta got up off the couch
and went into the lab.  "What does this do?" Vegeta thought.  So, Vegeta mixed two chemicals together.


A huge explosion blew up the lab.

"Great, now Bulma is gonna kill me!"Vegeta thought.  He was rubbing the ash off his face.  Vegeta sat back down on the couch.  "I knew I should have gone to the Bahamas!!" Vegeta said out loud.  This time Vegeta went to the kitchen.  He opens up the fridge. "What is this?" Vegeta said.  Suprisingly, Vegeta has never drank beer. Vegeta drank all of the beer, then he walked outside.  (Vegeta is really drunk.)  He walks in the street.
"Watch out buddy!" a driver yelled as he came one inch away from hitting him.  "Okay!!" Vegeta said drunkly.   Vegeta luckily crossed the street alive.  On the other side was a huge lake.  Vegeta of course fell into it.  "What a swim!" said as he walked out of the lake.  He had probably 15 leeches on him.  Thankfully, his drunkeness wore off.  He picked all of the leeches off his body.  "Uhhh, that feels much better"
Vegeta says to himself.  He walks back to Capsule Corp.  "I have a really great idea." he says to himself.

"I hope dad knows that we are coming home early" Bra says to her mom as the Z crew come in the driveway in their cars.
"Hey, I wonder what Vegeta is doing." Goku asks Chi-Chi.
"He is probably sitting on the couch and I hope he doesn"t mind all of you
coming in." says Bulma, opening the door.  "Oh, my God!" Bulma says.

Vegeta was dancing in his underwear with socks on!  He had sunglasses on, pretending the broom he was holding was a guitar.

"Dad!!!" Bra yelled.  "What....oh....all of you.  I was never here!!" Vegeta yelled and ran upstairs as fast as he could run, which is really fast.  All of the Z crew started to crack up.

"Poor old Vegeta!!" Goku said, still laughing.


The End 

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